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    I'm not sure the guy that spent 4 picks on TEs with the same bye week and 5 picks on backup RBs from 2 teams with the same bye, only drafted one defense (sorry Darin, no knock on you) and 2 kickers with the same bye should really be judging/commenting, especially on best ball strategy.
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    And since a team defense won't get hurt, you aren't risking a zero at the position every week by not having a backup
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    I wasn't judging. I was educating. At the end of the season, you'll understand.
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    Can you imagine the heat if Trump was still in office though? It would somehow be all his fault. Remember when only M95 masks worked, then we needed filters, then we needed charcoal filters, then eye protection, etc. Nobody knows Steve, the CDC screwed this up so bad it's not even funny.
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    My trade was in the off season, before we declared our keepers. I thought my team was finally looking up, never had good RB(Carson & Jacobs), a good QB and at least one good WR (Adams) in my 5 keepers. The cost was pretty low, he would have been dropped by his owner anyway. He will be a keeper this year, and hopefully for a few more years.
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    Whoops, I thought we increased the roster size to 28. Guess I'll just have one kicker or DEF
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    Way to completely skip over your false statements from the prior discussions. Don't even bother to acknowledge how you have mischaracterized this discussion. Yes do my own research, I have and it says masks are helpful. You don't believe that, so I guess the discussion is over. As for stopping to regurgitate political talking points, you mean like "Go find the actual scientific studies on mask effectiveness rather than garbage the CDC has on their site about asking hairdressers their opinion and talking to a bunch of sailors on a navy ship."
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    So fans of both teams have a reason to hate him
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    Oh that is not easy, assuming you play each team in division twice that is 8 games, leaving 6 to play against the other division, so one matchup needs to be repeated. Before this years change we would play all but one team outside our division, and I believe that was just assigned randomly. We also reset our divisions each year based on finishing order (e.g. div 1 is 1st, 6th, 7th and 12th place), so who we play and when changes frequently. If you can figure out how to pick which teams matchup twice, I'd play 3 non-div games, then 4 div, 3 non div, and finish with 4 div. Would be nice if at least one of the two non-div games that repeats is a week without byes, so that game is contested at full strength. I hear people talk about the all play a lot, that would be another option. Not sure how that is handled by the fantasy league software though, with one week having game results based on top x scores vs. a H2H matchup.
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    Wilson could be a bargain as well based on his ADP.
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    I keep AJ Brown and Hopkins as their value is pretty close to Adams without the higher price tag. Then I'm torn between Henry or Dobbins but am leaning Dobbins because you lose a 7th versus a 1, and then hope you can get 2 solid players with your 1st and 2nd, at least one of them being a RB.
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    Thanks, man! GL this season to you as well.
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    QB - I'd drop Daniel Jones and would pick up Cousins, Carr, Mayfield, Big Ben, or Fitz. Pretty much in that order. RB - I like Edwards more than Pollard. WR - keep yours K - keep yours Def - I'd take the Saints, Chargers or Bears slightly over the Giants And none of those moves is a desperate need. GL
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    Where would you pick in the 1st? Possible you can turn around and get Henry anyways?
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    You didn't say standard or PPR. Though I don't think here it matters too much. I know I will probably get some static over this but your keepers take you out of first 3 rounds. I would say go Hopkins, AJ Brown & Dobbins. Yes you give up Henry but given situation & opportunity Dobbins should be at least a highend RB2 & as much as middle R1 I think. AJ is set up for a big year with Julio to help split coverage & moves the cost down a couple of rounds. This move puts you back in the first two rounds. I'm going to assume 1 starting QB. If it's two I would seriously consider keeping Allen if that was the case. Please see my posts. I have a couple I need help with.
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    Your biggest issue is your going to have 4 teams on bye week 14 which is not needed. Just move to a 14 game schedule with playoffs weeks 15-17. Your really going to be crushing some teams that make the playoffs who have guys on bye using week 14 as a playoff week. I do not understand why anyone would not want to push the season into week 17 now that there are 18 weeks to the year. Yes a team could end up resting some guys for 2 weeks but that could have happened in a 17 week season for weeks 16 before and almost never happened so this should change nothing. Someone is going to be pretty pissed if they have Taylor and make the playoffs and he is on bye week 14
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    I should add that I had zero desire to win Tyreek, I was just trying to push his price up in hopes of making Adams a better value vs other top tier WRs. I do have a question for you, have you finished taking your shower yet? Hurts, Reagor and Goedert!!!
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    For this year, my three 12-team leagues are maintaining a 14 week regular season followed by 2 weeks of championship and consolation bracket playoffs. THe three leagues will each crown their champion in week 16. That leaves weeks 17 & 18. Here's what we decided to do: We bumped up the entry fee from $150 to $200. Most of the extra $1,800 ($50 x 36) is being used for interleague contests among members of my 3 leagues (all on same platform) for weeks 17 & 18. It's like 2 extra weeks of fantasy that is independent of the 16 week regular season and championships. For those 2 weeks we are thinking that the 12 teams who finished 1st - 4th will compete against each other for $1,000 . 5th through 8th, will play for $400. 9th -12th will play for $200. Haven't figured it all out yet, but the plan is to keep everyone involved for all 18 weeks with the main phase ending in week 16 and then the extras in weeks 17 & 18. Fingers crossed.
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    Most of the fishing I do these days is inshore. Reds, specks, flounder. Sometimes I'll get into some white trout and have a fish fry. Here's the last red I caught. I usually don't keep the bulls, but this one had a lure caught in his throat and he would have never survived.
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    I can see the Gulf from my house. It's not in my back yard, but only two blocks away. There's a nice pier and boat launch here as well.
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    Spent all my life going out on the water. Choppy seas, calm seas, big ship, small boat, inside or out, thankfully have never gotten sick.
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    Do your own homework and stop regurgitating political talking points. You want to know when Trump got his shot? Go look it up. You want to know when he advocated for the vaccine? Go look it up. You want to know when he pushed for its development? Go look it up. If you want to refute something I said, don't make me do the legwork for you. Go find the actual scientific studies on mask effectiveness rather than garbage the CDC has on their site about asking hairdressers their opinion and talking to a bunch of sailors on a navy ship.