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    Did you ever see the Cheers episode where Cliff Clavin did that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=botdmsQilnU
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    Yes it is real and I don"t think is staged. The hosts can see what the contestants are writing before it is revealed and Rodgers said he was laughing because "is he really writing that?" The contestant didn't wager any money on the clue so they either were way ahead or didn't feel confident in the category so weren't going to wager anything so their answer didn't matter.
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    I’ll be rejecting those offers. Do appreciate the two that at least were awake enough to send something.
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    Only two bids :/ Thunderballs offers 1.13 pick 2022 1st round pick Opie offers Year 2021 Draft Pick 1.12 Year 2021 Draft Pick 2.02
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    please post here or PM me if you made an offer so I may verify that your email came through.
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