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    Sorry, but what is the point of this post?
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    Last year, Lamar had 159 rushing attempts for 1005 yds and 7 TD. Dobbins (134 carries) and Edwards (144 carries ) had a combined 1528 yds rushing and 15 TD. That's not even counting Mark Ingram's stats. Dobbins out for the year, Justice Hill out for the year.. Gus Bus might get 300 carries alone.. against defense that are always scheming to stop Lamar from hitting the edge Gus becomes a workhorse, volume is king. Especially on that team.
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    Bell has been dead for 3 years now
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    Very true, my bad. The Huddle has everything you need via search.
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    Eeesh. I know Car wasn’t good last yr but they did quite a bit in offseason to try and fix it but who knows w this being the first game. They are playing the Jets though so I’d at least consider that. I think KC will be hard pressed to get many sacks or turnovers against Cle frontline and Chubb running the ball 100 times.
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    I like it. I like the idea of trading Lockett for QB upgrade, but for what it’s worth I’d play him in flex over Henderson. Who’s your available D’s?
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    Yeah, really nice squad. Cousins has been known to lay a few eggs though.
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    I like the team. Pretty damn good. Maybe use Lockett to upgrade QB. Hope Cousins doesn’t contract covid.
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    It’s a joke, bro. I didn’t say which Jones.
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    Is there a need to carry a backup QB in a 10-teamer ? Probably not, unless that QB has an extremely high ceiling (for example, I’d stash Jameis Winston as a backup) . I don’t see Hurts doing that and I’m not sure how much trade value he has at this point in time. What QBs are available for pickup ?
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    Only if it's dynasty, otherwise hell no!
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    Agreed, Singletary in that ugly backfield
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    Yeah he’s a bit of a stash for me right now. Hoping for the upside
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    First, LMAO at Work Scumbags! This team is pretty solid. Elite QB, RB1, WR1 and TE. Top 10 kicker and defense. Then you have Henderson, Edmonds and Davis- 3 RBs in the top 25. At WR, Woods is top 15, Jeudy is top 25, with a bench of A. Brown, Gallup, Landry and M. Thomas when he returns. 2 inside the top 40 and 1 in the top 50 on your bench for depth. Not too mention Michael Thomas at the end of your bench, which could pay huge dividends as you move throughout the year. I wouldn't be too hasty making moves just yet, play it out.
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    Singletary. I think he would be the least useful for you.
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    Why not just drop Cleveland if you're streaming defenses anyway? If Green happens to hit in week 1 he will be a pick up, I'd say it's less likely to see a mad rush on a defense, plus really easy to find a streaming option each week. But, either way it's a pretty low risk drop
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    Agreed, which is why i said after the first 2-3 rounds to reach for him. By the 4th round, all those top guys are gone. I'd take Gus over guys like Davis, Jacobs, Henderson, Edmonds. Gus' ADP has climbed since I drafted so not sure where he's really going now. But, if I could get him in late 4th or early 5th over those guys..when his ADP is after them.. I'd "reach" for him.
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    This is what I agree on. If it was gus over Mike Davis I would take gus.
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    I would drop Watson and pick up Henry if you want him. But remember he will be sharing snaps with Smith. I like Higbee more than either of them,
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    Kamara is the pick here esp if it’s a ppr.
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    I don't think people realize who that guy is....and with Trevor throwing it his stock just went waaay up. I got him in the 7th round! A steal!
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    You should take the best player available based on your rankings and draft tendencies of your league. If Allen is there at #7 because the top RBs are gone and if he’s your projected #1 and not Mahomes then take him. It’s certainly not because you have Diggs.
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    Just drafted...I think I got a bomb squad 12 team PPR. GRADES? I got one more tomorrow night.
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    That's pretty darn good for a 12 team. I'd probably like to see a better QB1 but that's a contender. Good job
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    Berlin did LLD he deserves the thanks
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    How did you get out of the first two rnds wo at least one top rb/wr or te? I’m guessing you reached for Mahomes w one of them.
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    Denver for 1st 3 wks
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    I'm leaning Murray and Aiyuk. The degree of separation is greater, imo, between Murray and Wilson, than it is for Godwin and Aiyuk, especially, in a .5 PPR.
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    Yea in my other league that is happening tomorrow night we finally after 10 years voted for 1 IR and 1 IR covid. We never had a IR spot and obviously nobody ever had a IR covid spot until last year.
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    i dropped reynolds and pooka gave kylin hill one year
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    Processed 44 total contract years 17 roster 8 taxi 2 dead years
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    First saw woman looking away but pretty quickly also saw the old man with the big nose snoozing
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    Are we going to make threads for every guard who misses a game? Or is this part of a bizarre coordinated effort to have no less than five threads about CV on the 1st page?
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    Chuba Hubbard is the name, there is no Chubba on any NFL roster, that is why I asked who that was.
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    Rest assured that If Mayock drafted them they all suck.