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    The odds are 51/49 for the side that is showing before the flip. Gamblers Take Note: The Odds in a Coin Flip Aren't Quite 50/50 | Science | Smithsonian Magazine
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    Hey Stevegrab. The road to the SB in the NFC goes through the NFC West. Don't get mad. I didn't predict a winner.
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    The Bills shouldn't have kicked the ball into the endzone with 13 seconds left, should've sqibbed it. Chiefs wouldn't have had time to get into position or at least, it would've been harder.
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    Agree. Both offenses should get at least one possession in playoff OT.
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    It shouldn't come down to a coin toss. They need to change the OT rules.
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    Like the old Mia-SD game.
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    Great set of games this weekend
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    Both teams should possess the ball, even if the team that has ball first scores a TD. Coin flip + TD shouldn't determine winner.
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    I love when they show Rodgers after the game walking around like a lost 6 year old girl. Nobody will talk to him poor guy
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    Almost ready to mount. Just have to drill the holes for the power cord. You can see where the old cord went through, the new one is about 6" in from that.
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    Up until the last part of the 4th quarter of the Bills-Chiefs game last night, I haven't watched a minute of football since the Saints last game. I wouldn't have even watched last night except the Mrs was flipping through channels and asked me if I wanted to watch it. So, it was on while I was working and then I stopped working long enough to watch the flurry of touchdowns before OT. I was cleaning up when KC was driving for the win, so I didn't really see that either.
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    I dunno ... it was 30 years ago I just remember it took awhile and I came away thinking "this sucks, I will never do this for myself".
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    We had 'em all the way.
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    They should keep the current OT rules for the regular season but change it to playing out the entire 10min in the playoffs. I know people can say DEF is part of the game and if you can’t stop them then it’s on you but when all the rules have been changed to benefit the offense that argument doesn’t hold up anymore.
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    I feel like all head coaches should literally have like a semester-long class on game clock management and end of game management. All these billions of dollars. After watching hundreds of sticky endgame scenarios you would think this would become automatic. In this case I see that you don't want to kick return touchdown but they're extremely rare. What's really not rare is Patrick Mahomes finding a way to win.
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    That's what I didn't understand. Play a whole season with your super human QB and then play into the hands of other superhuman QB.
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    crazy. What a game that was
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    No clue why this hasn't happened yet. It's lame every time it happens, no matter who's playing.
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    The playoffs should be a whole quarter of OT. Old school
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    Very entertaining. They need to change the ot rules
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    I'm almost certain he wasn't a coward or a tattle narc. So you have little in common with him.
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    66 regular season / 58 playoffs
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    Gabriel Davis is winning me a lot of $$ in daily fantasy today
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    I had Davis in I can't tell you how many leagues, where was this all season?
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    What's an offseason without rumors of Payton going to Dallas? These rumors have swirled every single year there's ever been a question about who's coaching Dallas. Seriously, why would Payton want anything to do with Dallas while Jerry Jones is running the show? How could anyone possibly be able to compare 'this is your team to run however you want, for as long as you want' Gayle Bentz and 'whatever you want to do, I'll make it work. You do the football part, I'll do the financial part' Mickey Loomis with 'the buck starts and stops with me' Jerry Jones?
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    Military, Private Security. You couldn't pay me enough to be a Police officer nowadays, it's safer in Afghanistan. That's the truth.
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    Thank you Sir
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    Crickets. Tattle tale boy is also a coward.
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    I'll address this once but I don't intend to get into an argument over it. The gun was hidden beneath other tools in a locked center console in a truck with tinted glass, on my property, which is at the end of a private drive with motion lights and no through traffic. The truck is easily visible from the street and all angles. The mall is on the same street and had over a dozen vehicle break ins earlier that evening. The job was obviously professional - the glass was neatly removed and placed beside the truck, the center console and glove box were popped. Only the gun was taken; the radar detector, buds, tools, electronics and all the personal belongings in the back were untouched. Zero fingerprints. I work in a hospital at one of the more dangrous parts of Nashville. Violent crime is 3.5x higher than the national average in that zip code.. As I'm sure you're aware, most hospitals do not allow weapons inside. Regardless, many doctors and staff carry but I wear scrubs and it's impossible. For a while I left it at home but with Covid, increased poverty and increased crime, I started carrying again. The lot where I park is well visualized and monitored. I was in the military. I shoot competitively. And unlike most who carry, I've had to remove it from the holster twice, once in close quarters where it led to the other party fleeing before the cop could arrive. So for those of us who commute through rough areas but can't have a gun at work, it creates a bit of a dilemma. Now, I could have removed it from the console at home but the likelihood of anyone coming onto my property for that purpose is very low. And the neighborhood crime rate is exceptionally low. However, these guys were fast and good at what they do. I'll admit I didn't even feel violated - it wasn't personal and they did no damage other than what was needed. I'm honestly glad I didn't hear them, a confrontation would have made my life a lot more difficult than just an insurance claim.
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