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    Hiring Gase in the first place was a long play tank move, hard for anyone to outdo that.
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    Woods went 12 catches 130 yards and a TD. He's my #3 WR and he locked our team into $3K and into post season contention for the grand prize.
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    It sucks when you have to say that your kicker getting 0pts is probably going to cost me the win. Ugh
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    Lamar Jackson is killing me this year. Never picking a qb early ever again.
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    Better hope that Henry goes for 35+
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    Looking forward to the high pick that we can screw up!
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    Yeah, he's overvaluing Thielen. So basically you're trying to get Mixon and Waller. See if he'll do Golladay and Engram for Mixon and Waller.
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    Edwards (if game happens and the other rbs are out) and ballage if ekeler is out Otherwise mostert snd taylor Jones for flex
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    Gore, swift, edwards.... Duh easy decision
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    I actually love Marvin Jones this week. You know what's going to happen though. If you bench Hopkins he's gonna go for 150 & 2 TDs. It never fails.
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    Coop & Brown. I’d want to see a game from Deebo before starting him
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    Hey FTD (Definitely better abbreviation than STD), "but then again you dont marry the players, you play them, right?" Had me cracking up! So true! QB - Carr for sure WRs - Ridley and Cooks Flex - Brown RBs - I understand going Connor and Ballage but something is screaming in me to start Connor and Carson. I think Ballage has a solid game either way but I'm leaning Carson but I don't think much separates them. GL, Happy Turkey Day!
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    That's why your trade may get rejected. Give it a try though. Or amp it up if he is RB needy and offer Zeke and Hunt, that should be pretty tempting.
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    Yeah, even I feel Gallman makes sense. McKissic is safe but he is so dependent on a negative game script. If Dallas remains competitive like they did against Vikings, McKissic has very high upside, if not, its going to be Gibson all the way like last week. Hines, like someone said, very high ceiling, but very low floor. Taylor, low floor and low ceiling too as he rarely gets goal line duties.
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    Same...my year has been destroyed by injuries and covid...if there's no vaccine for next year im gonna take a year off. This crap is ridiculous. The top teams are teams that got super with no injuries or covid outbreaks
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    I wouldn't do it either
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    Tough call but Goedert upside bigger. Please reply to my trade question Thanks
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    Congrats from the 2017 FFPC main event regular season point leader!
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    For Week 12, Carr has a great matchup. Taysom Hill just had a good game against them, and Raider D isn't as good as Nola D. I don't trust Cam, and Big Ben (who I have rostered) has touch matchup vs Ravens D. Carr WR: Ridley (especially if Julio is banged up/hurt, plus great matchup vs LV) and Williams. Chargers have no run offense now and Herbert is going to throw it 40+ times per game, only down side it it's IN Buffalo. I like Higgins, but with Burrow and Mixon out, I'm targeting Defense against Cincy. Cooks is too hot/cold for me. Brown is a safe play. Meyers.. nah, Pats scheme is too inconsistent for me. RB: Carson (if he's in/active) and Conner. Conner does have tough matchup so McKissic is a viable option in your 1/2 PPR league vs bad Cowboy D. Edmonds is decent, but with Drake back, too hard to know the workload for either. Flex: If you start Conner at RB, I'd go McKissic. Yeah... Conner and McK for RB and Flex. If Carson is out and you have to start Conner and McK at RB, i'd play Brown at Flex
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    Shouldve went Patrick lol
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    Nice, being happy where you are is key. Good luck with things, see you around.
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    Not if you're over the limit. That's the rule
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    Ertz should be ready next week. I'd imagine he's back to being the #1 TE there, especially if healthy.
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    For PPR, I would side with Allen
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    Crowder and mckissic
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    Meyers chark woods
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    Woods, chark and cooper
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    Another site just released that Hines will get the majority of the touches today. If thats the case, I'd play him over AP
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    Based on your players, 2 wr and 3 rb Cooks and juju Jones, hunt and zeke
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    Don't do it. Your just chasing points. It's doesn't make you any better.
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    I'd go Cousins. It's almost a Fantasy proof matchup this week.