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    Woods went 12 catches 130 yards and a TD. He's my #3 WR and he locked our team into $3K and into post season contention for the grand prize.
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    I wouldn't do it either
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    I don't think I would I think your better with Metcalf, unless he takes AJ, I'd stand pat.
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    came back to this late, but yeah Duke lol
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    What are the other options on the waiver wire. Also, can you still trade in your league? If so, try trading Tyler Body and Sheperd for a WR like Diggs, Moore or McLaurin.
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    Tough call but Goedert upside bigger. Please reply to my trade question Thanks
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    Thanks Bier. We benched Godwin for Woods, but it still would've worked out.
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    Congrats from the 2017 FFPC main event regular season point leader!
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    Does Jalen Ramsey complain everytime somebody catches a pass on him?
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    Boom thank you Mr Woods a regular season FFPC Main event Championship !
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    Kelce did the heavy lifting for you, hopefully Evans picks up the leftovers and you take the big W.
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    It sucks when you have to say that your kicker getting 0pts is probably going to cost me the win. Ugh
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    The two losses were by 1.15 and 0.45 points.
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    I'm not a Bengals fan but I really like Burrow. I think he's going to be a great pro. Hope he makes a quick recovery from acl surgery. I have Tee Higgins in all my leagues, and now Ryan Finley is throwing to him.