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    Tony Jones >> Latavius Murray >> Dumpster Fire >> Devonta Freeman >> LeVeon Bell
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    Maybe Im just stupid, but I'm not understanding the politics in this thread or why its here.
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    I never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer! Maybe the TX backfield isnt 100% settled and we certainly dont expect Ingram to last forever, but 26 carries is a pretty good indication how the team values him vs lindsey, no? I'd go Matison > Lindsey
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    Cut Corey Dillon, pick up Ray Rice.
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    I think it's all of the above. Mitchell's job to lose (for this week), Sermon has a great chance at getting the job long-term, but nobody really knows because it's San Francisco. Frankly, I'm not even sure there is such a thing as "lead" back in SF. They tend to throw multiple backs at their opponent every week. Statistically, there really hasn't been a "lead" back in SF since the end of the 2019-20 season, when Mostert made his epic playoff run. Never said I thought Sermon would be inactive in Week 2. I only said "if he plays" because he has yet to play a down in the NFL, so I'm not assuming he will, either. I also forgot that Wilson was out, so looking at the numbers... yeah, it's likely Sermon suits up. Am I surprised that people are spending 80-90% of their budget on Mitchell? I suppose, and I certainly wouldn't. But, at the same time, if you really need a RB, he might be worth the risk. Best case, he's this year's James Robinson. Worst case, he's not. But, you don't win at this hobby by not taking chances.
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    Neither, but Roundtree if I must. He's first in line behind Captain Hamstring, Ekeler.
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    What are your starting requirements? What does the rest of his team look like?
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    As long as you have Barkley back in time for your playoff run you're fine. McLaurin is the only starter you're getting in return. No deal for me
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    No, and you'd also have to release half your team to make roster space
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    Offensive volume is extremely important and Dallas got done with their toughest matchup this season. Get Zeke
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    Not at all, that's a nice double dip. It's only a factor when they are both on a bye week.
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    Yes, better offense and more opportunities to score
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    I think McLaurin and Boyd are better than Chark/Aiyuk. OBJ is hard to peg now, but I think he'll be back in week 3 and similar value to Landry. I would not drop him but could drop those 2 and your lowest RB. I generally don't like trades where I'm getting more guys than I'm giving, or at most one more. This 4-1 means you need to drop 3 guys to make room. Maybe this owner (who will have 3 empty slots) is hoping you drop somebody he wants. But maybe its a smaller league (teams/rosters) and there are lots of similar guys on waivers.
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    That tells you all you need to know about OBJ.
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    Close but I would go with JuJu.
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    Mitchell all the way Please respond to my post Thanks!
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    No, Trevor Lawrence is a starter. Who knows when, if or can Justin Fields play?
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    Yes, he will definitely not have a performance like that again
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    I simply cannot believe how many people in the RTS High stakes leagues blew more than 75% of their FAAAB for the season on E Mitchell. 1. Sermon will be activated and will get touches. 2. Hasty will be used more. 3. When Wilson gets back to health, he will get his shares as well and it will be the majority if he's anything like he was before.
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    That trade is laughable
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    I’d rather have Mattison than Lyndsay.
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    Even tho Rountree is listed as #2, it could very well wind up Justin Jackson for the Chargers or a total split. I think D Williams is the locked in #2 back and will get more touches than rountree whether the starters both go down or not.
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    Everyone is on Patrick and he did great last year when called on. I like Hamler better. There was a 50 yard TD drop last week invisible to most. If he hauled that in, he would be the name people are talking about.
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    Of you have an an ir spot for Jeudy, then you would ony have to drop Marshall to pick up both
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    I think you kind of misread the question, the poster does not have Cook, while they do have Lindsey and Mattison is on waivers. Your final point may still stand, that you'd rather have Mattison so grab him off waivers. I think the two are pretty similar as far as long term value, but as somebody else said we know exactly what Mattison is, while the HOU offense is still unclear. I'd lean towards keeping Lindsey (I also drafted him and am waiting to see what happens, but he's just depth at this point and would never be in my line-up unless I have injuries).
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    I'm not a big fan of handcuffing your own guy early in season - play to win, don't play to not lose. That said, if Lindsay is the only option on ww, I'd rather have Mattison than Lindsay. Please help: Sutton and Jeudy on ww - Fantasy Football Advice - The Huddle Forums
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    Jacobs if he is healthy Davis if not
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    I would not make that deal. The unknown of those late 1st's is too risky to give up AJ/DJ who are both surprisngly real young despite it feeling like they've been around forever. Please help: Sutton and Jeudy on ww - Fantasy Football Advice - The Huddle Forums
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    Shepard, not an agh believer. Please help: Sutton and Jeudy on ww - Fantasy Football Advice - The Huddle Forums
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    Jacobs and hope he falls into end zone - you at least know there will be some workload there (Assuming health isn't an issue). The wrs are just a complete hope and a prayer.
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    Agreed. I got outbid for him, but this is a good call.
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    Jwill or Davis prob lean Davis please help: https://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/557377-sutton-and-jeudy-on-ww/
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    Who knows, other than general dislike for all things Dallas Cowboys I have no info on him. I also don't get how this injury "tells us everything we need to know about him". Or why that annoying emoji was used.
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    Its not awful. Id look for a true #1 rb. You have two rb 2
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    LB's = tackles. I generally take starting LB's over safety's
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    Id stay put for now unless you have a real wait and see guy on the bench. We know what Mattison is capable of but only if cook goes down
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    I like your squad a lot. I would not make that trade - feels like an impatient move - Obviously the jeudy injury hurts your flex spot but hopefully over the next few weeks you can pick up someone solid to fill that spot on ww. Please help: Denver WRs were both dropped - Fantasy Football Advice - The Huddle Forums
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    Yep. I read that the other day. Very frustrating but trying to think of it as long term season. I had a choice for Zeke, Chubb and Aaron Jones. At the time of the draft, I had it ranked Zeke one, Jones two and Chubb three. I love second guessing myself....haha
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    I wouldn't do that trade
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    Corey Dillon? He's gotta be 50 by now.
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    The guy that last played with the Pats 15 years ago?
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    I think the Saints are already over the cap for next season.
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    I wouldn't if I were him. The drop off from Diggs to Metcalf isn't huge IMO, but the drop off from Henderson + Carson to Gordon + Johnson is massive
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    Right now (and more often than not) projections are your friend. While matchups are relevant and important to consider - I wouldn’t buy into positional defensive rankings too much right now because it is all based on one week. a team could have just had an off week or played a top offense so their ranking sucks, but they are actually better than that. Expert rankings are useful too. Personally, I really trust the Fantasy Footballers and they put out their rankings each week. https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/2021-wide-receiver-rankings/ To answer your original question - out of those 4 WRs I would play Jefferson and Woods.
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    I think Dillion was cut.