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    Really? No personal responsibility for your actions? No awareness of your addictions. The most available drug, is the only one that can cause death by stopping cold Turkey. Honestly, he is a grown man, who has been problem free (at least, no media reporting) for almost 15 years, and likely fell off the wagon (like so many others) with too much time on their hands during covid. One of the largest growing groups of alcoholics is retirees. Without outside interests the 1st drink is no longer after work, it starts a 4, then 3, .. He needs help, blaming others isn't going to solve this or help him. It's all on him. I wish him good luck, and hope he has some support, he will need it. I'd be surprised if he only looses his job.
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    This is good news. Ariel Young, the 5-year-old girl who was critically injured from an accident involving ex-Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid, has awoken from her coma -- 11 days after the accident https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/5-year-old-girl-injured-in-crash-involving-ex-chiefs-assistant-britt-reid-emerges-from-coma/
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    I know it's just about Valentine's Day, but these guys have a serious bromance going on here! Impressive!
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    Side note.... This guy truly is one of the best. I’ve been listening to him since he did T-Wolves games back in the 90’s. Between the NBA, NCAA tourney, and NFL, he’s had an absolutely stellar career, making the most unexciting games exciting, and the exciting games feel out of this world. Whatever HOF there is for sports broadcasting, he’s deserving of a spot some day. Kevin Harlan calls fan running on to the field during SB
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    Tampa’s Defense is the real MVP of this game. You knew Tampa would score points but holding The Chiefs down like this is a surprise even with the o-line injuries
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    Are you seriously going to argue that two guys making a bet with each other who can come up with big plays is the same as a coach/coaches giving rewards for injuring players?
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    NationalEnquirer_Champion Who the hell is Mark Walton? A basketball game commentator?
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    Gaskin is not going to take carries away from Jones if Jones goes to the Dolphins.
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    sigh...swims up, smells bait, swims away.
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    Good deal for both sides. And, I like Wentz's chances of succeeding a lot better in IND than in CHI (although it would have been nice, as a MIN fan, to watch him continue to struggle in CHI).
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    Yes, I do, was just seeing if you were alive and kicking.
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    Maybe he's just good at drawing flags, like NBA fouls.
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    I actually agree with the sentiment that there are a lot of fairweather fans in Southern CA (not all fans, obviously, but a higher percentage than most places I've lived). What I found funny was that his LA comment really had nothing to do with the topic at hand. I'm not from LA, and actually avoid that place like the plague. His orginal argument (if that's what you want to call it) was that the NFL product basically sucks. Which has nothing to do with why viewership would have dropped between last year and this year (unless one is saying that it didn't suck last year, but somehow morphed into a shltty product this year?). Then, when I called him on it, his response was to infer that he's somehow more of a diehard fan (again, not 100% sure that's what he was trying to say, but that's the closest I can come to a conclusion based on the inconsistency in his posts). Because his city has 4 sports. Well, so does Minnesota, where I'm from (a market only 60% the size of Philly, roughly). Bottom line, one minute, the NFL sucks. The next minute, bad football is better than no football, etc. I'm not really sure what his point is, other than he clearly makes statements that have no basis, and then pivots/deflects when someone calls out his nonsense.
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    How many friggin threads do we need about JJ Watt? Hey LC do you get bonus points for starting new threads, in addition to the hundreds of post you make per day?
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    Pick a direction, and stick with it. You're all over the place.
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    I was in a terrible car accident the morning of Super Bowl Sunday 17 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long, but it still eats away at me some years more than others. I lost a friend in the wreck and spent Super Bowl watching from a hospital bed on a morphine drip. So Super Bowl's always been kinda goofy for me. I love going to parties and socializing... it helps me with the pain associated with that day. Anyways, no parties this year so I was stuck at home watching with my kids. And to be honest I found myself just messing around on my phone more than watching the game. I got excited near halftime, because I would have won like $600 had Brady not engineered that last drive before half. That was about it for me. After halftime, when the score was what it was, I really didn't care to pay much attention. Hoping things are "back to normal" next year so I can go to a party or a bar to watch so it's more of a social thing. That's what I need.
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    The calls were a bit skewed towards one way, but not even close to being egregious relative to other big games of memory. Tampa Bay dominated the game and KC apparently didn't have any apparent strategy besides letting Mahomes freestyle.
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    Dam Fournette looks good. Someone is gonna get paid soon.
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    Even Boomer Esiason agreed with me just after the half. Refs are too involved in the game and making calls that all have led to Tampa touchdowns.
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    Well, I'm sure that wasn't his intention, so that's very different. Sure it happened and that's awful but I'm much more pissed about child predators, child abusers who kill their kids by suffocating them or throwing them in a dumpster and/or rapists.
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    So are athletes, politicians, oil workers and military personnel abroad all bad parents too?
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    Absentee father can cause problems
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    Bummer. I started coming to The Huddle when Marty was the coach of the Chiefs. My original name here was Martyball. Loved that guy - he and Carl Peterson rejuvenated the Chiefs and brought them back to relevance, which they have sustained to this day. Sad for him and his family.
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    Man, I feel kinda bad for the guy. He was obviously incredibly nervous and it just snowballed. And yeah, in typical Philly-fan fashion, of course it's "hilarious". I really hope the guy reins it in, kicks ass, and makes these "fans" eat their words.
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    Also, what's with the ALL CAPS in the subject line anytime you pull a story from the tabloids? C'mon man.....
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    KCC - 23 TBB - 17 NFL Refs - 10 Final score - TBB 27 KCC 23
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    Wilson is largely adored by the local fan base. Wilson is special enough where, if push came to shove, I think most people would rather see Pete go. His public campaign was largely out of character and a surprise, so most people were taken aback. Yes, he's as corny as hell and public image cognizant, but I don't think anyone around him has questioned his motivation to win. Pretty sure that is where this is coming from.
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    Haha. I only break his balls when he breaks mine. It's mutual ass grabbing.
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    Why the need for insults, Steven? I mean I could easily say you have the Learning Herpes, but everyone here already knows that. And what's not similar, other than one player doesn't currently play for the Browns? They both committed assault, Garrett actually committed battery, with a weapon at that. He got an 8 game suspension and no legal trouble, but in your ever so clear vision, that was too harsh. Jones got a misdemeanor for assault alone, but on this episode of Stevens Court, that wasn't harsh enough?
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    But did they? He still has all the physical traits that he's always had. I don't think his skills diminished at all, confidence yes. If you go back and look at the tape nobody could get open or get separation. He had nothing to throw to. Throw a makeshift offensive line into the mix and that's what you got. Jalen Hurts wasn't much better, I think he had a 41 QBR, completed 52% of his passes and went 1-4. Much the same.
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    Exactly. And the same coaching staff that couldn't develop Mitch Trubisky isn't good enough to rebuild Wentz's trashed confidence.
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    These type of posts do nothing for the site because it has nothing to do with fantasy football. He's not even in the league anymore. It takes our discussion to places it doesn't need to go.
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    I guess I am not sure exactly how much they could get in a trade, maybe a 2nd or 3rd for a 32 yo with a one year contract at 17.5 million. I wonder if the Texans will go to burn it down mode and see what they can get for Watson. Watson reportedly (as of now) has no interest in playing for the Texans
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    Huh? I don't think anything you just said could be further from the truth.
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    They let it get this far! That's dysfunctional in itself you moron.
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    Calm down buddy, just messing with you. My bad By the way, the Prius line was pretty dam funny. Even you have to admit.
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    Steve, did you take my advice on the Superbowl and take the under/Bucs -3? You'd be buying a new Prius
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    He didn't run into the back of Evans. Evans foot hit him in the leg causing him to fall. He barely even touched Evans as he went down. Being beat & his position had nothing to do with it. It was textbook incidental contact per the NFL rulebook: Breeland barely touched him. It was Evans' foot hitting Breeland that caused him to stumble and lose momentum. a. Contact was made that restricted Evans from getting to the ball & Breeland was not playing the ball. However, the added note specifically states that if there is even a question of incidental contact then the ruling should be no pass interference. b. Breeland was unable to play through the back of Evans c. He did not grab Evans & clearly made no attempt to tackle him to prevent him from getting to the ball d. Nope e. Nope f. Nope g. Breeland did not initiate the contact Seems pretty clearly to be textbook incidental contact.
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    Did we watch the same game?? I watched an undisciplined KC team take dumb, obvious penalties all night. And I'm not talking borderline penalties. These were blatant, obvious call. Not minor infractions. One team was commiting bad penalties, the other was not. What are the refs supposed to do?
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    If Roseman thinks he can get anything remotely CLOSE to what Detroit got for Stafford, he's been smok'n some serious crack. He'll be LUCKY to get 1 1st. Personally, I like Wentz but it's clear he's not wanted in Philly.
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    A great story for the NFL. Home town.... new (the greatest to have ever been or ever will be according to the NFL and ESPN) QB for the home team. How can that mean anything except a TB win. As much as I hate it...there is nothing that can be done about it. It has already been determined.
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    I'm not sure if we ever really know. I mean he did go to one of the most dysfunctional organizations in professional sports. His running style is about patience and footwork, with a nice burst when the hole opens up. The only one I've seen play similar to that was Priest Holmes. This style flourishes with a good offensive line and blocking scheme. Either way, it's hard to do any of those things when there's no hole or someone's always in the backfield.