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    Happy belated 50th rajn! Same b-day as my sister. I can’t believe I’m actually in this thread. Had to go way back to 2004. I sounded like a doofus. Most of y’all were youngsters when I came on board. I’ll be turning 60 next May so I know all about uphill. I’ could retire right now but am going to wait until I hit 62. Crazy when I think about it. I’ll have 37 years in at that point and that’s enough. Here’s to sticking around this place and not pulling the disappearing act. Oh, and I’m NOT an arrogant Steelers fan. 🙂
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    Bump for the OP turning 50 today.
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    Your rights end, when they infringe on my rights. Racist, homophobic and misogyny (among other actions) violate the rights of others, and therefore you don't have "rights" to protect. No one has the rights to be racist.
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    I see Johnson ahead of Murray but neck and neck with McKissic and would start McKissic over Johnson in a PPR.
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    I wouldn't want Fields in a 5 QB league.
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    I'm so old, I remember a time when right wingers weren't constantly whining about being victims of their own imagination.
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    Trade 1 is the one I would take you can't trade Taylor he is a top ten RB
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    I don't like racism, hate and bigotry any less than any of you do. I wish that it was eradicated completely. The question is, who defines hate and bigotry? If I'm catholic and my faith drives me to fight against abortion. What's to say that someone wouldn't define my fight as hate and bigotry against women? If I'm a black player who kneels for the anthem, who gets to define whether what he is doing is wrong or not? I will fight against bigotry and hate wherever I see it, but I will also not tell someone that they are not allowed to believe or be something simply because I don't agree with it or it hurts me emotionally. You can't have it both ways. Either all of us are free to express ourselves or none of us are.
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    ARRP - always read Rajn's posts.
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    Well you can be racist or misogynistic if you want it's not against the law. You have freedom of speech but you don't have freedom from consequences. So if your statements become known especially in indelible ways like email they can be used against you by any employer who wants to get rid of you, at least in at will employment where they can fire you for any reason. Certainly if you're using it in hiring practices, housing decisions, or other legally protected areas you are at risk. Generally though the U.S. doesn't regulate hate speech unless it incites violence, libel, slander, threatening towards a specific person Etc. Not a lawyer just my understanding Edit: I just read Rajn's esponse which I think is pretty much the same as my own
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    That's not the way it works. A person has the right to say whatever he/she wants, whether it's hateful bigotry or not. Unless that speech is directed or personal towards an individual or personally threatening or directly provokes individuals towards violence then the First Amendment protects your right to express it. It doesn't mean that there won't be personal consequences, such as getting fired etc, but you do have the right to say it and simply being a bigot does not infringe on anyone's rights unless you act upon those beliefs or provoke others to act on your behalf.
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    Chris Godwin, AJ Brown, Tee Higgins.. Just getting started early as they're my weekly milk carton participants..
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    If we come together as one, look what is cape able.
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    The original point of the thread is no longer applic able.
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    Browns have already named him the starter, rookie RB Demetric Felton will also play more, but he's more the receiving back. You'll see him line up and run around a lot then maybe go for a swing pass. I would expect they try to run early, but they'll need more healthy OL to be effective. And an injured Baker isn't scaring anybody right now. Good info from PotentialNobody, this team is a mess right now with injuries.
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    Teams are playing a 6-2 vs the Browns, Johnson could have some tough sledding this week vs that Denver D. Especially with Mayfield under center. They will stack the box until he proves he can still throw Jarvis Landry is the heart and soul of that Offense, he’s like Mayfield security blanket. Keep an eye on the injury report before the game. Baker Mayfield QB (Q, Shoulder) Jarvis Landry WR (Q, Knee) Nick Chubb RB (O, Calf) Kareem Hunt RB (IR, Calf) Odell Beckham Jr WR (Q, Shoulder) David Njoku TE (Q, Knee) Jack Conklin OL (Q, Ankle) Jedrick Wills OL (Q,Ankle) JC Tretter OL (Q) Chris Hubbard OL (IR) Andy Janovich FB (IR, Hamstring) Nick Harris OL (IR) Drew Forbes (IR, Knee) Joel Bitonio OL and Wyatt Teller OL are only Browns offensive starters that don’t carry an injury designation. That doesn’t include the 10 defensive players that carry a designation If 2 of the offensive line play (Tretter, Conklin, Wills) I would start Johnson. Anything less than that and I would look at another option. I could see this easily becoming a breakout game for Felton because of his pass catching
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    Honestly I like either one but #2 the most.
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    Hurry and accept..you're winning that easily.
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    Wilson got destroyed last time he played the Pats. He had 4 picks. Go with Goff and hope for the best.
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    Sean McMuppet Take the points, man!!!
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    You almost successfully milk carton'd the entire Seahawk team.
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    He moved his hands to his helmet a time or two
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    (Sigh) Tee Higgins DJ Moore J Taylor TJ Hockenson .....Buehler???
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    Dear Dolphins, Please feed the ball to Gaskin. Thank you in advance. Best, Doofus
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    Mixon RB2, Waddle WR2, Andrews TE, Hunt Flex Word of advice...Don't make such a long post. Get to the point. People will open this it and quickly move on to the next post (over 30 views, no replies). I only answered b/c I'm in the toilet and I have some spare time LMAO. Good luck.
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    Living In The Past - Jethro Tull
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    You keep saying that you don't have the right to be racist. Yes, you do. You have the right to be whatever you want to be so long as you do not violate someone else's rights. Being racist does not inherently infringe upon someone else's rights unless you act upon it.
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    Kyle Herbert? Is that Justin or Khalil cousin?
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    True to a certain extent, this does not apply in the private sector (i.e., companies and employers) from restricting speech. As you mentioned, it can get you fired but the actual amendment only applies to government censorship. The balance between the 1st amendment and discrimination is constantly being challenged in the court of law, and I think it always will be.
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    At least you can still call White people White Trash or Redneck
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    Seems like you would be winning in a landslide
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    Nope, I think you did.
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    But you're not scared of Mattison's shoulder injury and Cook playing?
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    Answering as a Lions fan I’d say you have 4 more coaches, over the next 15+ years to go before you might get someone good. Caldwell withstanding, I liked him
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    Woah, they are moving the ball when handing off to Sanders. Maybe they should start doing that in the 1st quarter
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    Cheating on Madden is not reality my friend.
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    Ewww, they are filthy bums. I'd probably take a flyer on Tua and hopefully get some rushing yards
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