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    Backstory first... I'm sure some of you have heard this story before, so I apologize for repeating. One late evening while @SteelBunz and I were cleaning up after working on the house during one of the MSHB trips (Katrina) I got a call from my stepmother. I knew right away something had to be wrong for her to be calling so late and my fears were confirmed when she told me that my sister's best friend and really more like a member of the family, was killed during a firefight in Iraq. The whole family was devastated. Roger was an incredible young man, very dedicated and true to his family, friends and country. But worst of all he left behind a young wife, son and newborn daughter. Today, during the Chiefs’ Salute to Services halftime show, Roger's son will be presented with a national scholarship. Alaric was eligible to apply for the scholarship since his father was KIA but it was Alaric and mom who did the hard work applying, interviewing, and ultimately being the nationwide senior they chose.
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    Picked up Van and should park it down by the river now.
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    This guy should consider writing a book.
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    It's dumb because leagues shouldn't have playoffs while teams are on bye. That's FF league management 101. I'm sure some leagues didn't think of it. It's because they're dumb.
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    Thanks all. I should probably clarify - when I say handcrafted/assembled here in the United States...we literally make each of these in our garage in Kansas. Some of them he hand carves. Some of them we create by assembling parts we buy or make. So my son (and me) have our hands on every lure he sends out.
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    As a Cowboys' fan, I'm thrilled to see the Giants beat the Eagles!
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    “Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers isn’t the only N.F.L. quarterback who’s been holding out. Joe Flacco, of the New York Jets, revealed that he, too, is unvaccinated. Flacco told the media he doesn’t want to get into his reasoning because it would be a distraction to the team, and the most important thing is to focus on going out there and losing football games right now.” — JIMMY KIMMEL “Of course, the main difference between this and the Aaron Rodgers story is Aaron Rodgers led everyone to believe he was vaccinated, and, also, no one cares about Joe Flacco.” — JIMMY KIMMEL “New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco announced at a press conference yesterday that he is not vaccinated against the coronavirus and said that he ‘has his reasons.’ I mean, he’s a backup quarterback on the Jets — I assume his reason is that he’s ready to die.”— SETH MEYERS “That’s right, New York Jets quarterback Joe Flacco announced he’s not vaccinated against the coronavirus. But don’t worry about his teammates — it’s rare for the Jets to catch anything.” — SETH MEYERS
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    More like Joe Flaxxno, amiright?
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    Browns activate Chubb from the Covid list today, . (updating thread title )
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    Maybe he pissed the Rams off already.
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    So winning it all this year will be 98% luck and 2% luck?
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    'Tis the season for that feelin', fa-la-la-la-laaaa...la-la-la-la Deebo's hurt and now so's Thielen, fa-la-la-la-laaaa...la-la-la-la Burrow almost lost a pinky, fa-la-la-la-la-la.... la-la-la And the playoff schedule's stinky, fa-la-la-la-la.... la-la-la-la TAKE IT RUSS!!!
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    Give me a bit to set up a GoFundMe for stevegrab to collect $2.
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    I played Waddle fortunately. Sat M Williams for Mooney. We need to shut this thread down. My opponent has 2 players right now with a combined total of 0.40 points. I might be saved. Can't send any good juju their way.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Going through an extremely tough life altering event over the past month and I am thankful for everyone at The Huddle. I have been on this site for so many years. It is my dependable crutch to lean on, as this place provides not only great entertainment, but a place for me to immerse myself into a fun hobby, interact with great longtime members, and forget about the minutia of life for minute. Thanks again to all here and Happy Turkey Day!
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    And the "tyranny" calls are beyond stupid. Sorry but they just are. I fail to see an endgame where the big bad bogeyman government gains any sort of advantage over it's citizens by requiring masks, social distancing, or life saving vaccinations. Grow the (the really bad word) up and stop looking for black helicopters. Public health is an actual thing. The government actually does have a fiduciary responsibility in a pandemic to protect lives AND to protect the economy. Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, etc only hold the rest of us hostage by dragging this thing out longer, costing lives and jobs.
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    Dulin Banjos {badda-bing-bing-bing-bing-bing-bing}
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    Anyone hear from Invader again? Was such a quality addition. Shame to lose him.
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    Full of disease?
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    The site is 24 years old.
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    There's no crying in Fantasy Football. I drafted Michael Thomas 😢
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    I was addicted to Thanksgiving leftovers. I quit cold turkey
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    If shooting someone who is on top of you, beating you with a skateboard isn't self defense, what is?
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    Nice! just snagged Gallup and plugged him into my lineup. My opponent has Amari. AHHHHHHHHH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
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    Sorry but I feel like there have been players in the nfl that have done far worse than this and kept there jobs.. abusing women, sexual assault, child abuse just to name a few
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    I got lucky last night but it wasn't because of a waiver wire gem.
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    Agree, Mayfield played good enough to win that game but the defense let him down. 36 yards at halftime is usually enough to win against anybody.
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    Snooki got an infectious disease degree from U Tube University and learned Fauci bad.
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    I'll set the over / under at 2.5 weeks before he starts whining he doesn't get enough balls
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    Couldn't help myself. Sorry if it offends anyone. 😀
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    This makes zero sense. The “othering,” or whatever the heck you call it, is where humans really don’t like other humans who aren’t trustworthy. It’s not complicated. Compare ARod to Cole Beasley, who had the same opinion but was totally transparent and forthright about his thinking and actions. I don’t like his opinion any more than ARod’s but I sure as poop respect the man. No one likes a snake.
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    You may be right, but if I have an option of stashing Saints D that week and streaming someone against Jax, NYG, NYJ, or Chicago; I'd take the streaming option over a potential Bucs blowout. And, I'm a Saints fan. Saints have no QB that Bucs will have to worry about and Bucs will dominate time of possession. If it were week 8, take the risk with Saints. In playoffs, I'd stream against a weak offense if possible. Just my two cents, which isn't worth even that much.
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    That Sinking Feeling Winner of the 2021 Huddle Cinema Award By: Gilthorp Studios
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    That might be the worst trade I heard of. Do it quickly
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    There's a new variant now. All in a sudden travel bans aren't racist anymore. Go figure.
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    No. Not one. It's very scary so you should stay far away. Hey look, someone made a meme of you
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    If Wilson wants to stay and the brass thinks he's still elite, he'll stay. You can supplement draft capital without trading a franchise QB and its not like they traded their next 2 or 3 drafts away. This isn't a team without weapons on either side of the ball. The conventional opinion is that they are being poorly coached and vastly underperforming their talent level. Wilson, Lockett, Metcalf, and Everret are above average weapons and that offense should be more than competitive for the time being and in the near future.
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    If he was actually looking to kill people then why was he running from them? The only times he shot was when he had little other choice. Your scenario where one group goads another into some dark alley where they gun them down is not even close to what happened here. It's a farcical characterization that would easily be prosecuted differently.
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    The police should be at your house shortly, to book you for stealing from your leaguemates! Nicely done! I like Jefferson way more than OBJ and Barkley way more than Johnson. This deal is total thievery!! Enjoy!
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    It depends on your roster. If you have good depth at RB but weaker at WR, then I'd stash Renfrow or Patrick. If you're stacked at WR but thin at RB, I'd stash Dillon or Benjamin. If you stash RB, I think Dillon has more worth for the remainder of the season as he's getting touches no matter what, and becomes an instant RB1 if Jones gets hurt. Eno wouldn't be a great stash, because "stash" means you aren't necessarily playing him. In 3-4 weeks, Edmonds would be back and Eno wouldn't have much value at all behind Connor and Chase. At WR, Renfrow is great in PPR. He seems to be the only WR Carr trusts and will get lots of targets, especially now that Ruggs is gone. Patrick seems to produce and is a quality spot starter, but with Sutton, Jeudy, and Fant playing, his targets aren't as guaranteed. Wilson is someone to keep an eye on, if Mitchell gets dinged again, he'd be a starter.. presumably. Hard to know with Kyle Shananigans
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    Sometimes after a long day at work, I forget I have it on. And then halfway home I realize it and take it off. When you wear one every day for 8 to 10 hours at a time, you get used to it.