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    Didn't they make the 49ers play with a bunch of starters out with covid a few weeks ago?
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    Everyone here had to know that the NFL was not going to let that game go on without Jackson. So as soon as his name was mentioned the game was slated to be played when he was ready to play. So if he is still positive when the game is to go on the NFL will delay it again. Bet on it.
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    I had Gus as a 1-2 week fill in, just dropped him for Matt brieda as I cannot take the risk of a Tuesday game getting cancelled last minute and not being able to start a RB. I know breida isn’t great, but decent chance he is starting RB and if Gaskin happens to come back - I take him off my IR
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    I don't tend to have much of a strategy when it comes to picking kickers but I do tend to pick them from good teams. At least then you're getting extra points and you won't get a zero for that week. It seems like mainly a crapshoot though
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    Both are good but I'd go Cleveland.
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    The guy who was drafted before Mahomes & Watson.
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    James or Sarah Connor 😅
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    They need to play this game I have 44 Pitt Defenses I have 21 James Conner I have 11 Diontae Johnson I have 23 JuJu Smith-Schuster I have 6 Chase Claypool I have 10 Justin Tucker I have Mark Andrews on my #1 overall main event team There is nothing on the waiver wire in these National leagues and the defenses I would have picked up to replace Pitt have already been picked over. I am in 22 FFPC playoff games this week I am in several RTS with win and get in playoffs situations This is what I was most worried about this year is something like this happening during playoffs They need to play this game
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    Better hope that Henry goes for 35+
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    I have no idea who Brandon Allen is...or Finley for that matter.
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    Conner especially without Lamar
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    Looking forward to the high pick that we can screw up!
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    That was my thoughts also! Happy Turkey Football Day!