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    Umm, simple... they can save five by doing this
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    nope, i think BJ understood everything i said. he's smart. you're not.
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    Imagine how long ago this milestone would have been met (and where the Tailgate would be at now) if it weren't for the great purge and mass exodus. Bring back the good old days
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    This including 999,999; 999,998; 999,997 and etc.
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    I think history shows that Houston usually gets fleeced, not the other way around.
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    I stated it as an opinion, take it for what it's worth. Some fans are high on TQS, some are high on Callaway. I'm just going by what I've seen on the field and reading between the lines a little on what coaches and players have said. TQS has had many opportunities to step up and has been pretty ho-hum when given those opportunities. Maybe that's the fault of the offense, maybe the fault of the QB, maybe he just wasn't ready yet. The only thing I know is that when I've seen Callaway play I've been very impressed with his limited sample size and players/coaches heap praise on him. The same goes for Trautman. In the limited opportunities that I saw him get last year, he's impressed me and I think that's he's also impressed the coaches enough that they didn't otherwise address the TE position. As for Thomas, not knowing the whole situation it's easy to criticize. He may have already had surgery and it didn't fix the issues. The issue may have been healing and then re-injured in the offseason. There's plenty of explanations as to why he's having surgery in June and the organization has never been one to give up information on injuries when it is not specifically required.
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    I highly recommend the ignore feature for certain poster(s). It makes this place much more palatable.
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    Stop posting your YouTube drivel. Don't care how "small time" you claim to be; it's just bad form.
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    I kind of liked the "Steamers".
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    hopefully it will be someone answering my post who is willing to fill the open GM position in my leagues.
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    What will that millionth post be like? Will he be whining about Steve? Will he be saying something completely redundant? Will he be contradicting himself? Or will he make a Sesame Street meets Howard Stern comment?
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    In the upper left, press "Home".
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    Trey Wingo reporting that Aaron Rodger's returning to Green Bay rides on the Packers trading for former teammate Randall Cobb. Houston has Cobb under contract for 2 more seasons. I guess this is one of the show me you really want me back demands?
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    That link was not working, but I did find this on Rapaport's Twitter account. https://twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1420895803023953922 Ok figured it was Tweets, TV or radio. A bit surprised that the Tweets didn't show up in a web search, maybe they were too new.
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    I agree. I like what the Lions did loading up on O Line but they have no weapons outside and Goff can't read a menu nevermind a defense. The Lions will struggle to move the ball this year and I think avoiding any Lions players this year will be to your benefit. Next year could be a different story but as much as I think they will struggle to move the ball this year you can still get Hockenson next year cheap.
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    I haven't seen anything out of Hock to make me believe he's going to be a top 3 TE. I'm not even sure he's top 10
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    2 RB starters makes me favor Gibson with the third round keep rather then a TE that will probably score much like the rest of the non-top 3 options.
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    Hey Opie I have notice you want every QB in Denver.
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    I read Houston is paying 3 mill of the salary too. Why would you do that for a 6th round pick? Everyone heard Rogers wanted him back. I was expecting a 4th just because what is GB gonna do? Typical Houston.
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    Don't be silly! I love the action! More trading! Someone trade with me
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    Wait. You don't like adults who come across as 13 year olds?
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    Thanks! I'll lay low for a few weeks. I know I've been keeping you busy.
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31881994/source-houston-texans-acquire-wr-anthony-miller-trade-chicago-bears This team has turned into a dumping ground for players not wanted or discarded.
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    Unless they land Watson or someone else, I don’t see Heneckie beating him out. I also see the D is going to win them games and make Fitz look good record wise.
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    Fitztragic will rear his ugly head around week 7 and probably be benched by week 10. It never fails.
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    Steve's such a whiny little bitch boy. Except he's not a boy at all, he's actually 72 years old. That's like 140 in Cleveland years. Thank God he has me on ignore and can't read this.
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    I'm staying away from Kamara this year. I own him in a dynasty and I'll hold there, but in redraft/bestball I'm going to avoid. I get a sense that they are going to use Taysom a lot, which we all know denigrates Kamara's value a lot. If Thomas was healthy and Winston was already named the starter, I would feel differently.
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    I think any prediction of the Cowboys (or any team in NFCE) winning the division easily is silly. The last time that happened the Eagles won the SB in 2017 season.
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    There is an out after this year, about $2M in dead cap with about $18M having been paid for the 2 years. Also the first 2 years were guaranteed. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/houston-texans/randall-cobb-7783/
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    I did not look up Cobb's breakdown of what he is owned but the report I read earlier said Cobb's contract was for 3 years 27 million and he is going into year 2 of that deal. It's pretty rich for a player Cobb's age and injury history. Again, I did not look at the breakdown so there can be something in that contract that makes that 27 million look like big money but really has an out or whatnot. You know contracts sometimes look good on paper then you read the details and it's not that great.
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    Cobb was great with the Pack. Reliable option that A-Rod trusted in certain situations. Cobb may be in his twilight years football-wise, but he's still light years ahead of what Rodgers had to work with last year. MVS and Lazard and guys like that were unreliable and weren't really chain-movers anyways. If the Pack had him last year they would have fared better I think. It'll be interesting to see what happens here. Texans could really hold their feet to the fire!
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    I thought ARod was in the right to begin with, but his yapping in the media over the last month or two seems unnecessary and childish, for a grown ass man. Packers management tucked their sack and moved on, which was the right call for the organization. Now if anyone can explain the clearly totally wasted Jordan Love pick, I'm all ears.
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    We did have a long discussion on the deltoid ligament because he wanted to cover that with me in case I had done significant damage to it. This was of course before my surgery and during my first consultation. The news on Thomas's surgery had not broke yet. He did tell me that any damage to the deltoid though would be automatic surgery for me 100%. He went into full detail about the importance of the deltoid and because it's the biggest ligament from the ankle to the back big bone of your foot. (sorry for the layman's description) that any damage there would be considered an unstable ankle if you don't have surgery you will have serious issues later. We got the x-rays back and I had a clean fracture higher up the fibula with no displacement (good news). BUT because it was higher up that there was no doubt strain and torn ligaments but highly unlikely that I damaged the deltoid. It was classified as a Webber C fracture(unstable ankle). Pretty much every Webber C fracture needs surgery. He also told me that it was incredibly important to have surgery within 2 weeks and also as important to make sure I did not put weight on my foot for 6-8 weeks. I go in on Thursday just to have my incision checked. (gross) Sure that is not going to be pretty. I bring this all up because for Michael Thomas to be rehabbing on an unstable ankle seems almost impossible but it is possible he might have damaged his deltoid while trying to rehab his nagging high ankle sprain. (I'm no doctor) Not to be gross but I can still feel like popping in my foot like cracking of knuckles when my foot moves or I accidentally bear weight on it (ligaments/joints). Michael Thomas could be out a very long time or not who knows. He will have the best money can buy as far as medical treatment and rehab. I can say there are just so many ligaments and joints in the foot and ankle that issues such as reinjury just seem like a high probability or risky at best. I hope they really take their time making sure it heals properly or he is going to be under the knife again. I'm being super careful and doing everything my orthopedic is telling me to do for that reason alone. He told me everyone is different. I could be rehabbing in 6-8 weeks. If I have the plate and screws removed it will increase the expectation of another 6-8 weeks. I think the 12-16 weeks we are starting to hear about his recovery time could be because of the same issue. (hardware) I would love to know exactly what surgery he had.
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    To be fair, Rodgers has barely said anything publicly about this.
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    Speculation out that Rodgers will be back with the Pack. Ho-hum, onward we move...
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    Rappaport is now saying that Rodgers has told some teammates that he will report.
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    deal. That is what they're asking for.
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    Im in a dynasty league on MFL already so that will simplify things, but I am no fan. They are one of the sites that allowed my password to leak out and Ive seen little improvement (at least on the front end) in their security practices, so use a throw away password. Ill vote with my fellow Oregonian in favor of the move.
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    I'm small-time and not trying to plug anything I hope people enjoy the content but gain nothing from people viewing my channel or not. I have no one supporting my channel. People can check it out or not. I do videos for fun and right now I'm doing videos to kill time. I'm off work due to breaking my fibula and tearing ligaments in my ankle. A lot like Michael Thomas. Not the deltoid thank god but still. Trust me when I say when I'm back to work the content on my channel will slow down. What I do for a living is high stress and very busy.
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    -David- (not Derek) Carr, possibly. Dak Prescott definitely not. Miss the annual Brees vs Rivers passing competitons.
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    I actually like Rockers. Just put a electric guitar on the hat, that would have been awesome