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    Not that surprising really. Gus Edwards and especially Lamar steal a lot of opportunities and scoring from Dobbins. The way they used Akers the end of last season shows they intend to make him their workhorse back.
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    The owners can work together by allowing teammates to trade into their draft to acquire a specific player, other then that your just trying to get the most wins (along with your teammates) The huddle.used to have 12 members participating in this yearly, I'm not sure about the last couple of years as I wasn't running it.
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    Couldn't Get It Right - Climax Blues Band
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    2 straight years of injuries for RB Barkley mean he is off my draft list, unless he falls a long way. Pick 1.04 seems way too early to me. And I'd take D Henry ahead of Barkley, even in a PPR league.
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    As long as you draft the guys who score the most points you should be good.