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    FFS you two are worse than kindergartners how do you not have each other on ignore yet just do it and leave the rest of us out of your idiocy.
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    One last thought. If we continue to make things easier in the world. What makes us want to work for it. I take pride in this league and would rather make it more challenging then less.
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    I would probably benefit the most from this change. I want to earn my value by doing the research and putting in the time like a real franchise. In my opinion. When the NFL changes to a 54 man roster, then thats when we should adapt.
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    It will definitely be Boyd. From a fantasy draft perspective, he's not receiving the same hype as Chase or Higgins. Boyd reminds me a lot of Robert Woods; he has a solid floor, but low ceiling.
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    You two make good teammates. I already don't know who I'm interacting with in the trade talks, so all the same to me.
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    Yes! I can beat you in THREE leagues!
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    Well I could tell you what he said but you'd have to pay me for it.....
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    I think Reynolds takes a huge hit and not only doesn't he outscore Julio but it's more likely Julio doubles up Reynolds in targets, yards and TDs.
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    I like Gabriel Davis a lot. If not this year, next year he will explode. Don't forget about Devin Singletary. While I don't think he's anything special, he's a good scat back. He had a chip on his shoulder after the GMs comment during the draft, and has put on some muscle this offseason.
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    Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - BJ Thomas
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    Please extend Godwin 3 more years for $45
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    Well, that changed the RB backlog from 1,000 to 999. I hope he has a full recovery.
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    We have 3 Bond leagues that are mirror to each other that we keep all the rules the same DAD, YODT and LLD. So everyone has to be mindful that all 3 leagues voices are to be heard in any and every rule change. I am technically not even in YODT or LLD (wink wink) but I am basically the commish of all the huddle leagues we play in (including DAF as well the IDP black sheep of the family). I was not the commish of any of the leagues on day 1. In 2012 DAD was created by electricrelish and I wasn't even his teammate until a few rounds into the draft he had to go to a dinner and I took over for him in the meantime and stuck a deal with Opie for Demaryius Thomas which shocked me as I heard Opie was a Denver fan. From that point forward Jason was like "well just be my teammate" and it was said and done. Then in 2014 DAF was created and run by MonkeyOne. Again I was not part of any team and this was IDP something I had done since 1997 when I created my first dynasty league but we used sacks and INT's only no tackles. Then in 2010 I created my 2nd dynasty league and we added limited tackles at 0.5 per tackle. So I had no real interest in a full IDP 2 pt per tackle league but then Jason did the most devilish deeds he selected Dez Bryant at 1.03 in the startup knowing he was my favorite player (and soon about to lead Henry Muto along with Julio Jones into the world of National Champions) so I said "ok you got me I am in as your teammate". A few years later MonkeyOne had no desire to continue as commish and phantommenace took over to finish out the year but I said I would take it over and run it in 2016 and have ever since. Here is where this started in DAD and why I brought it up. It isn't an easy world to appease 30+ owners
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    Omg. Was John sarcastic??!
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    That's 83 total teams just between those 3 sites, holy mackerel! And here I am debating on doing 1, lol.
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    Local radio is tearing Shannon Sharpe a new a-hole for calling Jones with Shannon's personal cell and not telling Jones he was live on the air. SS is A real do0sh for doing that
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    Packers win simulated Super Bowl with Love at QB.
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    Yeah. He wants to play with his boy Cam Newton. Talking heads on NFL-N and ESPN saying that the Pats would be back into Super Bowl contention if it happens. LOL whatever.
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    The Falcons are in deep salary-cap trouble. Trading him after June 1 can get them some breathing room and the ability to sign their draft picks.
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    Someone from another league asked why we are not putting this to vote for this year. I said because teams would have handled their draft differently that had a lot of extra picks this year. That said I thought of this idea We could do something like this if most people wanted it. Increase to 8 taxi squads for 2021 followed by an increase to 10 taxi squad spots for 2022. Anyone have any interest in that ?
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    Just to clarify on the actually voting numbers. I agreed with the change in chat but never officially voted. I did officially vote no today in the taxi squad vote
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    Now that I’ve had a real chance to break it down. I’ve change my mind. I vote no. That’s what makes this league great and competitive. It’s about real live moves, cap management, player development , scouting and thinking 3 years ahead to win or lose. I know my voice is weak after not participating last year, but that’s what makes this league challenging to bring out the best. Peace to all and I’m good with whatever we all agree on cheers family
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    Yes! I rejected a few trades because I couldn't keep all of the picks.
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    If Minny's o-line lives up to the projected improvement, I am with you on this big time. Cook will still break down at the end of the year like he always does - so you need some "matchlight" contingency plan - but how this guy isn't golden I don't know. Schedule seems like a wash (no clear negatives/positives). Ekeler is like a cheap Kamara....AND he has a legit QB. If there's any decent amount of Taysom then Kamara is gonna kill you.
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    I traded away Ruggs this week. So him, definitely will be him.
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    It's official the time has come and I am now an official teammate of Jason in this league. Since Jason has had a baby a few years back he just hasn't had enough time to devote to fantasy football anymore and I have been helping him in this league for the past few years but that was mostly just the offseason stuff. Once the regular season started he has done basically all his own lineups as I have had a few teams to attend to myself and didn't think much about this league once the season kicked off but Jason has been debating quitting the league the last few years because he just doesn't have the time to put into it anymore. I told him I would become a full time teammate so I would be there during the season as well when he was not able to put full attention to the league. So looking forward to being in this league now officially after watching from a distance these last few years.
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    Talk about a tale of two seasons last year. First half - 9 TDs in 9 games. After their bye - total dust. His yards were never impressive but the TDs saved him. I'd be skeptical this year....until KC adds him lol.
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    x1000 There's actually a real fun debate going on, like at a BBQ, without political BS. Let's enjoy us all acting like we're fortune tellers and rub it in the other's face at the end of the season.
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    So much of this rides on what kind of year Henry will have.
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    Agreed. Has Julio even player with anyone else besides Ryan? A new coach, offensive scheme, culture, and qb...that's a lot of adjustment for a 32 year old vet.
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    And,i think, historically, WRs do not perform anywhere as well as people expect in their first year with the new team
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    Kelly was with the Gamblers.
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    Thank for clarifying this.
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    Anyone's guess but thinking that next year is more likely.
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    If everyone is cool changning it this year, then F the rules. If you're driving down a country road at 2:00 AM and come up to a stop sign and there is NOBODY around... do you stop? F no, you don't, you roll thru because in that situation at that time, the RULE of stopping doesn't make sense. Not all rules need to be enforced 100% of the time. I haven't worn my face diaper one time outside even though it was a "rule". Not all rules need to be nor should be followed, we can decide for ourselves what path to take. I vote make the change THIS YEAR since we all agree on it.
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    I'm the new kid on the block, so I will keep my commentary on rules to a minimum, but I do understand MM's perspective on the rules following the rules. I thought we were discussing changes for next year. Henry Muto offered a fair compromise of moving taxi up to 8 this year, but that was after our draft got started. In other words, knowing it would be 8 this year could've changed the draft and trading picks strategies. And this is coming from the person with one of the biggest rosters (I think Opie beats me in both leagues). This league runs a tight ship, one of the reasons I like it. If we move up to 8 this year, we just need to be mindful of the precedent we might be setting.
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    Pretty sure he has been asked and answered some similar questions in the past, and that he does in fact have a regular full time job. That many teams isn't a hobby, its a 2nd career at best. I'm single without kids and could not imagine devoting that much time to this, even if I could make some serious $$$. Cutting back to just under 100 fantasy teams is hard to fathom.
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    Oops that signing slipped under my radar. If he's the full time starter opposite of Brown from the get go, agree, 70+ catches is realistic.
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    They could really use him. The Titans don't have much going at wideout behind A.J. Brown.
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    I have mixed feelings on my draft. I took over this team and I was questioning do I try to compete now or build my dynasty? Do I draft for need or value? After looking over it, I clearly drafted for value because if it was "need" I would've drafted more TEs. I shouldn't have drafted Chris Evans, I should've drafted Ihmir Smith-Marsette; I think he might have some value as Thielen ages out.
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    I hope he sits all year to give me time to grab him in the 3 leagues I don't yet have him in.
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    they've never been in the superbowl? I didn't know that. THey won't make it there this year either when my Broncos beat them in the playoffs being lead by Aaron Rogers.