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    You'd think a HoF QB would value a better OL
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    King of Pain, always been a favorite. I remember working in the house after Katrina and all the guys and @SteelBunzwere down helping. I put in my box set of the Police. After about an hour or so Bunz had had enough. "Can we listen to something else? I mean I like the Police, but I don't know if I wanna listen to anymore."
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    Well that's interesting..... I was thinking that anyone the Rams brought in would be very unlikely to impact Henderson much, but Michel makes me wonder a bit. Could be good at the goaline and the Rams run at the goalline a ton.
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    per NFLN If you need another QB.
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    You mean the Cowboys next head coach?
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    That's definitely a championship defense. I don't think they necessarily ruined Lock, he just sucks and was over drafted. The coaching staff hasn't had much to work with and that's on Elway. Denver deserves better.
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    agreed, WRs are more WR2/WR3 level but your RBs are stacked so that should help offset your WRs
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    That makes it a little better. I'd still like to see a true #1 WR but it's not bad for a 12 team league.
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    A lot of "greats" are awful at evaluating talent and coaching. There are a few exceptions like Larry Bird, but many of the players who become great scouts and coaches are the backup players.
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    Because he relies to heavily on measurables and not the tape. I am also sure there is the mindset of "they have to be as good as I was to be drafted this high" Seems like he has a hard time getting out of the way of his own ego, especially after being gift wrapped Peyton Manning
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    This. Beasley is clearly getting more attention on this as he's purposely drawing attention to it more than anyone else. He's even used at least one training camp presser to draw more attention to it. Not surprising to see Snooki and Karen play the victim card and race card with an inability to notice clear consequences of one's personal actions though.
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    Lol, Those were the good old days! I loved having that site and working on it with my brothers. Really had promise.
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    While this may be true, Henderson can catch the ball... and even if he gets 10-12 carries a game, add that to 3ish catches a game and you're looking at a nice flex play or lower-end RB2. I really like this Rams offense. They're gonna score some points.
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    Henderson is much more effective as a complimentary back. He's had opportunities to be the "lead" back before, but he's not suited for it. At 5'8" and barely 200 lbs, he's surpassed 15 carries in a game just once in his career. Anybody who is drafting him thinking he's going to be some sort of workhorse is kidding themselves.
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    Oh no! Walls are cracking! When i said Lawrence will have a disappointing career, you were the most vocal that i was wrong!
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    Seems like all it does is muddy the waters for the Rams, and doesn’t really change my interest in drafting either of the Patriots options either.
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    I like Booker and Stevenson...Booker because they want to ease Barkley in, and give him some breaks...it will be running back by committe there...similar to Chubb and Hunt, but that is just my opinion. And Rhamondre...the sky is the limit to his upside...he runs like Marshawn Lynch...again just my opinion...he is going to be a star in this league...but we'll see if the Pats really give him a chance...I think is the RB2 in New England...with possible RB1 potential.
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    exactly...he was an animal at Penn...and he is one tall dude. And he really prides himself in not dropping ANY balls...I really like this kid. And if he can find separation I think Ben will use him alot. Maybe the next Gronk??? He is going to be one of the surprises of 2021, I think!! and apparently so does the guy who took him in the 6th round.
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    But why should him being vocal about it change anything? The outcome is the same. Wouldn't you prefer him to be honest? I don't necessarily agree with him but I do think it's refreshing. I'd have more respectful for Lamar if he just came out and said he thinks it's all bullmanure.
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    And he's been very vocal about it. Maybe I've just missed it but has Lamar been as obnoxious about it. Was an an Eagles concert last night, which was amazing, and Don Henley gets on the mic in between songs and thx everyone for doing their part and getting vaccinated. Then he puts it perfectly by saying, "With freedom comes great responsibility..." getting vaccinated, while being a choice, is showing respect for family, friends, neighbors and fellow concert goers. We'll said Don and what a great message to send, unfortunately, he's was preaching to the choir as everyone there was vaxxed. Side note, Joe Walsh was hysterical when he came on the mic and said he had more fun performing when he was in his 20s, back in the 70s than being in his 70s now, in the 20s. But hell we're still gonna give it a go and have some fun!
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    Guy in our league took him in 6th round. Everyone laughed but I'm not so sure who might be laughing at end of season.
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    Very good draft and good luck this season.
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    Fool in the Rain - Led Zepplin
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    King of Pain, always been a favorite. I remember working in the house after Katrina and all the guys and @SteelBunzwere down helping. I put in my box set of the Police. After about an hour or so Bunz had had enough. "Can we listen to something else? I mean I like the Police, but I don't know if I wanna listen to anymore."
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    Of course not. The hypocrites in here whip up on Beasley not Lamar Jackson or the numerous others (mostly blacks & African Americans) who don't want to get vaccinated. Beasley is an easy target, he's white.
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    Neither will be there when you pick at 23.
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    Invisible Sun - the Police
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    Way to completely skip over your false statements from the prior discussions. Don't even bother to acknowledge how you have mischaracterized this discussion. Yes do my own research, I have and it says masks are helpful. You don't believe that, so I guess the discussion is over. As for stopping to regurgitate political talking points, you mean like "Go find the actual scientific studies on mask effectiveness rather than garbage the CDC has on their site about asking hairdressers their opinion and talking to a bunch of sailors on a navy ship."
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    Very close but I personally prefer Gibson, he reminds me of a young Arian Foster the way he glides effortlessly. I'm not worried about JD at all, Gibson was on pace for like 36 touches in the last preseason game and everyone was still making JD a big deal. Najee looks good too I'd be happy with either of these guys but just think Gibson has more upside. The only thing I would be worried about is Gibson's foot, if he's healthy he has league winning upside and he looks healthy now.
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    Now Beasley doubled down on his anti-vaccine stance and got in an argument with teammate Jerry Hughes about it. Rumor being he may want to be cut. Giving Rodgers a run for top drama queen.
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    For some people there is no filter, social media is where they post their random thoughts, without giving it a second thought. Decades ago they just posted in some forum that few saw or followed, and decades before that they stood on street corners downtown shouting at the sky. This whole thing is nothing but politics now Oh any chance we get back to talking about the Buffalo receivers? Or maybe change thread title to "crazy Cole Beasely won't get vaccinated".
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    Isn't that the definition of the military? The draft, conscription, etc etc
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    Awesome recipe Bier. Everyone enjoyed it!
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    I took over a weak Dynasty team a few months ago. Only good RB was Akers (who is now out for the season), so I drafted Etienne( Harris was already gone), now also out for the season
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    Is that what the science says?
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    I don't buy jerseys. I absolutely applaud anyone who is standing up against tyranny though. We all should. You're on the wrong side of this. If you have children and/or grandkids you should be FOR freedom in all aspects of life. It's time to wake up!
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    I never took you for someone who discriminated against anybody, especially those who have made a personal decision about their own body. Shame on you, Big John. Why do you care what his vaccination status is? Worry about yourself.