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    often NEP thrive on defense. Didn't 5-10 defenders opt out. Last year they were deprived of talent and they never really addressed it. not only did brady walk into Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate, Ronald jones...but they brought in fournette, a brown and gronk. I am not sure brady has had as many solid options in his career.
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    Lots of newbies trying to claim OG status in this thread.....
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    Didn't they make the 49ers play with a bunch of starters out with covid a few weeks ago?
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    There are no friends in fantasy football.
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    Hey guys, I've got a ton of new crockpot recipes I didn't just copy and paste from a book that I bought with the funds that were supposed to go to FF winners! Been here sinco 2002 officially. Has anyone heard from Puddy?
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    You're not and posting in every thread doesn't make you one. I don't even think I am since I didn't start posting till 2004
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    See if you can pick out the old names.... (long.. and original post by yours truly) Celebrity Deathmatch: Dorey : {wearing a “chick magnet” t-shirt} Welcome Ladies and Gents to another episode of Celebrity Deathmatch live from the Huddle.com! Grid : {wearing a “I’m with stupid ” t-shirt} This week’s match-up is one that has been developing since early on in the season, ever since Ricky Watters….{interrupted by Dorey} Dorey : It’s Saturday Night and you all know what that means! Grid : Yeah, it means another evening of cheetoes and videos. Dorey : Um, not quite. Anyway, this is an exciting match-up between two of our regulars at the Huddle.com (Hey, I have got to get the commercial plug-ins where ever I can.). This has got to be the best match-up to date. Grid : Best match-up, my …… Dorey : Tonight, here at the Huddle.com and no where else, we have the defending Champion with the repertoire of movie one liners……….Ernie! Grid : Barney the dinosaur has better lines than he does. Dorey : And the Challenger, the master of the snide remark……..Bert! Grid : And we know Bert in this room somewhere! {quick look left, then a look right, squinting with both eyes} [Meanwhile in the Team Ernie dressing room] {Ernie’s Trainer is trying to get Ernie pumped up} figme : Okay Champ, you need to come out punching hard and with intensity. Ernie : I’m gonna kick his skippy into next week! figme : That’s the spirit! Ernie : I’m gonna moider him! {A concession stand employee is escorted in} Purple Rain : Would you like a “fountain drink” before the big match? Ernie : Whatcha got there big guy? Purple Rain : I have both “Lemonade” and “Grape Juice” for you’re drinking pleasure. {He says with a smirk} Ernie : Gimme some Grape Juice. Say, anyone told you that you have a purdy mouth? Purple Rain : No, here’s your beverage, sir. {He scurries out of the dressing room} [back to the broadcast booth] Dorey : This is one monster match, even the Hollywood stars have come out for this one. I think I saw the Swami roaming around here someplace. And Willy the Hall of Fame inductee is making his way to his seat. Grid : I agree, look in the front row right now. It’s the Furious One and his date for the evening, David Duchovney from the X-Files! Dorey : All I can say is that I hope they didn’t leave the limousine’s injun running. This won’t be a quick match in the slightest. [And in the Team Bert dressing room] {Bert’s manager is giving Bert the old pep talk as well} Grego : Your opponent is an old nemesis of mine. He’s after you to get to me. Bert : Bring him on! Grego : The key to beating Ernie is to bring him to his knees early in the match. That’s when his instinct will kick in and he’s at his best. But, he doesn’t have the endurance to withstand the spurts of fire that you’ll rain down upon him. Bert : Make him kneel, then bob and weave…got it coach. {Grego notices a movement in the room} Grego : Hey who’s that lurker in the corner of the room? Bert : No need to worry, it’s only Pratts. You just need to wake him up every now and again. [back to the broadcast booth] Grid : What the ?!?! Hey, look over there! {untateve is holding up a sign that says “one shaven wench with dentures to boot for the low, low cost of free”.} Dorey : I’m not sure that means, it must be an inside joke of some sort. Grid : Probably an Ernie fan. Dorey : We at the Huddle.com will let just about anybody seeking enjoyment within our friendly confines. Grid : Yeah, all except that one guy outside selling maps. He really needs a job. I bet I can find him one on the West Side of town. [Cut to the ring announcer] RAD : Welcome one, welcome all to tonight’s extravaganza! I am happy to announce that the proud sponsor of tonight’s main event is the one and only Mountain Dew Corporation. Let’s give a round of applause for the sponsor. {Crowd boos ever so slightly} [Ernie is making his entrance] {Fireworks display and the crowd goes wild!} Dorey : Ernie is all business tonight. Grid : No doubt, why else would he be escorted to the ring by BRETT FAVRE and Big Red? Dorey : It’s only a matter of time until this battle is under way. {Ernie makes his entrance into the ring and raises his eyebrows in the form of a “V” for victory} [bert is making his entrance] {An open elevator lowers from the ceiling and the crowd roars with anticipation} Dorey : Wow, what an entrance. It’s Bert with his two bodyguards. Grid : Can you believe it?!?! Bert has Marilyn Manson as a bodyguard! And some nerdy guy other one. I’m not sure who that is. Dorey : I recognize him…..it’s Paul from the Wonder Years! Boy does Bert know how to put on a show. {Bert is lowered into the ring} [back in the ring] {The referee waddles into the center of the ring} Penguin : Okay gentlemen I’ve read you the rules in the locker room. Let’s have a good clean fight. Any questions? Bert : Yeah, does Jamama shave Ernie’s eyebrows? Penguin : Enough. Now touch gloves and come out fighting! Ernie : I must break you! [in the booth] Dorey : Wow. Two combatants are trying to make it into the Celebrity Deathmatch Hall of Fame! Grid : I can’t wait until the Royal Rumble from the Huddle.com next year. [And to the fight] RAD : Leeeeetttt’s get ready to ruuuuummmmmbbbblleee! {Crowd does the wave and screams for their fighter. Ernie, Ernie, Ernie. Bert, Bert, Bert} Penguin : Let’s get it on! {Ernie leaps from his corner and attempts a jump spinning hammer fist to Bert’s head} {Bert does a triple flip into the air and performs a flying sidekick toward Ernie’s midsection} {And as the two combatants exchange blows} Dorey : Oh my …….oh, my! Grid : Best match-up ever….ha! Dorey : Who would have thought that their marionette strings would get caught and hang them both?!?! Grid : GBCM [Now a word from station identification] Whitney : Goodbye.
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    Did somebody say "old"?
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    Put the spiked eggnog down and step away from your computer ASAP!
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    Remember Billy. Just didn't want to say his name.
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    80 yd td run to open the game. Nagy's thoughts;.....well we've got the run game taken care of. Now we can throw it to our triple covered wannabe wr/rb Patterson and see if the ball sticks to his stone hands.
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    I've been here since the old boards. That's a good starting point, but even so it doesn't necessarily make you an original gangsta. Guys like BC were here from the very beginning. I didn't even show up here until a few years later and didn't become active on the boards until they started becoming more popular, so there are a lot of those old guys who've known each other for many years that don't know me from Adam. I didn't respond because I consider myself "OG," I responded because I've known Keg (the OP) for a really long time. We've been in many leagues together, including one of the oldest and longest running BotH leagues. We've talked many times and I even got the pleasure of spending some time with him and his wife while I was traveling for work. He also sent my kids each a stuffed bear from his business after they'd lost most of their stuff in hurricane Katrina. So I answered because I'd had a personal relationship with him, as I'm sure many others who've responded have. So it's nothing about being part of some clique like irish suggests. It's just guys who've known each other for a really long time just like anything else.
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    My fantasy team wins this week.
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    Just let @Big John pull the list of Newbie Tool of the Year award winners - that would be a good starting point.
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    Definitely some odd ball...
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    In his mind I'm certain that he knows that he doesn't have a real shot at the NFL, certainly not at QB since he was never even brought in to be a QB in the first place. In his mind he got a chance to get on an NFL field, get a real NFL game jersey with his name on it & a great story to tell for the rest of his life. Oh & they paid him $36k to do it, which is probably at least half of what he'd make in a year working a sales job & right before Christmas time too. I would be willing to bet anyone who's ever had aspirations, including you or me, would jump at the chance to "embarrass" themselves the way he did.
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    I remember my first WCOFF draft in Vegas 2007 and a bunch of OG's at dinner saturday night. Myself, msaint, darin, bier, twiley, RR26, alchico, BC, bushwacked. kidcid I think. Big John was there I think....not sure who all was at the other end of the table. good memories...the parts i remember.
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    what could be better for ratings than a 3:40 kickoff on a Wednesday!? 😂
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    Just benched Mark Andrew's and P/U Robert Tonya from Green Bay.
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    Actually it makes perfect sense. Everyone was wondering how that hit gave him a concussion when it wasn't to the head. it was a nasty blow to his neck. The neck is kinda close to the head. Could easily still cause a concussion but mess up a nerve in his neck as well.
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    Apparently the kicking balls have magnets that are attracted to the goalposts.
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    Was gonna say too soon but what the hell.
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    Steroids wore off. I kid...I kid...
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    I think the Chargers fan makes the exact point why he was let go. Seems like a great players coach. But if you paid attention this year, his clock management decisions and everything else at the end of both halves, there were disasters almost every week it seemed. seems to me several games were lost this year based on those decisions alone this year.
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    1. Honey Ryders 167.85 2. Scaramanga 155.05 3. Oddjobs Hats 119.35 4. The Man with the Ginn 103.10 5. Thunderballs 102.10 6. Dr. Julius 89.85
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    Congratulations to Derrick Henry on an amazing 2,000 yard+ season!
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    Chuck'sChampionshipBoners just repeated! Thanks all!
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    I have 7 accounts at Kamara federal union and a couple of them are joint accounts with Jeff Wilson, Mike Evans and / or Tom Brady. 3 of those accounts are in 2 week championships so I won't count my chickens.
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    Once again, thank you to this thread. Happy with the Wilson start.
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    So I finished 1st place in the FFPC Main event in the regular season. I actually crushed the league was 36 pts ahead of 2nd. 60 pts ahead of 3rd, 100 pts ahead 5th. Then week 14 the first championship round I had a solid 154 pts (I avg 172 on the year) but when playing with 2520 people and like 1000 teams in the championship round you will have teams putting up huge scores. A guy who finished 211 pts behind me scored a 226. Those 211 pts cut down to 19 pt lead with avg score. Note I picked up Cam Akers off waivers midseason never played him.......until......... So I was now in 63rd place after week 14 and 52 pts out of 1st. I played Gordon over Akers cost me 9 pts I played Brady over Murray (1st time all year I benched Kyler Murray) that cost me 3 pts. Week 15 I sit Gordon and play Akers for the first time all year. Gordon 24 pts on Saturday and Akers gets hurt on Sunday. Akers then scores a 18 yard TD........flag on the play no TD. In the end I lose 17 pts Gordon 24 vs Akers 7) I still scored a 201 in week 15 moved me back up to 17th. Week 16 Kamara 6 TD's and 56 pts pushes me to 4th place but lots of top 20 teams now have Kamara. I have to pick from Murray and Brady once again..........I thought Brady would blow up today but still couldn't pull the trigger to sit this year's current #1 QB Murray. Been a hell of a ride this year but honestly the toughest year to have ever played this game in a covid year. I had many nights I up late including a 4:40 AM night and a 5:30 AM night when I went to bed. I have had enough will be glad when this season is over. May the Gods never give us another year like. Get that vaccine out there!
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    I say bench him...then you can look back during the off season with nothing but regret!
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    no, i understand the temptation, Washington defense is really good, but Wilson is just too good not to start
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    Don't draft/play if your heart isn't in it. I wasn't feeling it this year with everything going on in my life, but I did anyways. Worst season I've had in well over a decade.
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    Wentz benched, it Hurts
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    Ballage sat out last week due to an ankle injury PLUS...Austin Ekeler is back baby! That would pretty much make Ballage a memory.
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    Welp, it's been years (so much so that I had to create new account & bullmanure new name) and I see the same beefs are still alive and well! I haven't had an excuse to use the dancing banana emoticon in quite some time, let alone call them "emoticons." Feels good. Great catching up with you, Keg...and great to see all you other dudes are also alive and well!
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    As an old man myself I’m so impressed with players like Peterson & Gore that are still doing what they do.
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    Fitz, he's still pissed and it's against the Jets.
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    Everyone here had to know that the NFL was not going to let that game go on without Jackson. So as soon as his name was mentioned the game was slated to be played when he was ready to play. So if he is still positive when the game is to go on the NFL will delay it again. Bet on it.
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    Maybe it all depends on what poster boy is out.
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    Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
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