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    often NEP thrive on defense. Didn't 5-10 defenders opt out. Last year they were deprived of talent and they never really addressed it. not only did brady walk into Evans, Godwin, Howard, Brate, Ronald jones...but they brought in fournette, a brown and gronk. I am not sure brady has had as many solid options in his career.
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    Did somebody say "old"?
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    Put the spiked eggnog down and step away from your computer ASAP!
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    The NFL and their refs are a joke. Swallow your whistles all game and then call that penalty at that point of the game.......horsetaco
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    Exactly!! New town, new coach, new system, new team mates, new playbook, coronavirus BS and he's only 43 years old!! He should win the Superbowl blindfolded with one arm tied behind his back.
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    Actually it makes perfect sense. Everyone was wondering how that hit gave him a concussion when it wasn't to the head. it was a nasty blow to his neck. The neck is kinda close to the head. Could easily still cause a concussion but mess up a nerve in his neck as well.
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    Post game show is sponsored by state farm.......tells me all I need to know
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    Bizarre play. Looked like he had a concussion, by the way he wobbled getting up (not to mention the dazed look in his eyes). But, in looking at the replay, there really was no blow to the head. Almost looked like he got choked out, the way the defender had his neck pushed forward. If it truly was just a leg injury, I can't imagine he won't be back, based on the way he jogged off the field. I assumed he was leaving to go through concussion protocol.
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    Apparently the kicking balls have magnets that are attracted to the goalposts.
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    So weird that Charger games can be boiled down to the last 85 seconds of the 4th qtr. Almost all losses in any year are within 7 points or a kicker missing a long fg. Herbert looks like a QB that can make a difference but will he? Spanos family ruling by the almighty dollar may have snake bit this team until there is a new owner.
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    Let’s not forget that the coach didn’t really get to do his thing, you know, coaching. The NFL played on minimum practice. A talented player can overcome that, but a coach that thrives on that time will suffer by comparison. Neither is winning a lombardi trophy, and Brady couldn’t didn’t his division with a long absence by Brees. The relationship was symbiotic IMO, and neither will have the same level of success again.
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    Bye-bye worst president ever, especially after inciting a riot at the Capitol. Trump belongs in jail, not getting 4 more years to ruin this country. And no, I'm not saying the democrats are perfect, but a deaf, dumb, blind, mute would be a better option. "Stop the steal" - what a joke! Trump is nothing but a piece of narcissistic trash.
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    Heh. Sehawks may have had the most disappointing finish to a 12-4 season in NFL history. Pittsburgh: Hold my beer.
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    Mad respect for Goff though. He went out there and did what he had to do. He showed some serious toughness.
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    Was gonna say too soon but what the hell.
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    Steroids wore off. I kid...I kid...
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    I think the Chargers fan makes the exact point why he was let go. Seems like a great players coach. But if you paid attention this year, his clock management decisions and everything else at the end of both halves, there were disasters almost every week it seemed. seems to me several games were lost this year based on those decisions alone this year.
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    Congratulations to Derrick Henry on an amazing 2,000 yard+ season!
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    can't miss ma mouth. get in ma belly
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    Happy New Year everyone!
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    Completely agree. I think it's much more likely that a bad team will spoil a good QB than a good QB raise up a bad team or poor coaching. I think it's just too tall an order to ask of any one player.
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    It is very rare that a highly drafted qb increases a teams wins until several years. There is a reason why the teams are in that spot in the first place... they have a lot of holes. Even look at the very good young qbs now: Herbert, burrow, Jones, tua, Allen, trubs have some talent around them
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    Chuck'sChampionshipBoners just repeated! Thanks all!
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    I have 7 accounts at Kamara federal union and a couple of them are joint accounts with Jeff Wilson, Mike Evans and / or Tom Brady. 3 of those accounts are in 2 week championships so I won't count my chickens.
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    I have cooks and Davis, and if I had THill I'd play him. 3 Td's and 85 yds and then he sits & rests. Not bad.
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    Once again, thank you to this thread. Happy with the Wilson start.
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    So I finished 1st place in the FFPC Main event in the regular season. I actually crushed the league was 36 pts ahead of 2nd. 60 pts ahead of 3rd, 100 pts ahead 5th. Then week 14 the first championship round I had a solid 154 pts (I avg 172 on the year) but when playing with 2520 people and like 1000 teams in the championship round you will have teams putting up huge scores. A guy who finished 211 pts behind me scored a 226. Those 211 pts cut down to 19 pt lead with avg score. Note I picked up Cam Akers off waivers midseason never played him.......until......... So I was now in 63rd place after week 14 and 52 pts out of 1st. I played Gordon over Akers cost me 9 pts I played Brady over Murray (1st time all year I benched Kyler Murray) that cost me 3 pts. Week 15 I sit Gordon and play Akers for the first time all year. Gordon 24 pts on Saturday and Akers gets hurt on Sunday. Akers then scores a 18 yard TD........flag on the play no TD. In the end I lose 17 pts Gordon 24 vs Akers 7) I still scored a 201 in week 15 moved me back up to 17th. Week 16 Kamara 6 TD's and 56 pts pushes me to 4th place but lots of top 20 teams now have Kamara. I have to pick from Murray and Brady once again..........I thought Brady would blow up today but still couldn't pull the trigger to sit this year's current #1 QB Murray. Been a hell of a ride this year but honestly the toughest year to have ever played this game in a covid year. I had many nights I up late including a 4:40 AM night and a 5:30 AM night when I went to bed. I have had enough will be glad when this season is over. May the Gods never give us another year like. Get that vaccine out there!
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    I say bench him...then you can look back during the off season with nothing but regret!
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    Should've gone on 4th. That call is gonna burn all off season.
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    This is why you're a loser from a loser City. You've been beaten down so much that you have a loser mentality. One playoff win and you're Johnny RaRa, Best Franchise Ever Guy. Instead of being upset that you got bounced out of the playoffs you're acting like they actually achieved something great. Don't sniff yourself too much old Man, you're team and City are still a laughing stock. We finally found video of you.
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    Received HBTC's check, thx.
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    Brees may reconsider his retirement after this game.
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    Those were the days.
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    No worries my friend. Sorry for keeping you guys hanging. Just made payment. conf # 0L1403GVkUE Congrats to the winners and good luck guys!
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    Jones, Johnson and Williams Herbert
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    Marketing, merchandising and filling the stands only goes so far if you're not winning games. You're putting all your eggs in one basket and history says you're just as likely to have a bust as you are a generational player. Again, this isn't about whether or not Lawrence will be the type of player you're referring to, it's about building a team that is set up for long term success with or without a Peyton Manning.
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    Last I saw about 30 minutes before the game looked like a blizzard. It calmed down around gametime and gone at half time. And this is why I rarely bet nfl games
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    His league could penalize a kicker for a missed FG or EP.
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    It's a valid argument, and I tend to agree with Rajn. So does Colin Cowherd (not that that matters... I generally can't stand the guy. Just saying that it's not that uncommon of an opinion). Put it this way.... I'd rather be the team that just beat two playoff teams, rather convincingly, and is going to have the second pick in the draft (not to mention another 1st rounder as well) than the team who just got absolutely smoked by Chicago at home, but has the 1st pick in the draft. Not to mention, the Jets aren't desperate for a QB. I would argue that it's not even in their top five positions of need. Give Darnold a chance with a coach who can actually get something out of a QB, and see what happens. Meanwhile, either draft your lineman of choice, or trade down (they can get a king's ransom for either pick).
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    Gonna go on record and say that I think the Jets will be better off not taking Trevor Lawrence.
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    Do you have your account at Kamara Federal Union?
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    Pollard if no zeke otherwise hunt
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    Now that Lindsay is 100% out. Go Gordon
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    Wilson for me - easiest path to carries. Too much workload uncertainty with others listed. https://forums.thehuddle.com/topic/550564-for-the-4peat-mike-davis-or-diontae-and-defense/
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    Zeke / Pollard and hope Zeke sits
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    You'd be bat s%&t crazy to sit cook