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    MFL has been paid using League Safe funds ($49.95) as I used my special powers to obtain extra discounts as always to give a little extra payout to the winners.
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    I do to. I don't think it's a sure thing by any means that the Browns win that division.
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    If Minny's o-line lives up to the projected improvement, I am with you on this big time. Cook will still break down at the end of the year like he always does - so you need some "matchlight" contingency plan - but how this guy isn't golden I don't know. Schedule seems like a wash (no clear negatives/positives). Ekeler is like a cheap Kamara....AND he has a legit QB. If there's any decent amount of Taysom then Kamara is gonna kill you.
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    WE shall see, do you really think Pittsburgh is better than Cleveland? You were dropped on your head when you were a child. You been drinking to much of that SC eagle-p