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    So I go to the Cheat Sheet page, select Huddle PPR as the ranking criteria, but the only 'Timeframe' it will let me select is the preseason. I don't know if this is intended to work this way or if this list is updated daily with news of players being hurt/cut or if this was established a while back and you guys just hope that we'll buy it? I click on player news for Lamar Miller and the blurb in there is still talking about D Foreman cutting into his workload, and it's only a matter of time before Foreman is the lead back. Really? C'mon guys. Foreman was cut a few weeks ago. How do I know if this was an oversight, or if Miller's projected rankings still is considering Foreman is there? Starting to lose faith in this site - this new format is bad - worse than that, it's not even very 'new' anymore. You've had a year to work with this already. Very very bad. The old one was not as 'flashy' as this new one, but at least it worked!
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    Not sure how bad but just took a hit which jarred his knee sideways. Hope he's ok but may wanna look to Duke as insurance.
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    I can measure the level of your insanity by scoring of the league, PPR or non-PPR. Either way, you're insane, I just want to give a proper diagnosis.
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    Yes....would like to see Huddle respond.
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    That can't be possible Jason Witten is still available
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