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    Hey congrats on the new job. I start mine on Monday, got tired of waiting around for my old boss to call me back to work, as he is too busy with his toys (and his image) to actually focus on growing his company (that was what i did). I'm excited to move on, and be back to work, honestly I was bored but it paid too well to rock the boat too much.
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    7th round is generally tail end RB3/high end RB4 territory and White was a RB2 in PPR last year. The hope is that NE continues to utilize his pass catching ability on check downs, which isn't far fetched with a new QB. Read on another site that White averaged 19+ PPG in losses compared to 11 PPG in wins last year. NE should be poised to play a lot of catch up this year which should increase his utilization.