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    Lots of newbies trying to claim OG status in this thread.....
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    Conversely, latavius Murray will get 150 yards and a td
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    Atomic CEO and his wine and scrapbooking photo exchange party with a bunch of dudes. ETA - And if I'm not an OG, part of the in crowd, who gives a flying bag of crap on fire. I'll take pictures of you all sucking each other's little wankers and mail you a scrapbook of them with a gay porn mag as the bonus!
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    It sounds like they will play the game no matter what as long as the whole teams doesnt test positive. They made the Broncos play without a QB.
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    bigger up side is DJ but weather is supposed to be tough, I don't see Reagor scoring anywhere close to that, I'd roll with DJ.
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    Welp, it's been years (so much so that I had to create new account & bullmanure new name) and I see the same beefs are still alive and well! I haven't had an excuse to use the dancing banana emoticon in quite some time, let alone call them "emoticons." Feels good. Great catching up with you, Keg...and great to see all you other dudes are also alive and well!
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    Here and still see not much changes... hi bier still love ya hopefully come up and visit me in the PNW at some point!! Happy Holidays to those I actually listen to!! 😂
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    It's good to see that Trubisky is back to his old self.
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    Wait a second. didn’t you plagiarize keg?
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    GB passing for TDs from 12, 5 and 2 yds out...absolutely killing me as a Jones owner. Two weeks in a row they have been doing that. Yuk.
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    Yeah. I think you're being a little sensitive to expect the defense to not celebrate a good play at all.
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    **Runs through thread naked**
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    Hoping Browns great LB Clay Matthews finally gets in.
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    Yet another rotten piece of fruit falls from the poisoned Belichick tree.
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    Many times, over and over. Used him like the ho he is! You want next you little bitch?!