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    FranchisePlayers/PicksTo FranchisePlayers/PicksExpiresCantankerous Idiots | BearBroncos Minshew, Gardner JAC QB OctoSkins | Mattyice76-Thu Jul 15 2:00 p.m.Comments:The man, the mullet, the myth. Gives you some coverage why Trevor gets his wheels on him. Octo gives $1 Si
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    Spooky - Atlanta Rhythm Section
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    I mainly freewheel it every year. My problem seems not trusting my gut and drafting players I am not enthusiastic about and then they turn to shyte. I agree with keeping QB for later, although I would take Kyler if he fell. There is a lot of late round QB value. I can't really go for zero RB unless the format really rewards it. It isn't so much it can't work, I just don't enjoy finding scraps for RB's. Finding WR's that will get points is a lot easier. An single anchor RB though I can get behind. As for specific picks, this year I'm tempted to go for a bit of a Rams stack. And I like Chubb a lot but that means you also need to take Hunt early. Still think it would be worth it. Most drafts I play by ear, if I drafted te/wr first few rounds and all the top RB talent is gone for round 3, I'll take best player available rather than pick a meh RB just for the sake of it.