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    Didn't they make the 49ers play with a bunch of starters out with covid a few weeks ago?
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    Lots of newbies trying to claim OG status in this thread.....
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    I remember my first WCOFF draft in Vegas 2007 and a bunch of OG's at dinner saturday night. Myself, msaint, darin, bier, twiley, RR26, alchico, BC, bushwacked. kidcid I think. Big John was there I think....not sure who all was at the other end of the table. good memories...the parts i remember.
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    what could be better for ratings than a 3:40 kickoff on a Wednesday!? 😂
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    Just benched Mark Andrew's and P/U Robert Tonya from Green Bay.
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    In his mind I'm certain that he knows that he doesn't have a real shot at the NFL, certainly not at QB since he was never even brought in to be a QB in the first place. In his mind he got a chance to get on an NFL field, get a real NFL game jersey with his name on it & a great story to tell for the rest of his life. Oh & they paid him $36k to do it, which is probably at least half of what he'd make in a year working a sales job & right before Christmas time too. I would be willing to bet anyone who's ever had aspirations, including you or me, would jump at the chance to "embarrass" themselves the way he did.
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    As an old man myself I’m so impressed with players like Peterson & Gore that are still doing what they do.
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    Conversely, latavius Murray will get 150 yards and a td
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    I am very pessimistic on this game occurring. If you have replacements, no doubt I would switch them out
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    Fitz, he's still pissed and it's against the Jets.
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    Everyone here had to know that the NFL was not going to let that game go on without Jackson. So as soon as his name was mentioned the game was slated to be played when he was ready to play. So if he is still positive when the game is to go on the NFL will delay it again. Bet on it.
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    Yes they should count. What happened When Tenn/Bills played on Tuesday ? This already happened this year.
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    I don't tend to have much of a strategy when it comes to picking kickers but I do tend to pick them from good teams. At least then you're getting extra points and you won't get a zero for that week. It seems like mainly a crapshoot though
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    Maybe it all depends on what poster boy is out.
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    We are in the middle of a pandemic and some of the Steeler's should have "Karen" stitched over their number on their uni's. NFL: "The decision was made out of an abundance of caution to ensure the health and safety of players, coaches and game day personnel and in the consultation with medical experts," the NFL said in a press release. JuJu: "First the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can’t get their Covid situation together, now they take away our Thanksgiving primetime game for the same reason. Smh." Claypool: "What a joke...." waaaa, waaaa, waaaa, selfish much? Grow up little boys.
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    Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
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    Woods went 12 catches 130 yards and a TD. He's my #3 WR and he locked our team into $3K and into post season contention for the grand prize.
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    It sucks when you have to say that your kicker getting 0pts is probably going to cost me the win. Ugh
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    Lamar Jackson is killing me this year. Never picking a qb early ever again.
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    AP Juju and cooks Boyd
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    Deebo or Shepard....id lean deebo Tuesdays game scares me
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    I had Gus as a 1-2 week fill in, just dropped him for Matt brieda as I cannot take the risk of a Tuesday game getting cancelled last minute and not being able to start a RB. I know breida isn’t great, but decent chance he is starting RB and if Gaskin happens to come back - I take him off my IR
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    I hope the division is won by a 10 loss team I'm rooting for Alex Smith. Great come back story for a good dude
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    The Steelers, although pissed, should be glad it wasn't played on Thursday, as it likely would have caused an outbreak on their team as well. Although I doubt they are feeling too chipper after having the Titans and now the Ravens having issues affecting them. I found this "The outbreak is believed to be caused by Baltimore's strength and conditioning coach, who was "disciplined" for failing to report symptoms to the club while also not wearing a mask or a tracking device mandated by the league. " I doubt any solution is going to be well received by everybody. Postponing to Mon/Tues not ideal, playing week 18 not ideal, playing with non-Covid's not ideal, forfeiting not ideal. Playing with who you have does seem to have an element of fairness though because it seems this is squarely in the Ravens' court. I would bet though they play Mon/Tues or week 18.
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    Better hope that Henry goes for 35+
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    That was my thoughts also! Happy Turkey Football Day!
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    Gore, swift, edwards.... Duh easy decision
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    Cooper. Dalton enjoys throwing to him and even though he's no Dak and has a tougher match up, he's the better pick.
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    Yeah Duke for sure
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    Thanks Bier. We benched Godwin for Woods, but it still would've worked out.
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    Not if you're over the limit. That's the rule
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    Ertz should be ready next week. I'd imagine he's back to being the #1 TE there, especially if healthy.
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    Start cousins
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    Based on your players, 2 wr and 3 rb Cooks and juju Jones, hunt and zeke
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    Are you looking for a date rajn? Nonetheless, I'll play. Who: HUGH ONE, your witty, while sometimes annoying Viking fan living in New York What: Small business owner. Import and sell high end German engineering equipment throughout North America When: 32 yrs of age. Although I may not always act it. Where: Born and raised in the NY metro area. Lived in Switzerland for 4 years (attended college there) Why: Why not? Fantasy Bio: Been playing FF for 5 yrs, been a Huddler for 4. Been on the boards for 3. I'm in 3 leagues: 32 Homer, DOH!, and a local big money league.