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    Happy 4th Year sober for me and that other thing
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    Thanks Karen. It's good to see that you're still as miserable as ever.
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    Umm, simple... they can save five by doing this
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    nope, i think BJ understood everything i said. he's smart. you're not.
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    Imagine how long ago this milestone would have been met (and where the Tailgate would be at now) if it weren't for the great purge and mass exodus. Bring back the good old days
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    This including 999,999; 999,998; 999,997 and etc.
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    I think history shows that Houston usually gets fleeced, not the other way around.
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    I stated it as an opinion, take it for what it's worth. Some fans are high on TQS, some are high on Callaway. I'm just going by what I've seen on the field and reading between the lines a little on what coaches and players have said. TQS has had many opportunities to step up and has been pretty ho-hum when given those opportunities. Maybe that's the fault of the offense, maybe the fault of the QB, maybe he just wasn't ready yet. The only thing I know is that when I've seen Callaway play I've been very impressed with his limited sample size and players/coaches heap praise on him. The same goes for Trautman. In the limited opportunities that I saw him get last year, he's impressed me and I think that's he's also impressed the coaches enough that they didn't otherwise address the TE position. As for Thomas, not knowing the whole situation it's easy to criticize. He may have already had surgery and it didn't fix the issues. The issue may have been healing and then re-injured in the offseason. There's plenty of explanations as to why he's having surgery in June and the organization has never been one to give up information on injuries when it is not specifically required.
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    I highly recommend the ignore feature for certain poster(s). It makes this place much more palatable.
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    Stop posting your YouTube drivel. Don't care how "small time" you claim to be; it's just bad form.
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    I kind of liked the "Steamers".
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    You can't tell me I can't be offended by everyone getting offended by everything! :shakes fist in the air:
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    -David- (not Derek) Carr, possibly. Dak Prescott definitely not. Miss the annual Brees vs Rivers passing competitons.
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    Good thing he didn't refuse to get vaccinated, then he'd really be in trouble. It's just rape
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    I have never done a superflex league where 2 QBs are part of a starting lineup. I do know that QBs go way early for good reason. In normal leagues, QBs getting 4 or 6 points for throwing TDs doesn't really make a difference. I would want to look at win rates for drafting strategies for this specific question. I would suspect that 6 points for passing TDs may have a slight advantage ifor QBs in superflex vs 1 QB only. But I really don't know. I hope you found my reply useless as it was intended to be.
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    I actually like Rockers. Just put a electric guitar on the hat, that would have been awesome
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    I hear ya. I just think its a no brainer for real
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    Maybe he needs to be investigated for head injuries, with his salary he could buy 177,831 shares of Pfizer yet give his wife a stock and he will get the vaccine. Who cares about right and wrong or morals as long as we get paid I'll stand up here and say anything. This guy is a joke. I have friends who are not vaccinated and have no plans to be, and I'm fine with that (and them) beating your chest about how you will not vaccinate then offering to do so for $ (esp when you're already a multi millionaire) is just sad pathetic and greedy.
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    Or is Henderson the reason why you DO do drafts early. It works both ways.
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    There is only one book you should read
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    Not that surprising really. Gus Edwards and especially Lamar steal a lot of opportunities and scoring from Dobbins. The way they used Akers the end of last season shows they intend to make him their workhorse back.
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    As long as you draft the guys who score the most points you should be good.
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    i think he meant to post this in the One Song thread.
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    FranchisePlayers/PicksTo FranchisePlayers/PicksExpiresCantankerous Idiots | BearBroncos Minshew, Gardner JAC QB OctoSkins | Mattyice76-Thu Jul 15 2:00 p.m.Comments:The man, the mullet, the myth. Gives you some coverage why Trevor gets his wheels on him. Octo gives $1 Si
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    Deonte Harris from the Saints
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    I don't want to hear your opinion. I want to hear my opinion coming out of your mouth
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    I have used this tried and true draft strategy for 30+ years and it is really simple....... Just draft the players that score the most points........end result is usually the same "Championship"
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    Trey Wingo reporting that Aaron Rodger's returning to Green Bay rides on the Packers trading for former teammate Randall Cobb. Houston has Cobb under contract for 2 more seasons. I guess this is one of the show me you really want me back demands?
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    That's a bit too much faith in Goff for me...I'm more pessimistic with Swift and Williams around.
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    Live and Let Dy Trade Accepted From Franchise Players/Picks To Franchise Players/Picks Expires Baron Samedi | Shaft Burrow, Joe CIN QB Solitaire | The Rhinos Bateman, Rashod BAL WR Sat Jul 31 9:00 p.m. Comments: Resp: Do u mind posting this? I am on vacation and have limited signal/time
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    Thanks! I'll lay low for a few weeks. I know I've been keeping you busy.
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    1.Packers agreed to void 2023 from Aaron's contract. 2. Restructure the contract to give the Packers some cap space and of course no income loss to Rodgers he still gets every dime he would have received anyway. 3. Mechanisms in place for Aaron to voice his displeasure should there be any. 4.Packers agree if Aaron Rodgers is still feeling how he feels now about how the Packers do business and the culture of the organization they will review at the end of this season for a possible trade-in 2022. 5. Trade for Randall Cobb. I just added this one for fun.
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    I’m from the Cleveland area. Always loved the tribe. Times change, name needed a rebrand. I’m cool with it. I don’t know that I would have chose the Guardians, but it could be far worse. Now that logo looks like it belongs on a 55 Packard. It is terrible. I would of went with the Cicadas. We come to life for one year out of 17 regularly.
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    I'm staying away from Kamara this year. I own him in a dynasty and I'll hold there, but in redraft/bestball I'm going to avoid. I get a sense that they are going to use Taysom a lot, which we all know denigrates Kamara's value a lot. If Thomas was healthy and Winston was already named the starter, I would feel differently.
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    Exactly, he's a grown ass Man acting like a little Boy who didn't get his way.
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    Trust me. I will not. I have been encouraged by some really good people in the football world to continue doing what I'm doing and to enjoy myself. I'm taking their advice. I have other platforms to entertain people. I hope thehuddle lets me do my thing. If not then I'm okay with that. I won't have any hard feelings. Like I said it's for fun.
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    I would think the opposite. If they want any sort of a passing game they'll need Winston more than ever.
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    I was going to say why as then I wouldn't be stressed about when it would just happen. But I I'm changing to when so that I can plan my finances and fun before I go. Max out those credit cards baby!
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    Wow, one of the guys in a league of mine posted this in our thread almost 2 hours ago, what took you so long?
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    Kiss You All Over - Exile
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    My last 3 picks are QB, Kicker and Defense. I've never won anything with a top 10 QB.
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    There were no opt-outs.
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    So, while y’all at it right now, take care y’all bodies, take care y’all chicken, ya feel me, take care y’all mentals
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    Jaylen Waddle is probably the best before he even steps out on the field.