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    Assuming all are healthy and starting Fournette Gaskin Pollard
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    If Rojo is out, I’d go fournette. If Rojo is back, I’d go gaskin. I have gaskin / Ahmed and am concerned for a committee approach.
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    Congrats to making it to the finals with that group of RB’s. I’m in a similar spot. honestly, there isn’t a clear order, but 1st 3: Fournette if Rojo out. If Rojo plays, he goes to bottom group gaskin jrob if he’s fully healthy zeke is on bubble bottom group for me: mckissic Melvin id only pickup pollard once we know more on zeke or if you’re concerned that your opponent will block you and you have a clear drop. If zeke is out, I’d start pollard. I’d probably start gio over zeke or the bottom guys. While they may not repeat last week, a new QB against a soft run defense usually spells good things for fantasy production (dump off passes and leaning on the run game) last thing - don’t take advice from me on RB’s. Every RB I’ve touched gets covid or injured 🤣
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    Drop Golliday and pick up AJ Green or Pascal
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    For sure Julio/gage
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    Pitt def killed me with a pair of sacks only MNF. Sheesh.
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    Nice team! I'd start Herbert and grab the easy points. If Gaskin or Conner plays I'm flexing one of them over Dobbins. And I'm definitely starting the Cleveland Defense.
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    Morning Greensparrow! I'd start Dobbins as well, could surprise and be a top 15 RB play this week. McLaurin, as a top 10 WR play, at WR2 for sure. Even though Wilson has looked really solid when he's forced into the main role, with a full PPR, I'd probably start Landry or Moore and I'm leaning Landry against the Jets. GL and Happy Holidays!
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    I think I'd go Thomas. He's definitely getting a larger target share.
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    I guess the answer is Wilson as Mostert is back on IR
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    If it's highest upside, I'd go with Hurts. Allen has been great, but I think the NE defense gives him some fits even if they're missing some key players. Hurts will have plenty opportunities to put points up on the board, and his rushing total should stay in line what he has done the last couple of weeks.
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    I would pick up Hurts and play him unless you have a stud( Mahommes Murray Rodgers ). His upside is huge!
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    Tough call if you feel you need to make a change Slye Succop doesn’t get many opportunities and Zeulin is too inconsistent good luck and please reply to my post
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    Watson and Allen Jacobs, ekeler and sanders Andrews
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    Zeke had never missed a game to injury, so it was a bit of a surprise when I heard he was scratched from the game Sunday morning. But fortunately, in the dynasty league where I have Zeke, I had Pollard chillin' on my taxi squad. Made the last-minute move to call him up and start him and while I would have still won even without his points, he definitely mitigated for Cooper's stinker and led me to victory. I actually hope that they rest Zeke another week because it'd be better to get 100% of Pollard since they only used the 3rd stringer sparingly... over a 50/50 split between Zeke and Pollard should Zeke come back next week.
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    Oof, that sucks man. Serves me right for giving up hope too soon. I guess both are better ways to lose than on Ebron though.. It's a cruel game!
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    Yup, I can't believe what I was watching last night. The Steelers looked terrible.
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    Hard to say with no update on Gaskin. Don't like Ito. If Gaskin were out I would like Salvon because of likely touch total, then Bell.
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    He was definitely a great one, on and off the field. His name belongs with Reggie White and Bruce Smith when we talk about pass rushers.
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    Zeke checked out weeks ago. *Disclaimer: Zeke owner who lost his playoff game last week because of that pathetic performance against the Bengals. I may still be slightly jaded about him.
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    Yay! I was finally the top scoring team in a week. Too bad I didn't have an opponent!. Good season everyone. Thank you to the Co-Commissioners for the hard work in a difficult season.