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    I've been biding my time on addressing this in my leagues, but it's getting down to approaching crunch time. Personally I don't believe they'll play a down of football this year but we need to prepare for if they do. I commish a bunch of these and I know a ton of us are in multiples too. Not that we can establish each league's rules here, but we can at least get consensus type discussion going without a dozen different threads in each league's forum (some of which may be password protected). So, BOTH league commish/leaders/members, what are your thoughts for 2020? There are a lot of micro-topics to consider: Payouts Full season? Partial season? Late start? Early end? 2021 draft order? Contracts for those with year caps? What about players that opt out? IR/reserve/replacement players? If a player is temporarily placed on COVID Reserve? If a player opts out? What else?