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    Just benched Mark Andrew's and P/U Robert Tonya from Green Bay.
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    As an old man myself I’m so impressed with players like Peterson & Gore that are still doing what they do.
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    I am very pessimistic on this game occurring. If you have replacements, no doubt I would switch them out
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    Fitz, he's still pissed and it's against the Jets.
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    present But about to exit stage right evennnnnnaa
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    Well Carr was a bust...it’s decisions like this that create the love/hate fantasy football 🏈 relationship for me!
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    Yup, Peterson still abusing young guys
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    in the same boat with lamar jackson having covid, but I can also add Taysom Hill or Philip Rivers among some other waiver fodder
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    I like both Mims and Perriman more than Hilton or Watkins, Mims the most.
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    I agree. Dont want to start a steeler or raven.
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    Deebo or Shepard....id lean deebo Tuesdays game scares me
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    Roll with Fitz, I think there will be more points scored in this game than most people realize. Fitz is safer.
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    Fitzmagic is the safest play
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    I do have a concern the NFL will cancel the game at the last minute so keep an option to sub someone in one of the later games.
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    Kirk and Hill is my answer.
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    With all the firepower at WR I assume the rest of your team is average.
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    How can you not start 2 of these guys? Metcalf
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    I'd play Claypool but who knows what's gonna happen with that game.
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    Fitzmagic and hope he is not Fitztragic
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    Start Carr and don't take the risk w/Claypool. Your situation is nowhere near as bad as many others. You should be fine.
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    Yep. A possible scenario. Swap em both. The game is very likely not going to happen. WRT my mess, I could replace 3, but the other 3 require dropping guys I need for wk13 and 14, and guys who I match up with who need them will snag them off the wire. The resulting additions this week not even been all that competitive off the wire. IMO, I am all in for week 12 with my pit and ravens players, or the guy who is already beating me up wk12 is going to mop the floor with me. Is what it is... i made my bed.
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    If you have replacements, use them. Inthink the game will happen
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    I'm staying away from cincy unless its Gio......id go deebo
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    I wouldn’t wait on Claypool upside is Pittman but ATL def worst against the pass so Agholor is the safest bet it all depends on what you need
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    I’d lean Boyd. It’s a case of rookie QB vs 1st game back. I think Boyd has higher floor
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    I have 6 starting players on Balt or Pit. Way too much to swap out all of htem. If I had only 2 or could swap them for decent matchups, I would. FWIW, i already benched Ben and am starting Carr, irrespective of covid concerns. Williams has been good. IMO, switch.
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    As ridiculous for the Broncos as this is it sounds kind of awesome. How often do you get to see that
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    I wonder if the nfl is going forward with this game is the fact the denver Broncos didn't force their QBs to wear a mask in their meetings, they didn't bother to enforce the rules, and see it as being brought upon themselves.
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    Monty. The colts rb situation is like the patriots of the past. Some guy we never heard of could lead the backfield tomorrow
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    The NFL has the capability to test anyone in the league on a moments notice, get expedited turn around time on results, and immediately quarantine needed employees.
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    Or the colts can continue to confuse us and and give Wilkins 85% of the touches
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    Yeah if he did it, it would show up. Try looking at the site on a computer cuz sometimes not all things show up on mobile apps.
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    Leave as is. You have the highest ceiling in the lineup
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    Stream a different defense? Bucs are up against KC this week and the week after they have a bye and you'll need another D anyways.
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    Yes they should count. What happened When Tenn/Bills played on Tuesday ? This already happened this year.
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    I don't tend to have much of a strategy when it comes to picking kickers but I do tend to pick them from good teams. At least then you're getting extra points and you won't get a zero for that week. It seems like mainly a crapshoot though
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    I would have went Andrews until yesterday but hope you went Hock lol