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    Godwin may be a stud for years to come, but it's not like he was in a bad situation last year. Winston was tied for 1st in pass attempts. TB had a below average D and running game. TB seemed to be in constant catch-up mode. This is a desirable scenario for putting up stats. Better QB's do not necessarily mean better stats. Marquise lee and Allen Hurns were fantasy relevant (not at Godwin's level last year) under Bortles for a season or two.
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    this was non-fantasy, correct? Over 8 seasons AB averaged 103 rec, 1400 yds, 10 tds per season. his last season was 104, 1300, 15 these came with decent skill positions around him: mike Wallace, Heath Miller, Emmanuel sanders, placid burress, leveon bell, Martavis Bryant,Eli Rodgers, juju, Vance McDonald, Jesse James, James Conner a year where they had few options he posted 136 rec, 1800, 10. year before 129, 1700, 13
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    You can say that again. You couldn't pay me to sign that guy
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    hard to say, but i think if AB doesn't become a head case he is the top wr
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    Nah, one great year doesn't cut it. But I'm separating fantasy from real.
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    That sounds like a Friday night where I'm from.
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    Skylive....it may be a decade since I was here...but when I just heard Bill Withers passed, I thought of you...hope you are well.
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    If AB is out of the picture, I go with Thomas or Julio