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    Exactly!! New town, new coach, new system, new team mates, new playbook, coronavirus BS and he's only 43 years old!! He should win the Superbowl blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back.
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    Actually it makes perfect sense. Everyone was wondering how that hit gave him a concussion when it wasn't to the head. it was a nasty blow to his neck. The neck is kinda close to the head. Could easily still cause a concussion but mess up a nerve in his neck as well.
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    Post game show is sponsored by state farm.......tells me all I need to know
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    Bizarre play. Looked like he had a concussion, by the way he wobbled getting up (not to mention the dazed look in his eyes). But, in looking at the replay, there really was no blow to the head. Almost looked like he got choked out, the way the defender had his neck pushed forward. If it truly was just a leg injury, I can't imagine he won't be back, based on the way he jogged off the field. I assumed he was leaving to go through concussion protocol.
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    Apparently the kicking balls have magnets that are attracted to the goalposts.
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    often NEP thrive on defense. Didn't 5-10 defenders opt out. Last year they were deprived of talent and they never really addressed it. not only did brady walk into Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate, Ronald jones...but they brought in fournette, a brown and gronk. I am not sure brady has had as many solid options in his career.
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    Gotta think Reich told him to keep Wentz on his way out the door...
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    He's already been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Like years ago. I thought this guy had turned the corner after admitting he had acted like a do0shnozzle and was seeking treatment and on medication. Guess not. And by the way (and not trying to be a d00sh myself), but just because you have bipolar disorder does not make you "not sane". Pretty stupid statement.
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    Brilliant and funny! JJ Watt @JJWatt I’ll never forget lining up for a play and Phil pointing to one of our linebackers and telling him he was lined up wrong based off the blitz we were about to run and being 100% correct about it haha. One of the smartest I’ve ever played against and a hell of a competitor Lmao
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    Take this however you like, but apparently Brees was dealing with a lot more than just broken ribs. The Bears game he's referring to is the regular season game. Oh, and the reporter is quoting Brittany Brees' IG account so this is actually coming from a source.
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    This is why you're a loser from a loser City. You've been beaten down so much that you have a loser mentality. One playoff win and you're Johnny RaRa, Best Franchise Ever Guy. Instead of being upset that you got bounced out of the playoffs you're acting like they actually achieved something great. Don't sniff yourself too much old Man, you're team and City are still a laughing stock. We finally found video of you.
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    Yes not sure how winning with "this squad" would be such an accomplishment for the greatest QB ever. The OL and defense are pretty good too, and he's got a very good coach. He didn't leave the Pats for some junk team without a chance to win.
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    Jesus dude, you really, really hate to be wrong about anything don't you? I'll hold any more reply on the subject until you're actually able to come back with anything whatsoever that says that Brees told him or anyone else for that matter, that he was in fact going to retire prior to Sunday's game.
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    So, exactly what I said. "Jay Glazer says" not Drew Brees says or Drew Brees has reported.
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    No. Come to the Jets. We'll give you Sam Darnold and higher picks.
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    Come to New Orleans. We'll give you Winston. 😃
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    No he didn't. Drew has never said that he was retiring. Every time he's been asked he said that he doesn't want the game to be about him. I'm hardly crying about anything. They lost, Drew had a bad game, Tampa played better and they deserved to win. I'd much rather lose because we played a bad game than what we've dealt with in past playoff losses. The only thing that really bothers me is Drew possibly going out like that. As I said in the other thread, he deserves better than the criticism he faces now. He's dealt with criticism pretty much his entire career and very little of it deserved.
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    Tampa's defense did more to win that game than Brady, but you're right, Brees played a bad game. Don't want to see him go out like that. He deserves better. Back on topic, the Steelers were busted doing literally the exact same thing as the Saints, it would be their second penalty, so why are the Saints losing draft pick and the Steelers aren't even getting a fine?
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    Brady didn't exactly light the world on fire. If anything he showed how he was won a majority of playoff games throughout his career......with a great defense, solid kicking and serviceable numbers from him. No.......I'm not bitter he won......not even a little.
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    Brees may reconsider his retirement after this game.
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    Looks like I'm a green Bay fan for next week
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    Landry sat there for 5 seconds before Mayfield threw that ball
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    How is that not a helmet to helmet penalty?
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    I like Mahomes and Chubb. Not sure about the Sanders part though. If not that, Brady, Evans and Chubb. And Thomas over Evans
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    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bills-become-first-team-in-nfl-history-to-accomplish-rare-offensive-feat-in-playoff-victory-over-ravens/ Ravens threw for more yards (190) than the Bills (188) Ravens out-possessed the Bills 35:33 to 24:27 Ravens had more first downs (19) than the Bills (17) Ravens had more third down conversions (seven) than the Bills (four) Baltimore entered Buffalo's 30-yard line on five different possessions and only came up with three points. Here were all of Baltimore's miscues: Two missed field goals 101-yard return for a touchdown by the Bills on a Lamar Jackson interception (first interception in red zone in his career) One field goal One turnover on downs
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    I also agree that's probably about the right answer. If you do have to choose between a good coach and a good QB choose the QB. Belichick managed the salary cap extremely well and was a great in-game strategizer. But at the end of the day you need a QB to put the ball on time and on target as well as think for himself when things go wrong and play well in crunch time, all of which Brady did. It would be interesting to see what would happen if for instance you gave the Patriots Anthony Lynn as head coach and how many Super Bowls would they win. Or give them Andy Dalton and see how many Super Bowls they win.
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    Stop jacking in them. Good to see you Mike
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    The Chiefs finally win a Superbowl, probably another this year and Johnny Trophies is still miserable.
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    So weird that Charger games can be boiled down to the last 85 seconds of the 4th qtr. Almost all losses in any year are within 7 points or a kicker missing a long fg. Herbert looks like a QB that can make a difference but will he? Spanos family ruling by the almighty dollar may have snake bit this team until there is a new owner.
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    Let’s not forget that the coach didn’t really get to do his thing, you know, coaching. The NFL played on minimum practice. A talented player can overcome that, but a coach that thrives on that time will suffer by comparison. Neither is winning a lombardi trophy, and Brady couldn’t didn’t his division with a long absence by Brees. The relationship was symbiotic IMO, and neither will have the same level of success again.
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    Yay more pillow fights from two of the bestest here. Now, back to actual discussion.... Guess I should have read this before posting in the Indy thread. Wonder what McDaniels thinks of Hurts vs. Wentz. Something tells me he is more in the Wentz camp, but I could be wrong and disclaimer: I did not read any of the articles posted in this thread.
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    Just LC posting nonsense then trying to defend it. If he doesn't make 100 posts a day he doesn't get his reward. The more controversial the better.
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    Just enjoy having fun with you Rajn. I can care less if Brees retires or when he retires.
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    Right, technicality. Brees did say it to Glazer who then said it to the world. So, we'll wait for Brees to have a presser now.
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    https://brobible.com/sports/article/fox-drew-brees-jameis-winston-saints/ Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) Tweeted: .@JayGlazer says Drew Brees will retire after this season He says this will be Brees' last game ever in the Superdome https://t.co/R3T4dkWLY1 https://twitter.com/BleacherReport/status/1350953257510776832?s=20 Several good clips here.
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    Can Brady get fined for pwnage on Brees?
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    3 TOs for 21 points. Brees sucks and I'm gonna piss on his gold jacket.
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    Cause who wants the Browns in the Conference title game?!
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30701671/sources-chuck-pagano-retire-chicago-bears-likely-retain-matt-nagy-ryan-pace Bears chairman George McCaskey said he was impressed by Nagy leading the team to the playoffs despite a six game losing streak and by how well he works with Pace. Translation: ownership doesn't want to eat the $ remaining on Nagy and Pace's contracts.