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    It will definitely be Boyd. From a fantasy draft perspective, he's not receiving the same hype as Chase or Higgins. Boyd reminds me a lot of Robert Woods; he has a solid floor, but low ceiling.
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    I traded away Ruggs this week. So him, definitely will be him.
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    The trio may play out like Woods, Cooks, and Kupp 2 years ago.
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    Someone I'm curious about is Van Jefferson in this new Ram's offense.
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    Probably and i think he's #1 in fantasy points of cin wr/te
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    Higgins will only have competition from Chase and Boyd, but Sample may get more catches than Chase? Some eggspurts are billing Chase the top WR prospect of the decade. The college production relative to Ruggs was on a different level. Chase is unproven on the pro level but his history and connection with Burrow is undeniable. Barring an injury situation, Chase is an almost certain lock to be top 3 in catches at Cincy. I wouldn't be surprised if he's #1. If I'm getting a Cincy WR this year in redrafts, it's probably the guy that falls furtherst.