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    To be honest, and frank, I saw a bunch of angry Republicans acting like a bunch of typical Democrats. It upset me deeply.
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    I'd wager that most dont really see it as either of those.
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    and you know what, that describes what is wrong with the country today. not just today, the last 50 years really. or longer. but more these days. Too many people's beliefs strictly revolve around their political party's belief. so many of you guys just parrot what you hear from your party. you live your life being a dem or a repub. try living your life by right or wrong. i have never understood the people that only have opinions based on a political party. i have NEVER understood the people that get so angry about politics. that's a game perpetrated by both sides and if you fall into either side's game, well that's just stupid. I;m in my 60's. I've seen both sides, I have never lived my life by letting a politician telling me how to live that life. I've had ups and downs in my life. my house is bought and paid for. things could have gone better along the way. but i can tell you this, over the years, i have never once blamed a political party for any of those ups an downs. myself yes...
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    Good for you Khari. I'm sure it's not easy giving up the money and thr NFL lifestyle but it sounds like he has a committed future in the service of God. With the way the world is today we all search for better and this young man seems to have found his calling. Kudos Mr. Willis.
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    If a guy shot semen all over you, how quickly would you report it?
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    Lol. Things look worse for Watson and you're like 'No one knows what happened, we weren't there.' And then a couple posts later it changes to money grubbing hoes are certainly scamming Watson.
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    It just shines the light even brighter on an embarrassing situation. The trade, the ridiculous contract, setting up the contract so his base salary is only 1mil this year to help him out for a suspension, the weird creepy introductory press conference. I mean seriously what a disaster. The Browns went from finally being relevant, and fun to watch and cheer for to being the team everyone wants to see crash and burn. I honestly feel bad for the fans. Ownership and management really screwed this one up. It was a desperate move that they took way too far
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    That has been brought up by antivaxxers and was widely refuted. Autism is something one is born with and the rise in numbers is due to it being more recognized and diagnosed.
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    It's hard to find music made like that anymore.
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    Fair point, but if sentiment of the populace, and more importantly the supreme law of the land matters (which it obviously does), not allowing abortions period is not a civilized ruling. It's an extreme position that some states will likely take. We already had a federal ban on late term abortions. In Thomas's majority ruling of the decision: he mentioned that contraception and same sex marriage should be reconsidered. That's spiking the football on fighting a future culture war that had no business being in this decision. Those ideas really don't fit anywhere in the land of the free, let alone many 3rd world countries. Such backwards bullocks.
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    Oh, completely forgot to post the results. These turned out MUCH better than the first go-around. The wife bought a rub called Sweet Peeper honey kissed bird rub. Pretty good stuff, will definitely use again for a quick ready made rub. I smoked them at 300 for 45 minutes, flipped them and smoked for another 20 minutes, basted with a BBQ sauce and finished in the oven because we had a large amount of wings (2 batches) and were crunched for time. They came out super flavorful, the meat was tender as could be and they got demolished. Now I've got the method down I can start throwing together some sauces.
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    Grown in a peach tree dish. https://www.newsweek.com/marjorie-taylor-greene-peach-tree-dish-petri-mtg-bill-gates-fake-meat-georgia-1711261
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    No. Apparently you are only capable of whining about how things were better 4 years ago. And of course the truth is that economic indicators initially started going to chit while Trump was still in office. You keep saying the same thing over and over again like a troglodyte with two brain cells jockeying for position. Economy bad president bad, economy good president good. Too dunderheaded to acknowledge things were on a silver platter in early 2016 and not early 2020.
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    Saw a poll today that some 55% of Americans want Trump indicted. So instead of this constant hand wringing on Biden being an underwhelming leader during a global inflationary period, perhaps the conversation should focus on what GOP candidate can win the next election. I've talked to several friends who I consider 'reasonable' Republicans and the consensus is the same. They don't want a second term of Biden, but the alternative of Trump or Trump lackey won't get a vote either. My GOP friend said: "I'm amped to replace Biden, but if the GOP throws out Trump again, I'm speeding to the polls to vote for Biden's second term." People want better choices. The idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency made Trump's presidency reality. Trump being president for four years made Biden's presidency a reality. Both parties need better candidates but it's going to be a limited choice. If the GOP had enough balls to nominate someone like Liz Cheney, she gets my vote in 2024. LC keeps whining about how things were better 4 years ago. Well things were better 4 years before that when Obama was president. Grow the F up and learn how to make grown up points to discuss.
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    As of June 2020, AP reported that there had been more than 10,000 arrests during the protests subsequent to George Floyd's death. Life isn't fair whataboutism is for the weak-minded. Rioters who break laws and get caught have to deal with consequences. That's how things works. Republicans really have turned into the party of sniveling victimhood since Trump was elected. Tough to watch.
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    Perhaps if they did it under the guise of BLM they'd be fine. Nothing to see here.
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    People are avoiding the lack of security issue? In what universe are you two living in? There's ample investigation and evidence of major security failures that have been widely documented. Threat of violence never taken seriously, call for reinforcements delayed, chief resigned, some 30 cops were investigated and I belive a number displinary actions/indictments. Also a number of the insurrection doofuses themselves were active law enforcement. It's rather obvious the whole thing was bungled from leadership to certain individual officers who were sympathetic to the rioters. Talk about an imaginary premise......
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    The topic was Covid. If 27,000 vaccines were available, would you get them all? Would there be some form of decision tree involved? This wasnt Measles, Small Pox, or Polio. The covid vaccines were oversold and underperformed. Otherwise healthy people and (especially) kids being forced into the vaccine corral was wrong.
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    He's an idiot to. Why can't you admit that Biden is an idiot? Say it!! It's ok Steve, this is the first step in recovery.
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    My point here is that in order to answer the question, you struggle with your own sexuality (in order to explain how it could have happened) as well as embarrassment (that it did happen). The 1st issue becomes easier when remembering it wasn't your fault. It was something done to you. Something victims often struggle with, and the 2nd is what holds you back from reporting, not only do you have to Say out loud what happened, but you have to deal with others also knowing. These are recurring issues, especially when others assume that they must have done something for it to occur - victim blaming- I only looked at her breasts because she was wearing a bikini, or he jizzed on my leg because we were not fully clothed. Others get to make assumptions
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    Are you using voice-to-text or something?
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    Like others have alluded to , this was a kinky fetish thing . This is a multi millionaire football star . He could have smoking hot chicks and these Instagram hoes lined up around the block, yet it seems he chose to get creepy with all of these massage ladies . Id say where there is smoke there is fire. Even if some of these are a cash grab or false , something seedy went on in a lot of these instances . Im afraid this wont have a happy ending for him or the Browns
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    Extrapolating too many future expectations from a 4 game sample size should be done with caution. The most important points to me are that Metcalf put up good numbers with Smith and was heavily used for TD targets. If Drew Lock gets the starting nod, his arm strength seemingly points to potential of big plays to a large athletic WR. Lockett and Wilson had chemistry and it 'seemed' like Lockett had more deep passes thrown to him than Metcalf. Total speculation on my part, but I think Metcalf becomes a clearer #1 target under a new QB instead of the 1a.
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    Thanks Darin. I really respect you and your opinion. I will try to be the better person and not let Steve bring me down. Thanks again and Go F Yourself! PM me if you have an issue.
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    Take the Long Way Home - Supertramp
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    A grand jury doesn't exonerate anyone. the prosecutor presents evidence to them to get them to decide to indict the defendant. Once they indict it then goes to a judge, the judge asks the grand jury to confirm the indictment and then they can charge them. it's not until after all that happens before they even get charged and then goes to court. I served on a grand jury for a year, 3 days a month we had to show up. It was basically a rubber stamp. the prosecutor provides his evidence, that's it. nothing else is told to the grand jury, only what the prosecutor wants them to hear. we could ask questions, but there was never anything provided over that year to defend any of the accused. it was a federal grand jury and we heard cases involving every type of crime you can possibly think of. not once was there a case it was even close to us refusing to indict. I know after 20 some accusations you would think there has to be something there. but dam, if a prosecutor can't get an indictment after two grand juries, to me that says something, at this point, that prosecutor is some kind of idiot. more likely paid off, even an idiot should be able convince a grand jury to indict. seriously all these women are refusing to appear before the grand jury? it's all done in secret, no one would actually know until it actually went to trial.
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    Last time I post on this subject... Gil is a good dude, despite the things he said. He's obviously upset and frustrated about this situation as we all are and for whatever reason he's taking that out on me. That's fine. I can take it and I won't hold it against him just like I won't hold this tirade against you or Bobby's trolling me against him, even though I've tried multiple times to get the discussion back on track and move on like you said. I've also told you multiple times that I don't think you hate cops. I'm not going to apologize or feel guilty for speaking up for something I believe in whether you see it the same way as I do or not. Not now, not ever. I personally think memes in a thread like this are childish, lazy and insulting. Furthermore, the meme Bobby posted has nothing to do with Uvalde. It's not indicative of what happened there and has been around well before Uvalde. Bobby posted it as an insult to LC about wanting to put guns in teachers hands, but it's just as much an insult to cops who do risk their lives every day to keep us safe. The way the Uvalde police reacted was abhorrent, but that's no reason to post that. You want to post a cop hiding behind a parent, whatever. It's still childish and really does nothing but perpetuate hate against cops. If you want to call me whatever for speaking my mind, you go right ahead if that's what makes you feel better. I'll just chalk it up to you not being capable or willing to see things from my perspective. Call that pride or ego if you like, I'll call it conviction. But I sure as (the really bad word) am not going to feel guilty for that. Now, if either of you want to continue with the original discussion, I'm game. If you decide that you're incapable or unwilling to move on then I'll just ignore you from here on out. I've said my piece. Take it or leave it.
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    You certainly made yourself look ridiculous projecting and over-reacting like a textbook Karen. At a minimum.
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    Well, that shouldn't be the case. You lost your mind at me and got absolutely owned on the point and were completely off base accusing me off basically being a cop hater, after not even asking me to clarify. Having an opinion is perfectly fine. However, have the common decency not to assume that someone is a cop hater and ask a simple question to confirm whether your opinion is proven correct or not. Scientific method. If your feelings haven't changed on that, than you're definitely someone who can't admit to fault and are too proud, period.
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    Let's take a more wholistic and big picture honest view of the situation...shall we? https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/gun-deaths-per-capita-by-state Guns don't have anything to do with gun violence Gun deaths only happen in cities with democratic mayors People who legally own guns don't commit crimes. Factual data says your parroted talking points are BS.
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    Unvaxxed and I’ve had it twice (Dec 2020 and Dec 2021). First bout was a mildly symptomatic 24 hour blip though the loss of taste lasted for about a week. No lingering effects and infection was confirmed via antibody test. Second bout (Omicron) lasted a few days and involved fever, chills, and lingering symptoms for about a week. Right as rain since then. 40 years old, moderately active, slightly overweight, no health conditions. I lived in the woods and ate a handful of dirt a day as a child. Maybe a slight exaggeration but I certainly wasn’t raised in a sterile environment and had plenty of opportunities to build up my immune system during developmental years. It has served me well in adulthood. Even before COVID I rarely got sick and when I did it was never prolonged and always mild. Relying on a vaccine to do the job your God given immune system is supposed to do is a fools errand. Certainly not saying it does not have applications for immune compromised individuals, those with preexisting conditions, elderly, etc. It is a personal decision and I’d rather put my faith in myself than a vaccine that diminishes the bodies ability to naturally defend itself.
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    Nah...that is the United States from decades ago. Too many woke dopes that think they know it all. The earth has been scorched, and today's testimony will have very little impact on the people who care less about a living, breathing Democracy.
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    Gronk the last 2 seasons 55-802-6 45-623-7
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    He should draft himself in the first rounds of his fantasy drafts and see how it goes.
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    I'll tell you what I learned on the innernets yesterday. Did you guys hear about the 10,000 cattle that died in Kansas? Apparently Joe Biden poisoned them so everyone would be forced to eat Bill Gates fake meat. Which they claim is toxic, not sure I believe that last part.
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    Yeha, emoji. Nice! So to the point, what part of that is untrue or incorrect? 547 riots in one summer with a billion in damage and Democrat politicians were opening advocating for more "in your face" and "call to action" and actually pushing to raise money for the rioters bail. Republicans can and often are repugnant, but its not really debatable that Democrats actions in the past 4 or 5 years has been reprehensible. Dont like it, be better.
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    OMG, i am pretty sure i made a post at some point about parroting the party line and you come along. and now you'll be offended cuz you were critiscedd for stating your robot opinion. i apolgise in advance
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    Thanks again Captain Obvious.
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    I got owned? I didn't accuse you of being a cop hater, in fact I actually said that. I simply think you're either willfully ignorant or incapable of seeing it from a cops perspective. Or do you even give a crap what a cop would think? I know a few of those too, actually work with one. I bet they don't think it's as funny or accurate as you do.
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    Good Lord. The obvious point of the meme is that it's ludicrous to arm teachers when trained LEOs botched the response. Your ongoing sniveling about hidden meanings just makes you sound ridiculous. Here is a meme with an underlying motive;
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    If you're thinking of trading Jeudy, who probably won't peak for another couple years, I'd be looking to improve at RB and add a draft pick. The TE position has little variance over the course of the season among the non-tier 1 players. With a little luck you can often do just as well with a WW pick as you can with a draft pick at that position. IMHO, if you're playing PPR, I'd stick with Henry.
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    I've argued against this before & I could still provide a number of reasons why this wouldn't make a difference as well as include a "I know that you don't even know what you're talking about" statement, but at this point I would simply agree. Stop the sale of AR style recreational rifles or at the very least, make them single shot load or non semi-auto reload. Ban any device that would make one perform in a semi-auto or auto capacity.
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    I consider myself agnostic. Kinda atheist but hedging my bet.