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    The resource officers we have at our schools are trained officers of the law. No different than any other officers, with the same authority other than they have to train and be certified for working around children as well. I want that. I want that for every school in every state and every city and I will gladly pay for and trust that "mall cop" over your completely ignorant idea any day of the week.
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    I love kickers because so many people think this way and don't care and I can get an advantage and I will take any advantage people want to give me to help me win. In 2014 I won $200,000 and in 2012 I won $100,000 both by less than 2 pts I had Janikowski and Gostkowski those 2 years 2 legendary kickers that helped win all that cash. In 2014 Gostkowski was the #1 kicker scoring 172 pts between weeks 1-16. In 2012 Janikowski has a legendary 20 point game in week 15 without that I don't win $100,000.
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    That's poor of you, I haven't made up my mind, but I'm not defending him, which also implies someone has made up their mind. I posted that bauer's actions and his are not as night and day different then your post suggests. And no, the charge here is theft under 5000, and theft over 5000.