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    There will be plenty of parking available as they will all come out of one car.
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    Backstory first... I'm sure some of you have heard this story before, so I apologize for repeating. One late evening while @SteelBunz and I were cleaning up after working on the house during one of the MSHB trips (Katrina) I got a call from my stepmother. I knew right away something had to be wrong for her to be calling so late and my fears were confirmed when she told me that my sister's best friend and really more like a member of the family, was killed during a firefight in Iraq. The whole family was devastated. Roger was an incredible young man, very dedicated and true to his family, friends and country. But worst of all he left behind a young wife, son and newborn daughter. Today, during the Chiefs’ Salute to Services halftime show, Roger's son will be presented with a national scholarship. Alaric was eligible to apply for the scholarship since his father was KIA but it was Alaric and mom who did the hard work applying, interviewing, and ultimately being the nationwide senior they chose.
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    Why yes stevegrab I am.
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    Picked up Van and should park it down by the river now.
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    I hate them all the time.
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    You guys need to set up a podcast and get your true feelings out in the open. Maybe your first guest could be a therapist? You could attract 10's of listeners and possibly be sponsored by Xanax or failing that, Klonopin.
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    This is just some form of Fantasy God punishment for me. I need to reflect on all my negative posts to stevegrab or something.
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    This guy should consider writing a book.
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    Happy 4th Year sober for me and that other thing
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    This is nothing to do with an old.or new nfl. I think the players are treating the owners the way they have been treated. The nfl is the one major sport without guaranteed contracts, owners cut guys all the time with money left on the table. The players are now acting the same way, pay me.or I will not play. Tit for tat in my book
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    Because it's basically every single thread in both this forum and the TG. With the low amount of traffic here to begin with, it ends up being 50% of pretty much any conversation. At some point you'd think one would grow tired of continually poking at someone knowing the result is going to be the same every time. The rest of us have to endure it, and it's tiresome.
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    Both teams should possess the ball, even if the team that has ball first scores a TD. Coin flip + TD shouldn't determine winner.
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    It's dumb because leagues shouldn't have playoffs while teams are on bye. That's FF league management 101. I'm sure some leagues didn't think of it. It's because they're dumb.
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    This discussion is not about anti-vax, it's about Rodgers being deceitful and crying victim.
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    How dare you. You don't get to decide what's racist, homophobic, transphopic, ect. Do you get DMs telling you to go kill yourself daily like I do? How your existence is evil? Have to worry about whether or not your human rights are going to be taken away? I live this hate everyday as a trans woman. Your entitled take as a cis male is what's BS. Come down off your perch and actually talk to the people this hurts & affects on a daily basis.
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    At the end of the day, your brainwashed takes are going to be the nail in the coffin of freedom. "that's how the real world works" is not good enough justification for me. I don't agree that the masturbating pizza maker should have a job while words shared over email cause someone to lose theirs. It's the same poor argument that vaccine cultists use. "You've been taken vaccines your whole life" doesn't mean diddly poo. If you do something or accept something for a long time then eventually come to the conclusion you no longer want to do or accept that something, then you stop immediately. It has "always been that way" is not justification to continue with said action. LOL at thinking we live in a free market. It would be great if you could catch up on some history, monetary policy, central banking, state provided education (indoctrination) and the role of media as a propaganda machine. I'd also encourage you to study Austrian economics vs our flawed Keynesian model. That way we could have an actual discussion on facts instead of the regurgitated takes you have been handed from following listening to the media.
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    Nah, I don't agree. This is a brainwashed take. Hate is a strong word, a word used by indoctrinating entities to get you to believe what they want you to believe using strong words to get you there. 95% of people want to fit in. This 95% will change their behavior, change their principles, change their political stance, do anything to be included in the group. Governments know this. The media knows this. They use this knowledge to get people to comply. On the surface, cancel or 'consequences' culture (LOL) seems like a positive step forward for society but the reality is that its not. You can be sure that anything spear-headed by the propaganda machine we call the media is sure to have an end-game result that is a net negative for humanity and a net positive for more government control, coercion and ultimately tyranny. This whole premise that we live in a racist, homophobic country is complete b.s. There are some people that are those things but that is not the core of Americans, not even close. It's time to wake up. Stop putting your faith in the government. It's been hijacked by globalists who desire full control and they use the media to shape public opinion. I don't want to live in a world where every detail of our lives, how we talk, who we talk to, what we say, what we do in our free time... all those things are micromanaged by government and our employers. Why would anyone want to live in that world. Government consists of people just like you and me. No other human can decide for yourself. No other human has authority over yourself. We need to stop pretending government is a ruling body assigned by God. It's man-made and attracts people who seek control and power over others. Government and media cares nothing about us as individuals, only their global agenda for mass control. It's time to start thinking again for ourselves. People need to start reading books, specifically history books to understand the devastation of humanity created by governments throughout history. The pattern and trend are clear, the end goal is always tyranny and we're getting close again. Let's not let it happen on our watch. Let's not let all the soldiers who fought for our freedoms die in vain.
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    It was emails sent over the course of 7 or 8 years. And it's not cancel culture. It's like Bobby Brown said...it's consequences culture. Far too many people have gotten way too comfortable disparaging POC & other marginalized groups. Now that we're standing up for ourselves, the people spewing the hate don't like it. They're uncomfortable because we're fighting back. And the only thing they know how to do is yell louder that it's not fair. Ask yourself a question, would you send emails like this? If the answer is "no", and you're defending them...you need to take a good long look in the mirror. Just because the emails don't offend you as much as someone else doesn't make them okay. Hate is hate...
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    I don't know much about Urban Meyer and I don't condone his actions. But there is a troubling trend on this earth and certainly in America of holding other people to a standard of perfection. Holding people "accountable" to all of society for their own personal mistakes. This troubling trend of having massive judgment on strangers because they're not perfect. It's a sickness filtered down through indoctrination which started with the media decades ago. There is not one person on this forum or on this planet who is anywhere near perfect. Not even a monk is perfect. We need to stop holding others to a standard of perfection that none of us can even maintain for ourselves. Some people like to spend their free time getting drunk and socializing in bars. Some people like to spend their free time getting high on drugs and having casual sex on the reg. Some people spend their free time masturbating 6 times a day to beastiality porn. Some people are workaholics and rise up the corporate ranks but neglect their children and have affairs outside their committed relationships. Some people earn a decent wage but are empty inside and mentally abusive to their loved ones. Some people spend their free time doing nothing and not realizing their full potential. Some people are seemingly perfect but are sociopaths and use everyone they know for their own personal gain. Some people give nothing but love except to themselves, and self harm/consider suicide. Some people like to spend their free time watching movie and tv, stifling brain growth and limiting their own creative potential. Some people have had such poor upbringings they need to resort to crime in order to survive. I guarantee a large portion of huddlers fall into one or some of those categories (beastiality hyperbole aside) above, maybe not. My point, start loving your neighbor and giving grace. Stop the judgment. Stop holding people to a standard of perfection. This world is getting more F'd up by the day and you can point fingers all day at politicians, bankers, conservatives, liberals, blacks, whites, rich people, poor people, etc.... But change starts within. BE the change you want to see. Holding others to a standard you cannot maintain yourself is detrimental to a healthy society. We need to UNITE and stop looking at how we can shame and ridcule others for how they don't fit the mold WE think they should. Urban Meyer probably f'd up his marriage and family. Maybe not. Maybe he and his wife have an open relationship? I don't know and I don't care. It's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. I don't have the hate in my heart to wish he loses his job. I don't want him to lose his family. IT'S NONE OF MY BUSINESS. This need to be involved in each others lives and the outcomes and punishments has hit an absurd level. Bottom Line: Everyone needs to start minding their own business and accept everyone as unique and special individuals born equally under a higher power. You have no authority over anyone else but yourself. We each have an equal opportunity to live life to the fullest how we see fit for OURSELVES. Love and accept all of your brothers and sisters without judgment. Understand you can't possibly know what is best and right for anyone else other than yourself. You can't possibly know someone else's situation enough to pass judgment, shame and ridicule because their actions and desires don't match yours. Do these things and we will magically turn this world into the positive loving creation it is. If not, you can expect this world to get worse and worse at an accelerating rate.
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    Useless in PPR? lol, wrong again. I think you need to take a look at last years stats
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    So my wife, who's not into sports, always loves the sounds of the game. When I'm watching a game, I'll often hear her chuckling at the things commentators say, like: -The hole closed on him before he could penetrate it. -He came at his blind side and got him from behind. -He's off to the sidelines for a quick blow -It's a game of inches. -That hole was so big, you could drive a truck through it. -When you get down in this area, you gotta just start pounding it. -He's gonna feel that one tomorrow. -He found his tight end. -He has great ball control -He had to stretch to get it in -He gets penetration into the backfield -He blows them off (at the line) -He bangs it in -He could go all the way -He gets it off just in time -He goes deep -He found a hole and slid through it -He pounds it in -He beats them off (the line) -He's got great hands So, which one is your favorite/s? I really like the 2 that I bolded. And Well, Jerry Jones, when being interviewed recently, added his own gem... Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells @1053thefan yes, he follows what people say about him. Human nature. A friend asked him: "Why in the world do you listen to talk radio? They’re wearing your proverbial butt out." Jerry: "I like pain. I just like to hear it. Just put it in me."
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    I share your concern. Took CEH at 3.2 in high stakes as my RB1. I was enamored by visions of him being a top 3 back. Saw a tweet yesterday: "I've been diagnosed with CEH. It's where I have the RB1 on the top scoring offense in the NFL but don't get any points. Side effects include losing my f*&cking sh*t."
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    IDK if the jokes on me or what. But until it comes to light, bow down! Ya'll better recognize!!!! 🤣 🤣
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    Sorry, but what is the point of this post?
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    Keep in mind I am a SME on this topic, and in the top 1% in the nation as voted on by my peers. I say this not to be arrogant or avoid a counter argument or to say anyone is wrong because I'm an "expert", but to stress that I spent 17 years in the field. My replies are not based on stuff flying around social media or the biased media or so-called "news" outlets (e.g., ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN, etc). They are based on my experience and knowledge accumulated over those years studying viruses, social dimensions of a disaster, pharmaceutical intervention and continuity management. There is no hidden agenda outside of providing the honest facts. And this post isn't just a reply to LordOpie; it's for everyone in this thread. If society had let the virus burn out to begin with, we wouldn't have mutations. It would never burn out unless caught within the first 24 hours, and those exposed were placed in quarantine immediately. Even then, I doubt it would. For a virus to "burn out" requires a certain set of attributes. One of those is how infection occurs. Respiratory viruses are quite difficult to control given the nature of transmission. One infected person can expose hundreds simply by walking through a mall. However, a virus like Ebola can "burn out" because of its transmission method. It primarily passes through infected body fluids. This makes it harder to infect larger populations. The reason you see it hit so hard in Africa has to do with the sanitation infrastructure, wastewater infrastructure, and how bodies are handled after they expire. In a first world country, Ebola would have a difficult time spreading around. This virus is one that becomes endemic within a population. As many are aware, this is a coronavirus. And coronavirus is one of five viruses that cause the common cold along with the rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza and parainfluenza. We use the term "flu" colloquially because most of the colds we get hit with come from influenza. The reason why we have seasonal flu / seasonal flu shots is the same reason we see COVID-19 spawning off all these variants. Each year, the flu mutates a lot. It is a sloppy replicator and can make thousands of strains within a single season. And health officials have to guess which strain will become the dominant strains for the upcoming flu season. These strains are what is used in our flu shots. How they do this is relatively simple. During the spring and summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, officials monitor the fall and winter flu in the Southern Hemisphere. They pick the dominant strains, and big spam uses them in the seasonal flu shot. Coronaviruses aren't as sloppy when they mutate. So we see a few different variants. The media, social media, and the average person see these variants and think the worst of it. Here's the thing, once a virus is established in a population, it can become more contagious but rarely becomes more deadly. But keep in mind that is not a hard rule. However, I am somewhat confident that IS the case with this pandemic. So, in my professional opinion, SARs-CoV-2 is now, and forever, part of our society (endemic). It will be just like the flu. Constantly circulating, mutating and requiring seasonal vaccinations. Children weren't at risk to begin with but now they are. Children were always at risk. The initial wave of the pandemic showed that children under the age of 18 made up 8.5% to 9.5% of the cases (depending on the source you check). While there were fewer deaths and more mild cases compared to other age groups, keep in mind that there are far less people on this planet under the age of 18 than over the age of 18. There is a significantly larger population of people infected in the over 18 range which means larger percentages of people coming down with the disease. So, on the surface it looks like kids are less affected by it, that's not really the case. There are many reasons why we are seeing these spikes in children now. I need to call out that I do not know all of them. But what I do know I will share. The primary reason is that during the initial first wave, everyone was home. This limited the circulation of the virus. Adults had a very low chance of bringing it home. As things open back up, we started to see a slight increase in cases across all age groups. It wasn't as severe because people (for the most part) continued with social distancing and wearing masks. Once the vaccines hit and people started getting them, social distancing and mask wearing plummeted, and once in-school classes started last spring, we saw spikes in the disease. This is because of many factors. For one, adults who never received a vaccine, didn't social distance or wear a mask, and/or lied about being vaccinated contracted and brought it home to kids who then went to school and spread it. Now, with 80% of the adult population receiving at least one shot, the virus, much like water, will flow to the lowest point (the path of least resistance) - unvaccinated kids. This is the nature of an infectious agent. To clear up some misconceptions: You can still become infected after receiving the vaccine, or re-infected after already having it. The vaccine is meant to mitigate against severe disease presentation from the vanilla SARs-CoV-2 virus and has the ability to prevent it from taking hold in one's body. Today, if you are exposed to the Polio virus you wouldn't have a chance of spreading it because the virus replication is static. It doesn't really mutate. Therefore the Polio vaccine is pretty ironclad. However, as mentioned above, the coronavirus is somewhat sloppy (though, not nearly as bad as influenza) so it will constantly mutate. You will have some protection from the variants but it will take the body a little long to get it. So you can spread it. Bottom line, the vaccines work, are needed, and should be taken. More on that in a bit. Masks. The standard argument is that masks don't protect a person from the virus. Here's the thing, masks aren't designed to prevent one from catching the virus. Unless you are in a bio-level 4 protection suit, you can still catch the virus through a mask. The issue (I have) is how the anti-mask news media / social media present the argument. Masks are a mitigation, not a preventative measure. If I remember correctly, an unmasked person has a 15% higher chance of contracting the disease. That's pretty significant. Masks are part of an overall systemic approach to reducing one's odds of contracting the virus when added to social distancing, washing hands and getting the vaccine. Masks serve two purposes - 1. Limit the chance for exposure, and 2. Limit someone from spreading it by blocking respiratory droplets entering the air. The virus primarily travels in respiratory droplets. Even store bought or home-made cloth masks do very well against these droplets. So the argument that a virus can easily slip through the gaps in the fibers is not exactly true. The virus by itself, yes. Even then, atomic attraction will pull most of the virions into the fiber. However, the virus doesn't travel through the air by itself. It needs the droplets to do that. Keep in mind I'm only speaking on how it travels through the air since I'm making a point on masks. It can still be caught from surfaces. People who say their freedom is being taken away are flat out wrong. This is a public health crisis and not some debate on constitutional law. The government cannot enforce masks ubiquitously; however, they can when it comes to the government's domain. The vaccines. Oh boy, here we go, right? I'm only going to speak on the two mRNA vaccines since they have the most inaccurate "news" around them. These are not some new vaccines that haven't been tested in the way everyone who is opposed to them may think. The mRNA technology has been around since the 1980s. This technology uses synthetic mRNA that enters our cells, and instructs these cells to produce a protein. This is normal cellular function. The mRNA leaves our systems within 24 hours. It does NOT alter our genetic make-up. Once it leaves our systems, our cells stop producing the protein assigned to it. The only thing that was new to them was the synthetic mRNA that was built to produce the spike protein on the virus. In 2010, BioNTech, Pfizer and Moderna began working on mRNA based treatments. When the pandemic hit, all they needed to do was pivot from the existing synthetic mRNA they were testing to the COVID-19 one. This is why it seemed to develop so fast. But in reality, this is 30 years in the making. That being said, these vaccines are the first to be successful. The mRNA technology has been successfully used in other biotech applications other than vaccines. All vaccines, medical procedures, surgeries, etc carry risk with them. None are 100% safe. As far as these go, my professional and personal opinion is that these are safe. There will always be a small percentage that experience negative effects. So using those numbers to push an agenda that the vaccines are dangerous is, at a minimum, disingenuous. I say all of this as someone who did have an adverse reaction related to the Moderna vaccine. After I received my second shot on April 3, 2021, I was rushed to the ER roughly 8 hours later. My heart went into afib. The top half of my heart was beating rapidly (200 times a minute) while the bottom half was just quivering as it tried to catch up. It was a strange and disturbing sensation to say the least but it didn't hurt. I could feel it in my chest and stomach. Not enough blood was circulating in my body so I kept fainting. After an hour in the ER my heart reverted to normal rhythm. They released me and I made an appointment with a cardiologist. He is now part of my normal doctor visits. As time ticks by, I experience it less and less but still need to remain on blood thinners to prevent strokes. Apparently, blood can pool in the chambers of the heart and begin clotting while in afib. Once normal rhythm returns, the heart can eject the blood clots causing strokes or pulmonary embolism. Turns out, the vaccine itself didn't do this. The vaccine had put a strain on my system after the first shot. And I do remember having a few instances at night of my heart racing while trying to sleep. Once the second shot hit my system, it placed more stress on my system. Turns out, I have (since birth) defects with all of my valves, and because I have high blood pressure (that is treated btw), my left ventricle is slightly larger and the chamber walls thicker. Both of these heart problems combined with the strain on my system triggered the severe afib. My cardiologist believes I've had afib issues for a while now, but because they were mild in presentation I didn't feel or notice them. But the vaccine helped identify these issues. So now, I'm scheduled for an ablation later on this month to prevent future episodes of afib, and we will talk about when I need open heart surgery for the valves. After all of that, I still champion these vaccines. My girlfriend works for one of the two companies making the mRNA. She has taught me so much about Big spam. I'm less cynical about them.
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    If you find a certain thread annoying; how about not clicking on it instead of begging people to moderate the forums more? The heavy handed moderating is how the board died many years ago.
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    Articles of interest... https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210712/what-to-know-about-covid-delta-variant https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/pediatric-hcp.html The facts are these, if you are not wearing a protective mask, practicing all the safety measures, you can spread covid and contract covid. The unvaccinated more so than those who have had the vaccine. However, those who are vaccinated can spread the virus. We are seeing this with the Delta variant. Children who are 22% of the US population, are now 14.3% of all new cases of covid. A year ago it was only 3% of all new cases. Of the children who have covid and are hospitalized, 1-3 go to the ICU...which is the same as adults. Opinion: Once schools start...there will be a hugh spike in children contracting the disease, and of those hospitalized, many will be in the ICU and unfortunately many of those will not make it. No doubt, with all the infection now in this country a new variant will develop out of the US...most new variants are normally worse than the virus it came from...CDC is doing the best that they can disseminating correct information. The problem is people's behavior. The virus will find new hosts to propagate more infection, it's what it does, and if people don't want to behave in ways that could stop the spread, then the virus will continue to infect and spread and get worse. Our hospitals will become overwhelmed, as they are right now, and the fatigue our doctors and nurses and medical field are experiencing, there will not be enough workers to help all those who need it. We are experiencing that right here in Central Oregon and we are not a very big area...Urgent Care facilities are actually shutting down because they don't have the staff. Advise - PLEASE get vaccinated. If not, then please follow the mitigating guidelines to not spread the virus or become infected. It's on ALL of us to do whatever it takes to stop the spread.
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    Thanks for your post. I wish everyone had this view. It’s a risk either way. Respect my decision and I’ll respect yours! Sounds like the basics this country was founded on. I like it. More people need to adopt this attitude.
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    I don't have any input on Buffalo receivers but regarding the tangential discussion, getting the vaccine is simply a decision of risks vs benefits. I'm one of the "long haul" Covid survivors. My cough lasted 18 weeks and my heart rate went from a baseline of 70 to 110-120's. After a few months I was exercising again but my heart rate would run in the 180's, which is theoretically impossible at my age (upper 40's). It wasn't Covid, it was my bodies reaction to it. Many other younger to middle aged males had similar issue's. We all seem to recover about 4-6 months later although I'm now the most out of shape I've ever been. I am a physician and I didn't get the vaccine. I'm worried about kicking off the inflammatory cascade that took me from the best shape of my life (except for my military days) to the worst shape of me life. I had a recent scare with an exposure and reconsidered but ultimately decided against it. That said, just about everybody I know has had the vaccine and in the region in which I live the majority of people have had it. We've seen our hospital case numbers plumet since it began being administered. So I'm gambling that I'll avoid another exposure. I still wear an N95 mask at work. Had I not had Covid, I would absolutely get the vaccine. There are side effects and complications dotting literature but so far, they are no where near as bad as the virus itself. Be careful with sources, most of what been published so far is non-peer reviewed garbage. But, in the end it's a personal decision. If you don't want to get it, fine. Just understand that it's a gamble either way.
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    Saints supposedly resigning Trequan Smith
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    They got something for someone they were going to cut.
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    You serious with this? You think fans will revolt because he's black? What the hell....
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    Thanks for clearing this up for all of us stevegrab. I was wondering but afraid to ask.
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    Thank you. The pressure was unbearable.
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    That explains a lot. I'm sorry that I was mean.
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    Well that suspense is over Was super worried about the browns punter situation
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    Maybe he pissed the Rams off already.
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    Thanks so much for telling us what we should think is funny. 🙄 If you’re going to school us, try using the right “too.” Hi all! 😊 LTNS
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    There are always going to be people like that, it doesn't mean that is the core of Americans. The media picks and chooses what we get outraged about, what we get excited about. C'mon man, you're really going to let the media guide your emotions that easily?!! Until the media started blasting us with all the 'hate' going on in this country, nobody had this take. In the late 90s, early 2000s nobody was screaming racism!! So we've moved backwards since then? No, the media is ramping up those stories to cause friction and divide us. The globalist/tyrannical playbook has always been the same: Divide and Conquer. The media literally dictates where the outrage is focused in this country. People are too busy and distracted (this is by design) to look into things for themselves, pretty much everyone relies on some media source for their 'takes' and 'stances' on issues. Hardly anyone has an original take anymore, everything is just regurgitated bull poop. I guarantee all of you screaming "RACISM" the last few years were never screaming that 20 years ago. You've been brainwashed, indoctrinated and DUPED. It's ok to admit it. Admit it so you can start making real change, organic change for the betterment of humanity. Otherwise you and everyone else will just continue being the loud voice for a globalist agenda that most definitely does not benefit humanity.
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    trading a late round backup/handcuff to land a starter .... sounds like a good deal to me and the reason we snag handcuffs from other teams in the first place. Agreed that if Zeke goes down Pollard could outperform CEH the rest of the year..... but thats an IF and Zeke is pretty durable. Now if Dak goes down again .... that would really mess up the entire DAL O. I make the trade.
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