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    Yeah, he's overvaluing Thielen. So basically you're trying to get Mixon and Waller. See if he'll do Golladay and Engram for Mixon and Waller.
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    Have a trade on table to get Darren Waller and David Johnson for TJ Hockenson and James Conner. I've played TJ every week but Conner has largely remained on bench becasue I have Kamara, Chubb and Swift. Loaded at WR with Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill, Tyler Lockett, Justin Jefferson and Dionte Johnson so not worried aobut Flex. In first place now but its close and thinking Waller is an upgrade over Hockenson and I can put Johnson on IR and have him just in case he comes back. Would you take this?
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    Well I wouldn't trade golloday for him
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    He isnt the te we saw last year when he was thr only receiving weapon. With the wrs in lv thats what we will see from him going forward Get golloday if you can
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    Edwards (if game happens and the other rbs are out) and ballage if ekeler is out Otherwise mostert snd taylor Jones for flex
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    Gore, swift, edwards.... Duh easy decision
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    I actually love Marvin Jones this week. You know what's going to happen though. If you bench Hopkins he's gonna go for 150 & 2 TDs. It never fails.
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    I wouldn't touch anything in Cincy without Burrow. I'd go Duke
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    Coop & Brown. I’d want to see a game from Deebo before starting him
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    Bench Chark and Kupp in a standard league
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    I'm going Cooper.... Too many mouths to feed in Pittsburgh.
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    Do it.....thats a bargain
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    It is but the volume is there
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    Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
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    Same...my year has been destroyed by injuries and covid...if there's no vaccine for next year im gonna take a year off. This crap is ridiculous. The top teams are teams that got super with no injuries or covid outbreaks