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    Don't know other teams obviously - first thoughts are it's probably better than average, but not a championship team.
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    If you can stash him in an IR spot and then backfill the roster spot with an active player I would consider it. If he would take up an active roster spot, I wouldn't do it.
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    Cordarrelle, who's she? I wouldn't waste a 52nd round pick on her.
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    Always The Bridesmaid. Buffalo Bills.
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    Whomever you want. That’s the beauty of this pick.
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    You asked a stupid question and got some stupid answers. There are only a couple choices for who should be selected #1 overall, all depending on your league settings (which you provided none of) and is easily searchable on the internet (even some discussion in this forum currently). It's YOUR team, put in a little effort/thought before asking the question.
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    Definitely a kicker
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    Mason Crosby or Washington D