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    What amazes me is he is one of the best players in the NFL. A superstar. Why force yourself on massage therapists when you can go to any club you want and probably scoop the hottest chick there quite easily . These smoking hot instagram chicks love athletes . He could juggle 10 of them if he wanted to. Why force a massage chick ? The whole thing is bizarre . Its not to say famous people dont commit sexual crimes , because obviously they do , but to be a serial offender to massage girls when you can pick up smoking hot girls above board is a head scratcher
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    Funny, I watched this movie a few days ago and it reminded me of this. Nagy: [at a team meeting] Can I have your attention, please? I have something I think you all ought to know about. It seems that Mr Pace doesn't think too highly of our worth. He put this team together because he thought we'd be bad enough to finish dead last, knocking attendance down to the point where he could move the team to London... and get rid of all of us for better personnel. Andy: Even me? Nagy: Even you, Dalton. Tarik: What if we DON'T finish last? Nagy: He'll REPLACE you with somebody who WILL. After this season, you'll be sent back to the Canadian League or given your outright release.
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    Thank you Opie for the offer but after lots of looking at these great offers. I will be accepting the offer from Monkey, just can’t pass that up.
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    Something tells me you're going to win another big one
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    Thanks for asking though. I appreciate it.
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    they have arrived! And within minutes, Dexter approves...
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    Of course, silly me I thought I finally had a couple of decent starting RBs (Jacobs & Carson) and a QB (Wilson) to build a contender around, plus Davante Adams, maybe Rodgers will decide to retire and be the new host of Jeopardy to add to my off season misery.
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    5.5 M guaranteed for a back to back 1000 yard seasons and one of the best YPC guys in the NFL makes his agent a genuis? Think more. Post less.
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    Now that's hysterical! Dexter knew what a prized possession they were!
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    Well, most people don't die from the fires, they die from the smoke.
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    Relax. They'll be fine. Pace's old man has an excellent set of tools. He can fix it.
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    One week you'll get Fitzmagic and other weeks you'll get Fitztragic.
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    No, never. :oldrolleyes: Sometimes I wonder the same about you.
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    I'm crazy busy lately with trying my hand at a new short term vacation rental business, along with my other long term rental properties and of course, I also work for the Univeesity of Colorado... however, the US Federal government helped me say "WTF" with some stimulus money I really didn't need. I'm in.
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    This. They haven't said anything because there haven't been any press conferences since Wilson made it a thing. They'll likely give a status quo answer in time, but no need to react and play the explain themselves through the media game. Dollars to doughnuts Seattle has had multiple private conversations with Russ. There was a report that Wilson was going to restructure his contract for cap purposes on the weekend. So good luck figuring any of this out. As far as Darnold, Carroll pretty much expresses a 'high opinion' of every NFL player. If Darnold is traded for Wilson, it's coming with a substantial value of other picks and/or players.
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    The Pats are loading up for a non-playoff run.
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    Hey I mean it happened to Wild Thing
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    Does this mean your little tickle fight is over, or should we expect more squealing in other threads?
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    You never know a man's motivations but if true I also don't understand. Seems like it would be a great fit, go for a SB, fun place to play, etc.
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    Player 3 – Chris Godwin TB WR - Baron Samedi April 9 10 PM ET – deadline for blind bids on player 3 April 10 10 PM ET – deadline for accept or reject for player 3 You place a bid by sending an email to LLDblindbids2017@gmail.com. If you send multiple offers only the last offer will be used. Rules on bidding on franchise players. None of the franchise players can be used as part of a blind bid to bid on another franchise player. All assets that are traded for a franchise player cannot be re-used for any of the other franchise players.
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    I'm going to reject both of those trades, Honey Riders did have me doing a lot of math and thinking hard about it. But after looking at this team, that 1st round 2022 pick would be a very late round pick.
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    Player 1 – Derrick Henry Tenn RB - Honey Ryders April 5 10 PM ET - deadline for blind bids on player 1 April 6 10 PM ET – deadline for accept or reject for player 1 You place a bid by sending an email to LLDblindbids2017@gmail.com. If you send multiple offers only the last offer will be used. Rules on bidding on franchise players. None of the franchise players can be used as part of a blind bid to bid on another franchise player. All assets that are traded for a franchise player cannot be re-used for any of the other franchise players
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    I’ll be rejecting those offers. Do appreciate the two that at least were awake enough to send something.
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    Only two bids :/ Thunderballs offers 1.13 pick 2022 1st round pick Opie offers Year 2021 Draft Pick 1.12 Year 2021 Draft Pick 2.02
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    Let us all welcome Shaft to LLD. He will be taking over You Can Try team.
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    Baron Samedi | Shaft tags Chris Godwin TB WR.
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    Thanks everyone. Excited to compete.
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    Cold Cold Heart - Hank Williams
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    Sent you a PM last week with the email
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    Just looking for clarifying details, are you a 49er fan? I can only assume since your name is Docniner. With that being the case, the mere conjuring of the above scenario is understandable wishful thinking.
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    Cheap rookie QBs are so incredibly valuable it is creating some ripples here to exploit
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    538 in my experience is pretty good. They are top flight pollsters. The headline may have some emotional elements but their work is generally good. I don't think this needs to be surprising, context matters with almost everything. We are social creatures, not computers. That's not necessarily bad but you want to minimize it for things like this. Generally things should even out over time. In Cajun's case maybe that egregious no-call in the Saints-Rams game gets called if the ref was between the 30's and not near the end zone. The roar of the Saints sideline may have been enough for him to pull the trigger. Also, if you are a ref by the sideline you are going to hear "Hey ref watch #65 he is holding on every play". And the ref will give extra attention and maybe call it. So some of this is pretty understandable. "A pair of German researchers showed actual referees old video clips of possible soccer infractions, with crowd noise played at high or low volume. Refs looking at the exact same interactions were more likely to hand out a yellow card when they heard a lot of crowd noise than when the volume was low. It follows, then, that screaming and hat-throwing football personnel may also have an effect on referee choices."
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    Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby would like you to hold their beers right now.
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    They can also be one in the same. Because a victim turns it into a money grab situation doesn't make them less of a victim.
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    You ain't lying. If you're in cap hell why give Andy Dalton 13 million? Terrible
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    Definitely no bueno for Jacobs. He already had a major lack of receptions so was iffy on PPR, now this cuts it down even more. Might be great for his longevity though.
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    Maybe "A LOT" is hyperbole but he definitely can play 2-3 more years at a decent level, especially considering the past few years he has seen limited usage. As a WR2/3 for ARI he could have some nice games. Perfect for like your WR4 in a best ball format or if you're deep at WR in regular formats.
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    An elite Qb and a good man. I have always respected Drew Brees. The game needs more guys like him
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    I Want To Walk You Home - Fats Domino
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