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    It will definitely be Boyd. From a fantasy draft perspective, he's not receiving the same hype as Chase or Higgins. Boyd reminds me a lot of Robert Woods; he has a solid floor, but low ceiling.
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    You two make good teammates. I already don't know who I'm interacting with in the trade talks, so all the same to me.
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    Yes! I can beat you in THREE leagues!
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    I traded away Ruggs this week. So him, definitely will be him.
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    The trio may play out like Woods, Cooks, and Kupp 2 years ago.
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    Someone I'm curious about is Van Jefferson in this new Ram's offense.
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    Probably and i think he's #1 in fantasy points of cin wr/te
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    Higgins will only have competition from Chase and Boyd, but Sample may get more catches than Chase? Some eggspurts are billing Chase the top WR prospect of the decade. The college production relative to Ruggs was on a different level. Chase is unproven on the pro level but his history and connection with Burrow is undeniable. Barring an injury situation, Chase is an almost certain lock to be top 3 in catches at Cincy. I wouldn't be surprised if he's #1. If I'm getting a Cincy WR this year in redrafts, it's probably the guy that falls furtherst.
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    Fellow league mates! If I could find a replacement owner this season I would but that seems unlikely. Due to the increasing overreach from government and corporations in stealing our freedom and liberty, I can no longer support the NFL. The NFL's updated COVID policies for Un-vaccinated players compared with vaccinated is the final straw for me. I will not support any entity who uses their power and authority into forcing humans into giving up their bodily rights. I encourage everyone to speak out against this massive intrusion of privacy and personal rights and freedom. This is a precedent none of us should want. This two tiered society where unvaccinated people are treated as outcasts and lepers is anti-human and I will not tolerate nor support ANYONE who accepts it and/or uses force and authority to gain compliance. If you know someone who is willing to buy my team from me, done, I'll quit immediately. If not, I will do my best to remain competitive this season and leave once the season ends. We need more people speaking out and acting accordingly.
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    For context: Per the memo, any player who is not fully vaccinated will continue to be subject to: Daily testing, mask wearing (including in the team facility) and physical distancing A quarantine if he has a high-risk exposure to someone with COVID-19 Significant restrictions when traveling, including required isolation in the team hotel and relegation to a separate team plane A prohibition of meals with teammates A prohibition on social, media and marketing sponsorship activities A ban on gathering with more than three other players away from the team facility A requirement to wear personal protective equipment to visit a nightclub or indoor bar that has more than 10 people in it A ban on attending indoor concerts or other entertainment events. A five-day delay between first reporting to training camp and participating fully in activities. Vaccinated players will face none of those restrictions. They will be required to be tested once every 14 days. The memo also directed teams to keep fans a minimum of 20 feet from players and key staff members during training camp. That means no autographs or photographs will be allowed. Fully vaccinated media members will have access to physically distanced in-person interviews, but postgame locker room access will be limited to team and NFL media, or NFL Films. If you support this, then F you too
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    Unless you're dead set on one of those guys above the others, it's a good year to try trade back a few spots if you can get a decent return
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    It's official the time has come and I am now an official teammate of Jason in this league. Since Jason has had a baby a few years back he just hasn't had enough time to devote to fantasy football anymore and I have been helping him in this league for the past few years but that was mostly just the offseason stuff. Once the regular season started he has done basically all his own lineups as I have had a few teams to attend to myself and didn't think much about this league once the season kicked off but Jason has been debating quitting the league the last few years because he just doesn't have the time to put into it anymore. I told him I would become a full time teammate so I would be there during the season as well when he was not able to put full attention to the league. So looking forward to being in this league now officially after watching from a distance these last few years.
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    Nice, Muto. It's great having a FF legend in this league so I can brag to all my friends how I beat a legend.
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    I didn't avoid him I took him at the 1.01 in 2 dynasty leagues and he helped me win 2 ships that year he went bonkers in the playoffs so I can't really complain. If I was a smarter player I would have traded him right before he got injured and landed the moon, stars and sun for him.
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    Talk about a tale of two seasons last year. First half - 9 TDs in 9 games. After their bye - total dust. His yards were never impressive but the TDs saved him. I'd be skeptical this year....until KC adds him lol.
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    I think he has a shot to finish in the top 10 QBs with 4200-4300 yards, 32 tds, 270 Ryds, 3-4 Rtds.
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    He was recovering from a torn ACL and developed arthritis in that knee.
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    It's Cleveland, nobody gives a crap except you and 10 other jobbers. They'd rather watch wrestling in Ohio.