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    The Lions should have flown Southwest. One Karryon is free.
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    Well I can say one thing for certain the St. Brown family went all out naming their children
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    The rookie draft begins on Friday, May 14th at 6 PM ET
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    how do you think Urban ruins Trevor? I think it's a smart move. Urban realizes that Trevor has all the talent, but doesn't have the passion for the game. Bring Tebow in to help Trevor learn/appreciate the passion side. Tebow can teach Trevor how to be obsessive. If you combined the two, you'd have a QB better than Tom Brady. No one had more passion, will, and drive than Tebow. Some might have had as much, but Tebow's love of the game was over-shadowed by no one.
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    The ATAP link has the 1st pick in. (Harris)
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    At the rate of devys going off the board this year, we'll have to start drafting high school players next year lol
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    2022 NFL Mock Draft https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2021/5/6/22423063/2022-nfl-mock-draft-way-too-early-look-ahead-next-year-philadelphia-eagles-first-round-picks-bgn
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    Yeah, it doesn't make sense because if they make the playoffs that probably means that Lock had a good year which would likely mean they wouldn't be drafting a QB at 24.
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    This is exactly right. The fans turning on him either 1) makes things easier for team management or 2) is being driven by management to make them look better I agree with Robert Mays - this is a great example of when a team could benefit from having an owner that could see the bigger picture and try not to piss off your multi-MVP QB who nearly single-handedly f-u'ed the Packers to the Super Bowl.
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    Laugh out loud, he tore his Achilles. Hilarious....
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    Yes I know he wants out. Yes I know Denver is 1 of 3 teams he would go to. Green Bay will let him hold out the season before trading him.
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    Tell us how you really feel.
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    I feel like I traveled back in time with all the RBs being taken.
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    The Packers rarely use the franchise tag, the last time being in 2010.
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    Adams? They would just franchise him.
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    He's quit on every team that he's ever coached. If he thinks College is stressful, wait till he's actually held accountable.
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    Waddle went at 1.04 in my dynasty draft, and at 1.07 I got Smith...so guess it worked out okay, we'll see.
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    Lonely Boy - Andrew Gold
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    As a big Elway fan, I can't believe I forgot about the Colts situation. Good point.
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    Yeah but that doesn't make for good discussion.
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    yeah, kind of both. It's always been that way, but many of us have asked MFL to "fix" it. Every year, @Henry Muto reminds all of us in our various leagues... if you have 1.01, be available.
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    That's not an error...been that way since day 1. Anyone in an MFL league should know you can't pre-draft the 1.01 pick.
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    Thanks for the advice team, May look at picking up a QB or using my 2nd round for one of the rookies.
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    Dynasty draft starts on Monday the 10th in the evening...will post as we go.
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    These are the 2 drafts starting tonight: Fusion ATAP
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    Not yet. A couple start at midnight EDT.
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    He looks dam good in Orange, just sayin.
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    You'll like this one Opie https://milehighsports.com/rodgers-to-the-the-broncos-where-there-is-smoke-there-is-fire/
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    The remaining bids that have been opened will now play out as normal and then RFA will be over.
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    That doesn't mean overdrafting one is the answer. In a dynasty drafting for need over value is the fastest way to perpetual mediocrity.
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    It shows 29 and 30 both pre-trade being NFC teams. those slots are for conference championship losers, so it has to be 1 NFC team and 1 AFC team.
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    Ben would be a 1 year band-aid if you're lucky. Since it's dynasty I'd stay put and take Trevor Lawrence, UNLESS you're positive that he's NOT taking Lawrence. It seems to me as if he wants #1 to get a QB. If he does want a running back why not Etienne at 2? I think he'll be the better Fantasy back anyhow. He's trying to jump you for Lawrence.
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    Hey, sorry to be so dismissive of your opinion BUT WR25 please, I would say WR60-70 he has a hand full of good games hes on his third team in what 4 or 5 years in the league. I can't see it not even close . I would bet you in a heartbeat
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    I'm just breaking your stones like you break mine. I doubt he'll stay healthy long enough to do much fantasy damage. That's my opinion
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    Pick a benchmark for over/under on PPR fantasy points and we'll make a bet. I would contend he finishes no worse than WR25 in PPR. Some of the best fantasy producers are WRs on crappy teams since they will likely be playing from behind a lot. There are already reports of Perriman and Goff working together in LA and Goff's abilities line up well with Perriman does route-wise, so I would not be surprised if Perriman ends up as a fantasy WR2. You need to stop being so dismissive of others' opinions.
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    LC is like a tabloid journalist.
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    It's funny because I didn't know about the riff until my wife was watching the Bachelor. I overheard something in the background about the Rodgers family, so I started paying attention, and they aired so much dirty laundry on national TV. Aaron didn't say a thing and just carried on about his business. We don't know what's going to happen, but it shouldn't surprise anyone if he's gone with no parting words.
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    This guy just screams fantasy climber. Had some OK games w/ Jets and could get a TON of garbage-time fantasy points this year.
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    It’s not just that they traded up to get a project QB, it’s that it was possibly the best and deepest WR class ever and they didn’t draft one at all. Look at Tyler Johnson, he was a 5th rd pick and contributed to the Bucs last year even with the depth they have at WR. He may have very well been a starter as a rookie for Green Bay and he was a 5th rd pick
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    So Darin sloppy seconds pick 11 for a DE. One to watch for sure.😂🤡
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    Well I thought the pick was silly to be honest so I see where Rodgers is coming from. He's only got so much time, he needed a receiver, there were plenty of super high-quality WR available and they pick a project QB. I can see why it's maddening from Rodgers standpoint. That and the fact they didn't extend him further and he's not that old he's 37. Hindsight being 20/20 they should have just bitten the bullet and gotten it done. I'm sure there is more to it than this though, it's like a marriage you never really know what's going on.
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    but WHY draft a QB in the first round when your HoF QB still has 3-6 years left of high level play?
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    darin was correcting your spelling because it's the internet
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    What good would that do GB though? He'll be a year older and have even less value. If it's him walking or 3+ first round picks, what do you think they'd do?
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    I think its wishful thinking on your part. Its something you want to happen.