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    Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
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    Woods went 12 catches 130 yards and a TD. He's my #3 WR and he locked our team into $3K and into post season contention for the grand prize.
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    It sucks when you have to say that your kicker getting 0pts is probably going to cost me the win. Ugh
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    Lamar Jackson is killing me this year. Never picking a qb early ever again.
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    They need to play this game I have 44 Pitt Defenses I have 21 James Conner I have 11 Diontae Johnson I have 23 JuJu Smith-Schuster I have 6 Chase Claypool I have 10 Justin Tucker I have Mark Andrews on my #1 overall main event team There is nothing on the waiver wire in these National leagues and the defenses I would have picked up to replace Pitt have already been picked over. I am in 22 FFPC playoff games this week I am in several RTS with win and get in playoffs situations This is what I was most worried about this year is something like this happening during playoffs They need to play this game
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    He isnt the te we saw last year when he was thr only receiving weapon. With the wrs in lv thats what we will see from him going forward Get golloday if you can
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    Gore, swift, edwards.... Duh easy decision
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    Bench Chark and Kupp in a standard league
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    Do it.....thats a bargain
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    It is but the volume is there
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    That's why your trade may get rejected. Give it a try though. Or amp it up if he is RB needy and offer Zeke and Hunt, that should be pretty tempting.
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    We are in the middle of a pandemic and some of the Steeler's should have "Karen" stitched over their number on their uni's. NFL: "The decision was made out of an abundance of caution to ensure the health and safety of players, coaches and game day personnel and in the consultation with medical experts," the NFL said in a press release. JuJu: "First the NFL takes away our bye week because another team can’t get their Covid situation together, now they take away our Thanksgiving primetime game for the same reason. Smh." Claypool: "What a joke...." waaaa, waaaa, waaaa, selfish much? Grow up little boys.
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    ye, not sure if taysom will be consistent moving forward...but for that price, go for it
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    You lose out in that trade. Like you said, Zeke's outlook is looking up. He's supposed to be a Top 5 RB this year, so if he at least produces Top 10 numbers, him and Fuller are not worth Henry.
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    It's not bad value but I'd probably say no. In 2020 it's all about depth. That would hurt you a bit.
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    The price is right for sure. Although I'm not sure of Taysom going forward I'd have to say yes unless there's something better on the wire. Good value
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    What are the other options on the waiver wire. Also, can you still trade in your league? If so, try trading Tyler Body and Sheperd for a WR like Diggs, Moore or McLaurin.
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    Tough call but Goedert upside bigger. Please reply to my trade question Thanks
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    Boom thank you Mr Woods a regular season FFPC Main event Championship !
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    Kelce did the heavy lifting for you, hopefully Evans picks up the leftovers and you take the big W.
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    Shouldve went Patrick lol
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    Winston coming in 2nd half? Wouldn’t surprise me. I think Winston makes more sense for the Saints.
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    Crowder and mckissic
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    Pretty much. I get the questions regarding his injury etc, but he's a start this week for me. Also, he's >>>> kupp imo. This week and beyond.
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    JRob. They might try to get Taylor more involved against a rotten GB run D.
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    Based on your players, 2 wr and 3 rb Cooks and juju Jones, hunt and zeke
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    I am belaboring starting Williams myself. I have Ridley and HIggins in my 1&2 slot, and am stuck on Meyers, Williams, or BCooks for the Flex. I love the Jets matchup, and Williams an do some damage, but his volume concerns me as I've been burned by his Boom/Bust in the past. It worries me that KAllen might put on such a clinic that Williams ends up running wind sprints by himself with few targets. Interested in hearing more opinions here....
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    I'd go Cousins. It's almost a Fantasy proof matchup this week.
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    Are you looking for a date rajn? Nonetheless, I'll play. Who: HUGH ONE, your witty, while sometimes annoying Viking fan living in New York What: Small business owner. Import and sell high end German engineering equipment throughout North America When: 32 yrs of age. Although I may not always act it. Where: Born and raised in the NY metro area. Lived in Switzerland for 4 years (attended college there) Why: Why not? Fantasy Bio: Been playing FF for 5 yrs, been a Huddler for 4. Been on the boards for 3. I'm in 3 leagues: 32 Homer, DOH!, and a local big money league.
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    and here's his pic loco Can you guess which one