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    I almost forgot that Lamar Miller was still alive
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    Rumor is that HOU will bring Jeff Fisher
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    If the Minnesota defense doesn’t practice, would anybody notice?
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    Even though you're facing Lockett and Metcalf in DW3? Sounds good to me.
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    You won this week with that starting line up?
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    I'd roster 3 kickers before having AB on my team
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    Tweaked his hamstrung during practice yesterday. He's not being traded. Also Emmanuel Sanders is out on the Covid list. Keep an eye out for Marquez Callaway. There's a lot of buzz, both local and some national on him. He's not as polished and doesn't have the bulk, but he has a lot of the same attributes as Thomas and he's faster. https://saintswire.usatoday.com/?p=39048 https://www.si.com/nfl/saints/editorial-opinion/saints-marquez-callaway-emerges
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    Doesn't matter if your 25 or 85, no need to be a disrespectful A**&+@=
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    Fred was one of the greatest pass rushers ever. LC, whoever you are.
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    RIP, whoever you are
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    As a Gaskins owner I’m delighted. Also as a Gaskins owner I’m depressed to have to rely on him.
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    "Free" with your paid cable subscription. No different from the free you get with Verizon.
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    By all accounts, he's going to be out several weeks. I want them to place him on IR so I can pick someone else up. Why aren't the Chargers thinking about my fantasy team???
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    Just a heads up for those who may have Stafford on their bench. New Orleans has ruled out DBs Lattimore and Jenkins.
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    I saw this on a tweet. Nelson Algholor will be the last NFL player standing because he can't catch anything.
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    Id go perine here. The only chance the jets have of losing by less than 30 is to run the ball and use the clock as much as possible
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    I think Hasty has most potential for workload until Mostert gets back. It seems clear they don't want to give McKinnon the majority of carries. Coleman clouds the issue and there is strong likelihood I don't have a clue.
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    Scott IF Sanders is out. If not, Claypool IF Johnson is somehow out (he didn't practice yesterday) If not, then Higgins.
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    Arrr while there be many a tempting jewel in many a chest, I be thinking me Family Jewels are just a touch more precious! Ill be skipping again this year, eventhough me WRs look like the Kraken's older uglier misshapen cousin. -Blackjack
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    YARRRRRRRR. Ye be hittin' a depth charge. Unsuccessful plundARRRRRRR! At least ye' have rum!
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    [BigJohn] Godwin did not go to the University of Michigan [/BigJohn]
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    Wonder how much having no 12th man helps visiting teams?
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    https://www.nola.com/sports/saints/article_cd0dfbf6-1706-11eb-bbc7-abd2ac8fd31a.html Callaway is saying he's fine. Hope that's true. Next week he should see some time again, even if Michael Thomas is back with Emmanuel Sanders on the covid list. Callaway ended the day 8 of 10 for 75yds, but also missed out on two touchdowns through no fault of his own that also would have put him well over 100 yds. One was the one mentioned above where TQS was called for pass interference and it was a bad call and the other where Callaway broke down the sideline and Brees targeted him for what would have been a sure touchdown, but the pressure got to Brees before he could get the throw off. CGM should be back next week, hopefully and Sanders the week after, so we'll see how that affects Callaway's playing time.
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    Not cool bro, almost crapped my pants
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    Tomorrow feels like a kamara / Murray game with cook getting plenty of targets
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    Goof on Winston all you want, he's won me 2 high stakes Championships. I'll buy him a drink & dinner whenever I see him.
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    Again timing doesn't seem off. If they planned to switch this year, this is the best time to do it with the 2 weeks prep and trade talk time. And sorry if this seems harsh, but honestly don't give a manure about winning the division and being an early playoff out with Fitz in at QB, doesn't do anything but create controversy and heightened expectations for a franchise that is no where near ready. Not saying that is their thought cause who knows but them and God, but I'm good with not pushing for something that simply is not there. Let Buffalo go get their hopes up only to start realizing (again) that Allen is streaky as (the really bad word) and they play in a currently crap division (though not the NFC east crap).
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    Fitz is a soon-to-be 38 year old journeyman QB that was never the future of the organization and this gives 2 weeks for Tua to get reps and advertisement for trade offers on Fitz. Not sure what the issue is here.
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    If so it is solely due to fatigue. I know I'm tired of this :poop:.
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    I am not looking for WR but personally I am not interested. If I had a roster spot I didn't care about I'd throw him in but I am done with the drama. He's Kanye West in football clothes
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    So frustrating. I don’t understand why they don’t do a semi even split.
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    He stinks. He's lost any explosiveness he ever had. His hesitation steps no longer work and without that quickness in shifting, Bell brings NOTHING to the table. He's average at best. Some team will pick him up, but the guy's days as a backfield stud are defintely behind him. The other thing behind his release includes some info not released to the press fro last season. (From a person I know who is in the know about certain things at the Atlantic Health Training facility in Florham Park). THings like showing up to the facility completely inebriated and other issues unrelated to play on the field. THe tweets from Monday/Sunday by him were the straw to break the Jets back and eat all that money. Bell is a train wreck of a human. He's nowhere near Antonio Brown levels but pretty bad and it's kept very quiet.
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    Yup, I'm losing it. Not sure where Morris came from. I need a vacation.
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    nothing. That doesn't mean I can't make jokes
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    Or Ray Rice .... i'll show myself out
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    You lost. Suck it up buttercup.
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    Force them to have Adam Gase as their HC for the next 3 years. That will teach them!
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    How 'bout the NFL eliminate the franchise. No more TN NFL team.
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    I would probably sit him. Tough matchup, short week, injured. Of course that means he'll go for 100 and two scores and I look foolish.
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    That's just a cruel joke
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    He SOL in my opinion. It the site doesn't allow you to drop locked bench players he needed to take the necessary precautions before players locked
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    how can you possibly know what you’ll need from a guy on Saturday... I’ll play though I need 100 pts from Alvin Kamara
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    Thanks, we needed the jinx!
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    3rd post and......I still like it
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    Jets fan here. Greg Williams is a P-O-S and should be suspended by the league again, let alone fired right along with Adam Gase. Jets fans do not approve of last night's parade of obvious late hits and attempts to injure. The thought of having to see either one of Gase or Williams on the sidelines or in the booth for the rest of this horrid season makes me want to vomit. That is all.
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    Pretty sad when you breathe a sigh of relief because Darnold is back in the game. But Flacco looks totally disinterested. Like he would gladly take a knee for the next 3 1/2 quarters just to get out of there.
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