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    I am in a dynasty here with a bunch of Huddle owners. I suck. The same owners are good year over year, it's as uncompetitive as college football. Sure, there are one or two that squeak in occasionally and a few that choose to drop out and rebuild so they can rise again. But, being stuck in the middle or definitely the bottom half is a labor. There is no optimism. It's a yearly donation.
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    Don't understand the ejection unless he was warned before. This ref looks like the type of neighbor you want to make sure your dog pisses on their grass each time you go on a walk
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    Oh for (the really bad word)s sake, you are a quarterback. Throw the ball!! Damn vagina
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    It has been insane. I haven't even thought about it, but now that I have, this has to be the record or close to it, it's been running for over 7 years!!
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    Smith, as McLaurin has me throwing him the ball tonight.
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    He's a rookie in a bad offense with very poor coaching.
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    That was an open and respectful question. West is an absolute insult to the human race and even though voting for him is a waste of a vote, at the very least I was hoping it was meant as a joke, since you didn't like any candidate.
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    Yep, clinched best record, 11-4, $50. To be fair, 3-12 in my other league.
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    Shouldn't the video in that tweet be the one of Brady throwing the tablet? Oh wait, the Tweet is from the DB he jawed with during the game, so its that video instead. (Had to search for "ceedy duce" to figure it out.)
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    I'm not so sure I will keep Henry. I'll be picking 7th overall. Yes, he's a slight value at 7 but not nearly what the others offer. I think TEN learned the hard way what 30 carries a game does to a 28 yr old RB and won't take that approach moving forward.
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    Get vaccinated asap, it's coming for you!
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    What kind of league is this a 4 team league lol wow.. cook, taylor, eckler, andrews, herbert..
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    Guy in our league has a similar situation last year and a stat correction ended up costing him the victory. I would roll Henderson out myself. Doubtful he goes negative.
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    Bears offense, 4 trips in the red zone = 0 points Undermanned Bears defense deserves a salute for holding the Vikings to 17 points so far.
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    That was his 2nd head hunting. Crown leading both times.
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    I don't care what team you are. You won't win if 4/7 drives have had 3rd and 18, 20, 24, and 25.
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    I would so ride that horse!
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    Even with half the team out, the Browns make it so damn hard to be a fan
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    lol, I just came to ask the same thing. I have Mooney there now. And I also have Williams lmao.
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    I couldn't agree more! The ignorance is absolutely incredible. The data is all there, without the vaccination you run a greater risk of severe illness, hospitalization and even death. It drives me nutty why people won't protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated. But it's America and we have the freedom to choose... for the most part.
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    It was trending 91 and 9 recently.
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    95% luck and 5%......ah you know the drill.
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    He continues to try and run away and thinks he can outrun or out muscle the defenders. He still doesn't get the difference in talent at the NFL level compared to what he faced in college. And what the hell was up with Nagy in that game? Did the Bears front office tell him he can keep his job next year if he acts like a tool all game screaming at the refs and being a petulant child.