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    We are actually going to the game this weekend. I've bought tickets to two Chiefs games in the last 20 years: 1. Two years ago when the Packers came to town. That was the week after Mahomes hurt his knee. 2. This year, and now Rodgers isn't playing. I guess the only way these two will ever meet is in a State Farm commercial.
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    I haven't really seen a lot of people talking about this, but it seems like a huge invasion of privacy for banks to report anything over $600 to the IRS. Where did they come up with that number and how does it relate to the "rich" trying to hide money? Since when does making a transaction of $600 or more make you "rich?" That would pretty much include every single American that even holds a job. Somebody help me understand this without getting too deep into the political weeds. I've also read two different things. One says any transaction over $600 and another says any account that holds over $600. That just seems very, very bad to me in a lot of ways. IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; Businesses revolt (yahoo.com)
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    I think you take it. Giants have a bye Week 10 and then Barkley should be back. At least this way you have insurance past Week 11 if McCaffrey stays out longer.
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    I’m in that exact situation unfortunately I always pick wrong
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    Yep - even with the 400+ yards given up through the air, Cincy D still had a couple Ints and a couple sacks. I stream DSTs and am rolling with Indy this week.
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    Might want to check the actual numbers for those last 3 games he played. Week 7 was bad, week 8 he was injured early in the game and not the same after. Week 6 he did 20-143-3 on the ground. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/H/HenrDe00.htm
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    sounds like there is a legit chance Robinson doesn't even play this week so I think you roll the dice and go with Carter.
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    I feel your pain. Good problem to have though!
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    I'm in on Carter tonight. White is a check down machine. He should see plenty of volume.
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    Maybe you're the guy. Someone in one of my leagues dropped him as soon as he got hurt. I was all over it
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    Tyrod is back for Houston, he will help them immensely. Colts for sure. White still threw 2 int last week so the turnover chances will be there
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    Tough one but with Henry out go with the Rams
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    Looking back to last year (first year of keepers) in my opinion it was a talent drop off from the 2nd to 3rd round. Second round was RBs like Carson or Mixon and WRs like Diggs and McLaurin. But then the 3rd round was comparable WRs like Godwin, Cooper or Evans and only Jacobs taken at RB. If I hold on to Taylor, I would still have my first-rounder and then would be able to get some solid combo of WRs and RBs with my 2nd rounders. Having a bonus 3rd rounder (considering my extra 1st would gain me someone that would be Taylor caliber and a wash) might only mean adding Jacobs as a 3rd RB or maybe someone like Godwin as a third WR. I could take a tier down guy in the 4th and still be okay.
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    Why, you need RB help if anything. Trading him won't help.
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    I love Indy. Forget about what White did last week, that was an anomaly.
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    I like the way you have set your lineup perfectly, including Higgins in the flex. GL
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    That happens a lot. If you like looking at stats check out https://www.pro-football-reference.com/ you can find just about anything you like there. One thing I like having access to there is snap counts, that really helps to see what players are involved on offense, and if they're doing a lot despite only being on the field for a handful of plays.
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    Miami if you want a higher floor for points. If you need a big upside but riskier then Indy.
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    With half my team on IR I'll welcome back CEH with open arms. It's that bad.
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    Miami def didn't look too awful against the Bills last week.
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    The Cowboys beating the Vikings without Dak was huge! Loved it! I'd give Gaskin the edge but both are really great plays this week. GL!
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    Michael Thomas is out for the year so easy choice, Kittle. Therefore, you can keep Ridley, although, you probably won't use him again this year.
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    If State Farm did health insurance, would he still get the Rodgers rate?
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    Boston this week. Ask again next week.
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    Don't drop Scott. Maybe moss but who knows how Wilson will be used
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    I've had him stashed on my IR for a few weeks now. Now that he is back practicing it could be worth a stash. If CMC is back this weekend I'd drop Hubbard
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    You can’t go wrong with either both are good picks check out my trade question if you can
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    Ruggs ought to be shot in the belly and left to rot on the side of the road. 156 in a residential area? Could have been anyones wife or kid burning alive in that car. And he walked away. He deserves far worse than the law will give him, and it'd be poetic justice if Tina's family hunted him down and burned him alive.
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    As the World Turns stopped airing a few years ago.
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    They will run it down their throat.
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    Screw him, shame they didn't try to trade him.
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    This is what I think of pretty much every time I read any of your posts...
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    I vividly remember "1 more for the road" and uncle's (when I wasn't yet a teen) who would pour a beer into their coffee mug and drive home WHILE drinking
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    no need to get into that
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    I've had 3 DUIs. No one needs to tell me not to do something 4 times. Sober since 6-16-17
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    EDIT- Disregard. While I pondered, nearly napping, someone came a tapping and picked up MelvinG and Hyde. I got AdrianP, Taysom, and Tyrod in a mad scramble. Team's a mess actually. Losing by enormously wide margins. I'll pose a question later.
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    Huh? They are in QB purgatory. The Browns aren't going to win a damn thing with Mayfield and it's ashame because this is their window.
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    Absolutely brilliant. Should have been the 1,000,000
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    Since his father did that vodeo, shouldn't it be called an OBS video?
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    Had a fear this was going to happen. I hate to say it, but I've got to wonder if this is in any way tied to Winston.