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    How dare you. You don't get to decide what's racist, homophobic, transphopic, ect. Do you get DMs telling you to go kill yourself daily like I do? How your existence is evil? Have to worry about whether or not your human rights are going to be taken away? I live this hate everyday as a trans woman. Your entitled take as a cis male is what's BS. Come down off your perch and actually talk to the people this hurts & affects on a daily basis.
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    At the end of the day, your brainwashed takes are going to be the nail in the coffin of freedom. "that's how the real world works" is not good enough justification for me. I don't agree that the masturbating pizza maker should have a job while words shared over email cause someone to lose theirs. It's the same poor argument that vaccine cultists use. "You've been taken vaccines your whole life" doesn't mean diddly poo. If you do something or accept something for a long time then eventually come to the conclusion you no longer want to do or accept that something, then you stop immediately. It has "always been that way" is not justification to continue with said action. LOL at thinking we live in a free market. It would be great if you could catch up on some history, monetary policy, central banking, state provided education (indoctrination) and the role of media as a propaganda machine. I'd also encourage you to study Austrian economics vs our flawed Keynesian model. That way we could have an actual discussion on facts instead of the regurgitated takes you have been handed from following listening to the media.
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    Nah, I don't agree. This is a brainwashed take. Hate is a strong word, a word used by indoctrinating entities to get you to believe what they want you to believe using strong words to get you there. 95% of people want to fit in. This 95% will change their behavior, change their principles, change their political stance, do anything to be included in the group. Governments know this. The media knows this. They use this knowledge to get people to comply. On the surface, cancel or 'consequences' culture (LOL) seems like a positive step forward for society but the reality is that its not. You can be sure that anything spear-headed by the propaganda machine we call the media is sure to have an end-game result that is a net negative for humanity and a net positive for more government control, coercion and ultimately tyranny. This whole premise that we live in a racist, homophobic country is complete b.s. There are some people that are those things but that is not the core of Americans, not even close. It's time to wake up. Stop putting your faith in the government. It's been hijacked by globalists who desire full control and they use the media to shape public opinion. I don't want to live in a world where every detail of our lives, how we talk, who we talk to, what we say, what we do in our free time... all those things are micromanaged by government and our employers. Why would anyone want to live in that world. Government consists of people just like you and me. No other human can decide for yourself. No other human has authority over yourself. We need to stop pretending government is a ruling body assigned by God. It's man-made and attracts people who seek control and power over others. Government and media cares nothing about us as individuals, only their global agenda for mass control. It's time to start thinking again for ourselves. People need to start reading books, specifically history books to understand the devastation of humanity created by governments throughout history. The pattern and trend are clear, the end goal is always tyranny and we're getting close again. Let's not let it happen on our watch. Let's not let all the soldiers who fought for our freedoms die in vain.
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    It was emails sent over the course of 7 or 8 years. And it's not cancel culture. It's like Bobby Brown said...it's consequences culture. Far too many people have gotten way too comfortable disparaging POC & other marginalized groups. Now that we're standing up for ourselves, the people spewing the hate don't like it. They're uncomfortable because we're fighting back. And the only thing they know how to do is yell louder that it's not fair. Ask yourself a question, would you send emails like this? If the answer is "no", and you're defending them...you need to take a good long look in the mirror. Just because the emails don't offend you as much as someone else doesn't make them okay. Hate is hate...
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    I don't know much about Urban Meyer and I don't condone his actions. But there is a troubling trend on this earth and certainly in America of holding other people to a standard of perfection. Holding people "accountable" to all of society for their own personal mistakes. This troubling trend of having massive judgment on strangers because they're not perfect. It's a sickness filtered down through indoctrination which started with the media decades ago. There is not one person on this forum or on this planet who is anywhere near perfect. Not even a monk is perfect. We need to stop holding others to a standard of perfection that none of us can even maintain for ourselves. Some people like to spend their free time getting drunk and socializing in bars. Some people like to spend their free time getting high on drugs and having casual sex on the reg. Some people spend their free time masturbating 6 times a day to beastiality porn. Some people are workaholics and rise up the corporate ranks but neglect their children and have affairs outside their committed relationships. Some people earn a decent wage but are empty inside and mentally abusive to their loved ones. Some people spend their free time doing nothing and not realizing their full potential. Some people are seemingly perfect but are sociopaths and use everyone they know for their own personal gain. Some people give nothing but love except to themselves, and self harm/consider suicide. Some people like to spend their free time watching movie and tv, stifling brain growth and limiting their own creative potential. Some people have had such poor upbringings they need to resort to crime in order to survive. I guarantee a large portion of huddlers fall into one or some of those categories (beastiality hyperbole aside) above, maybe not. My point, start loving your neighbor and giving grace. Stop the judgment. Stop holding people to a standard of perfection. This world is getting more F'd up by the day and you can point fingers all day at politicians, bankers, conservatives, liberals, blacks, whites, rich people, poor people, etc.... But change starts within. BE the change you want to see. Holding others to a standard you cannot maintain yourself is detrimental to a healthy society. We need to UNITE and stop looking at how we can shame and ridcule others for how they don't fit the mold WE think they should. Urban Meyer probably f'd up his marriage and family. Maybe not. Maybe he and his wife have an open relationship? I don't know and I don't care. It's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. I don't have the hate in my heart to wish he loses his job. I don't want him to lose his family. IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS. This need to be involved in each others lives and the outcomes and punishments has hit an absurd level. Bottom Line: Everyone needs to start minding their own business and accept everyone as unique and special individuals born equally under a higher power. You have no authority over anyone else but yourself. We each have an equal opportunity to live life to the fullest how we see fit for OURSELVES. Love and accept all of your brothers and sisters without judgment. Understand you can't possibly know what is best and right for anyone else other than yourself. You can't possibly know someone else's situation enough to pass judgment, shame and ridicule because their actions and desires don't match yours. Do these things and we will magically turn this world into the positive loving creation it is. If not, you can expect this world to get worse and worse at an accelerating rate.
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    Useless in PPR? lol, wrong again. I think you need to take a look at last years stats
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    Happy belated 50th rajn! Same b-day as my sister. I can’t believe I’m actually in this thread. Had to go way back to 2004. I sounded like a doofus. Most of y’all were youngsters when I came on board. I’ll be turning 60 next May so I know all about uphill. I’ could retire right now but am going to wait until I hit 62. Crazy when I think about it. I’ll have 37 years in at that point and that’s enough. Here’s to sticking around this place and not pulling the disappearing act. Oh, and I’m NOT an arrogant Steelers fan. 🙂
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    Bump for the OP turning 50 today.
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    Your rights end, when they infringe on my rights. Racist, homophobic and misogyny (among other actions) violate the rights of others, and therefore you don't have "rights" to protect. No one has the rights to be racist.
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    Bier is a 49ers fan
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    Why should anybody care what you say, any more than what any other individual says? Other than the fact that you consider yourself enlightened and the rest of us complete fools. BESIDES WHICH THIS STUFF IS NOT ALLOWED IN THESE FORUMS, or so that used to be the case.....
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    There are always going to be people like that, it doesn't mean that is the core of Americans. The media picks and chooses what we get outraged about, what we get excited about. C'mon man, you're really going to let the media guide your emotions that easily?!! Until the media started blasting us with all the 'hate' going on in this country, nobody had this take. In the late 90s, early 2000s nobody was screaming racism!! So we've moved backwards since then? No, the media is ramping up those stories to cause friction and divide us. The globalist/tyrannical playbook has always been the same: Divide and Conquer. The media literally dictates where the outrage is focused in this country. People are too busy and distracted (this is by design) to look into things for themselves, pretty much everyone relies on some media source for their 'takes' and 'stances' on issues. Hardly anyone has an original take anymore, everything is just regurgitated bull poop. I guarantee all of you screaming "RACISM" the last few years were never screaming that 20 years ago. You've been brainwashed, indoctrinated and DUPED. It's ok to admit it. Admit it so you can start making real change, organic change for the betterment of humanity. Otherwise you and everyone else will just continue being the loud voice for a globalist agenda that most definitely does not benefit humanity.
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    LOL. Is the NFL hypocritical? Yes of course. Joe Mixon assault and Watson acknowledged. Standards are different for a coach with nearly full control of a franchise, with a 30 year career with and dependent on the NFL. That's how the real world works. Jon Gruden was the face of the Raiders. The minimum wage 20 year old Dominos pizza worker caught jizzing on a pizza, is going to get reprimanded , but he still has a career in the fast food industry if he can make pizza; and stop getting caught jizzing on it. When the CEO of Dominos gets caught sending emails supporting jizzing on pizza behavior; he loses his status of a power player for good. It's odd you are seemingly oblivious to how that works. Why do you hate free market capitalism and America? It's consequence culture. Just put on the big boy pants and make better decisions. Jon Gruden is going to be fine and he'll make plenty of more money from the likes of the crocodile tears you are shedding. At the end of the day, a private entity decided to rid themselves of their leader, largely due to free market pressure. Pending more information, I highly doubt he's the victim you are making him out to be. And if somehow Gruden was a victim, he was 22-31 as a head coach and Davis almost certainly jumped on this to move on from his 10 year 100 million dollar mistake.
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    - Justin Fields throws for 3 TDs, runs for another and The Bears re-sign Nagy/Pace to new 10 year contracts.
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    Local talk radio had some good discussion about this very topic this week. The theory is that Mahomes is the problem. He just really isn't a check-down type of guy. If he has a choice, and he almost always does, he always chooses the downfield option. It's just his nature to seek out the big play. I would argue that Mahomes needs to develop this check down philosophy pretty quick, because the league has figured out the Chiefs offense. If he and Reid don't start utilizing the running and screen game more, defenses are just going to continue to play zone and keep everything in front of them. If you blitz Mahomes he will eat you up. You sit back and play zone, it's MUCH more difficult for him.
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    I see Johnson ahead of Murray but neck and neck with McKissic and would start McKissic over Johnson in a PPR.
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    I wouldn't want Fields in a 5 QB league.
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    I'm so old, I remember a time when right wingers weren't constantly whining about being victims of their own imagination.
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    Trade 1 is the one I would take you can't trade Taylor he is a top ten RB
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    I don't like racism, hate and bigotry any less than any of you do. I wish that it was eradicated completely. The question is, who defines hate and bigotry? If I'm catholic and my faith drives me to fight against abortion. What's to say that someone wouldn't define my fight as hate and bigotry against women? If I'm a black player who kneels for the anthem, who gets to define whether what he is doing is wrong or not? I will fight against bigotry and hate wherever I see it, but I will also not tell someone that they are not allowed to believe or be something simply because I don't agree with it or it hurts me emotionally. You can't have it both ways. Either all of us are free to express ourselves or none of us are.
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    ARRP - always read Rajn's posts.
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    Well you can be racist or misogynistic if you want it's not against the law. You have freedom of speech but you don't have freedom from consequences. So if your statements become known especially in indelible ways like email they can be used against you by any employer who wants to get rid of you, at least in at will employment where they can fire you for any reason. Certainly if you're using it in hiring practices, housing decisions, or other legally protected areas you are at risk. Generally though the U.S. doesn't regulate hate speech unless it incites violence, libel, slander, threatening towards a specific person Etc. Not a lawyer just my understanding Edit: I just read Rajn's esponse which I think is pretty much the same as my own
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    That's not the way it works. A person has the right to say whatever he/she wants, whether it's hateful bigotry or not. Unless that speech is directed or personal towards an individual or personally threatening or directly provokes individuals towards violence then the First Amendment protects your right to express it. It doesn't mean that there won't be personal consequences, such as getting fired etc, but you do have the right to say it and simply being a bigot does not infringe on anyone's rights unless you act upon those beliefs or provoke others to act on your behalf.
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    Chris Godwin, AJ Brown, Tee Higgins.. Just getting started early as they're my weekly milk carton participants..
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    Is it really a discussion? Seems like people venting and bashing each other. Most of it went off the deep end when one guy was telling us all how screwed up we are for not being more like him, while talking about wild conspiracy type stuff and slamming us all for not being more enlightened. All while talking about how the solution is to be nicer to everybody, be less judgmental, etc.
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    Parachutes on airplanes are emergency use only, would you suggest we don't use those If a plane is going down?
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    I have no privilege. I am an ally to every human on earth. Just because you don’t understand the fight yet doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The Holocaust manifested over time. I highly encourage everyone to watch the very insightful documentary The Last Days to really understand how the Holocaust unfolded for the people who lived it. Anyways, I do stand with you and everyone EQUALLY but I’m not lost in the trees like many of you. There are millions of people standing up to Tyranny right now over Covid mandates and restrictions. Have you seen what is happening in Australia, Canada, France? If you only pay attention to msm then probably not. Let me assure you, in some cases like Australia and Canada it’s very ugly and evil and inhumane. Blatant tyranny. That’s what I’m fighting against. If you’re getting caught in the weeds of race, gender, politics, religion, what makes you cum and everything else they manufacture to keep us divided and distracted, then consider my annoying posts as your wake up call. There is a bigger battle we need to win and it’s 98% of the world vs the other 2%. We have the numbers. We must UNITE and realize the challenge we’re up against which is worldwide tyranny under 1 unifying dictatorship control. That is the end game. Educate yourself if you care at all about the future of humanity. If you’re a lost soul who thinks we simply live and die, I will pray for you.
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    Thinking of Gil as a teenage girl isnt my proudest fap. But I got er done
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    There are times when simple changes can lead to a person eliminating offensive behaviors and sometimes its as easy as listening to someone that has experience with it or has been on the wrong side of it .We had an old school huddle guy named Cliaz. He had two special needs children . People on the board would use the word retarded or retard as a derogatory term . Its something many of us , myself included , would just say as if its second nature . Cliaz would not lecture or scold us. He explained to us that in the special needs community , using the word that way was offensive and hurtful. Over the years I saw so many huddle guys stop using the word because of Cliaz , including myself. That wasn't us being persuaded by an oversensitive person. That was us listening to a friend
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    Good post. All I will say about the upbringing part is my dad was a big time racist. So I know that part of upbringing is in me. I can't help that part. What I can help is how I let that racism from him die when I die. My kids have never heard me utter a word about race. Or sex. Or disparaging women. Or anything remotely hateful. Even though when I was a teenager we let that stuff fly because we thought it was normal. I learned. I grew. And I recognize what is in me because of how I was raised. But it stops with me.
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    My views on this topic are somewhat influenced by a friend of mine. A close friend. We were in the military together (enlisted combat arms, no cush jobs) and he always conducted himself professionally and fairly. He was friends with people regardless of race. He grew up in Nebraska and his father was a classic Bigot. Well, he'll let comments slip occasionally that are typically jokes and clearly racist but he honestly doesn't see any malice behind them. When he does it around me I just let him know its over the line. Point being, comments and actions are very different for some people. So how do we define racism? Beliefs or behaviors? This is rhetorical btw, I am just pointing out that I know people who have very good hearts but colored views based on their upbringing.
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    WTF? How was he not ostracized? My son is mixed race so it's unlikely that would ever happen but, God help him if he does anything to a similar degree of stupidity. I'm guessing his father is on the lower end of society and carries a large chip on his shoulder. Just a hunch. One thing people on forums tend to forget is that we're all over the country, coming from much different backgrounds. Racism in MS is still very present and visible. Racism in Seattle? Not so much. Our personal experiences with it will certain affect our opinions. What was this thread about? Oh, yeah, an insensitive guy who didn't know better than to keep his opinions to himself. Opinions to which he's entitled. I don't agree with anything he said. But that's the beauty of this country. I know of no discrim suits against him or accusations of sexual harrassment. His mistake was putting his opinions in writing and then pissing off the wrong person. He made the comments, now he has to deal with the consequences. Time to move on...
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    I don't know about this. There are still plenty of examples of people treating other people badly due to race, sexism, homophobia, etc. Hell, we had some stupid kid here in KC make a sign to ask a girl to homecoming that said something like: If you were black, you'd be picking cotton. Since you're not, would you like to go to homecoming with me. Where do you file that one under? Government? Come on man - this world has always been filled with stupid ignorant a-holes from all walks of life. The only difference today is that society has a way to track this people and root them out and expose them for who they really are. And deservedly so. You say you don't want to live in an America where government and media controls us? Well, I don't want to live in a world where a stupid kid does stuff like that because he and his parents are racist a-holes. American people need to look at themselves in the mirrors and problem #1 will be looking back at them. Take control of your own house.
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    DeShaun Watson has been accused by 24 women of sexual assault and he is still on a team and eligible to play. Joe Mixon straight up COLD COCKED a WOMAN on CAMERA and he was still drafted and plays in the NFL. Jon Gruden was just forced to resign over personal conversations dating back over 10 years ago and those conversations were dug up by someone who had an axe to grind. And you people are applauding this as a "win" for who? Society? NFL? Black people? The toxic racist culture here in America (NOT)? Has anyone seen the actual emails or just bits and pieces. I have seen nothing, only heard the NFLN guy and Schefter talk about racist tropes. They both used the term trope and both emphatically stated "there was no other option". Again, haven't seen exactly what he said, but we're talking about private/personal conversations via electronic mail... conversations that happened 10 years ago and he is forced to resign and it's the biggest story in sports right now and there was simply no other option to fix this heinous act of..... a private conversation. YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME. We've reached the point in society where everything you do is being recorded, documented and archived and NOT for your benefit. Think back before email. Just imagine yourself if every private conversation you ever had in your life was recorded and archived and owned by a private entity and if you pissed someone off enough, that entity could dig up anything you said and use it against you. Imagine that. That's what just happened with Jon Gruden. Just like my Urban Meyer position, I'm not condoning what Gruden did, heck I don't even know what he said but assuming the worst in this context.... nobody should be applauding this resignation as a positive. This is not a win for society or equality or anything in that realm. We live in a society of safetyism. We live in a society of political correctness to the extreme. We live in a society where you are forced to fit into a tighter mold as time goes on, stunting individualism and creativity. Anyone applauding this event (Gruden's resignation specifically) because "he deserves it" is really missing the forest through the trees. This is a sign of the toxicity we've allowed to cultivate our culture. We no longer live in America the Great. We live in America the Indoctrinated. You all should be embarrassed.
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    Social media has played a key role in expediting the dumbaasery of our nation. America is full of idiots who can't tell the difference between an opinion from random crackpots and vetted information.
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    Nice knowing you
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    Patterson and trade him while the value is high. His numbers aren't sustainable.
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    Dude, waiver churning is bush league. Plain and simple.
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    Are you talking to yourself?
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    Some of you know I'm a musician. I play bass in a Phish tribute band and we played a show last night that was captured via FaceBook livestream. The archived footage is there forever. I'm very pleased with the audio quality and visual as well. Usually our livestreams do not have good audio but last night we figured it out. You will need to use headphones or a decent speaker to hear this as intended. Also, FFWD to about the 2 hour 13 minute mark for the start of our 75 minute set as there was an opening solo act (he was excellent, btw). From this same link, if you scroll down, you will see another video from last Saturday night which is my other band - a Grateful Dead tribute. Enjoy your weekends! Dog Faced Band @ LiveStock 9/30/2021 (ffwd to the 2 hour 13 minute mark) - https://m.facebook.com/BetterWhenLive/videos/dog-faced-band-buschys-birthday-bash/248256083976595/
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    Based on the responses, it seems everyone needs a little Mac daddy in their lives.
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    The Eagles had ZERO plays with pre-snap motion, how? Sirianni said at the press conference that his game plan was to get into a trackmeet early with the Cowboys. He's Matt Nagy 2.0
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    TE Sample: 0 targets, 0 receptions, 0 yards, and 0 TDs. Chase: 16 targets, 11 receptions. 220 yards, 4 TDS. Yea Lord Opie, I'm going to be a bit shocked when Sample has more catches than Chase.
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    Nagy is a bum. Fields is not. Get him out of there before he ruins this franchise worse than he has already. Pace can pack too.
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    Decided not to use my waiver priority last night, and luckily ended up getting both Carr and Darnold as FA. Dropped Tua and Big Ben. I was also able to pick up Carolina's defense!
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    I hope this will work. What;Daffy Duck wants.