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    I agree with CD..... rules are just fine. Life isn't fair and neither is NFL OT. So suck it up and live with it.
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    Both teams should possess the ball, even if the team that has ball first scores a TD. Coin flip + TD shouldn't determine winner.
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    I think I spent too much time at the DMV today. 😩
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    Shaft didn't say it came down to the coin toss. He said it was a major factor. What he said and what you are saying can both be true. They aren't mutually exclusive. If a literal coin toss is that influential in determining winners of post season games, it's worth looking into and considering a change.
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    They should make touchdowns different points for different teams. Life isn't fair and neither are touchdowns you whining participation trophy babies.
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    Of course it isn't compelling. Wasn't meant to be. Just fact. All the whiny babies looking for each team to have their fair chance. Gimmie a break.
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    And if the Bills won the coin toss, we could say the same thing against the Chiefs. The truth is the coin toss did matter and was a major factor in deciding if a team goes to the AFC championship game. It worked against the Chiefs a few years back and they complained about it. It shouldn't come down to a coin toss. Yes, defense is a part of the game and both sides should get a chance in opportunities or a time limit.
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    No. And this coming from a guy who had this happen to him in 2018 when Brady won the toss and beat the Chiefs on drive 1 in OT to go to the Super Bowl. There are so many plays within a game that can win or lose the game for a team.