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    Gaskin is not going to take carries away from Jones if Jones goes to the Dolphins.
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    Some of my earliest sports memories are of cbs' nfl pregame show with Musberger, Cross, George and Jimmy the Greek. I'm starting to feel old. RIP Mr. Cross.
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    Apparently Brady had more say in personnel decisions, in New England and for sure in TB, than RW. Wilson was lobbying for Antonio Brown like Brady was, for instance....
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    Wilson is largely adored by the local fan base. Wilson is special enough where, if push came to shove, I think most people would rather see Pete go. His public campaign was largely out of character and a surprise, so most people were taken aback. Yes, he's as corny as hell and public image cognizant, but I don't think anyone around him has questioned his motivation to win. Pretty sure that is where this is coming from.
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    Please place keeper decision questions in the Advice Forum.
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    This just astounds me. If this was Peyton Manning at the end of his career - ok. But this is Russell Wilson - a potential HOF'er in his prime. How the heck do you trade that guy? If anything, Pete Carroll needs to be shown the door and bring in a coach that can maximize his skills. The Seahawks have done Wilson a disservice surrounding him with that turd O-line for all these years. This is seriously shades of the Packers and McCarthy basically wasting Aaron Rodgers career. Sure, they each have a Super Bowl ring, but it should have been so much more on both sides. Awful.
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    That's for sure. Grits could fill that role too.
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    What ever happened to that one Huddler Bill Swerski. I don't think I hated someone so much one day and then liked him the next. Well, maybe except @gilthorp :oldunsure:
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    I've heard Jets reported also. Beyond NO, seems like he is interested in potentially going to markets were he can push his celebrity 'brand.'
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    Haha. I only break his balls when he breaks mine. It's mutual ass grabbing.
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    As a completely un-interested third party, it seems like this might be a two-way street. Just FYI.
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    Why the need for insults, Steven? I mean I could easily say you have the Learning Herpes, but everyone here already knows that. And what's not similar, other than one player doesn't currently play for the Browns? They both committed assault, Garrett actually committed battery, with a weapon at that. He got an 8 game suspension and no legal trouble, but in your ever so clear vision, that was too harsh. Jones got a misdemeanor for assault alone, but on this episode of Stevens Court, that wasn't harsh enough?
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    You're the man dude. Period.
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    Truer words have never been spoken.
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    These type of posts do nothing for the site because it has nothing to do with fantasy football. He's not even in the league anymore. It takes our discussion to places it doesn't need to go.
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    JG typically wins when he plays. he was not the issue in 2020. I have been following football for 45 years and have never seen a team hit with so many injuries. no qb could have had a winning season this year with the rotation of missing players. I would prefer that they not trade away assets and let a healthy team do its thing. They still have a young team and a lot of draft picks (maybe trade a few to better their position). In 19 the team had a heavy dose of injuries and he helped get them to a SB ... and was 6 minutes away from winning.
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    Back in the day you might have been able to read some of darin's content on this sites main page. But then he started hanging out with some of us in Vegas and well... those stories are best left untold.
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    I sense somebody using stinky fish trying to dredge up old stuff and make poor comparisons as well as poor use of the "pot calling the kettle black" phrase. PS The name is Myles with a Y