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    Id go perine here. The only chance the jets have of losing by less than 30 is to run the ball and use the clock as much as possible
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    Seattle is game time decision and it’s a later game. If those are the only 2 I think you’ve gotta play Edwards.
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    Agree except I like Gio over Gaskins
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    -01 Bid processed -01 penalty processed
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    I agree except I like Gaskins over Gio.
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    23-22$ Olson (3) 1 dead year 2020 1 dead year 2021
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    28-23$ 1 dead year 2020 1 dead year 2021 updated
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    That's a tough call. Robinson is starting and Thomas is not being traded for now I think. Thomas looks better on your roster but I am worried about Brees.
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    Fulgham, J. Williams & Bernard
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    That's a great team. You could run the table.
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    Very good team. You def have a chance to make some noise
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    My choice would be between Smith and Gronk and I'm leaning Gronk, not just because i like his chances of scoring more points then Smith or Bell but also because he plays on MNF and gives you last licks so to speak.
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    I never start players to counteract who my opponent is starting, ever. I start the players who will score the most points for my team and I believe in this case, it's Carr. I think that was a fair deal. Woods and juju are pretty even and Edmonds is definitely the best RB of that bunch by far, so i like your end of the deal.
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    NFC West rbs have been a nightmare this year
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    Even though you're facing Lockett and Metcalf in DW3? Sounds good to me.
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    Fabergé Legg Warmers has 1 dead year removed from dropping Allen earlier this year