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  1. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    Who would've guessed Ekeler would be the healthy one in that group?
  2. Snow in GB

    Weather in Wisconsin. No one can predict it.
  3. Just looking to get some opinions. In a dynasty league (non PPR) , this year and going forward, who would you rather have, Nick Chubb or Jonathan Taylor? Thanks!
  4. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Rodgers isn't going anywhere. https://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/fans/2021/05/03/mr-brews-taphouse-offers-aaron-rodgers-free-eats-stay-packers/4927693001/
  5. Rodgers wants out of GB

    The GB front office is far from infallible. I blame them for a lot of my hair loss over the years. Lol I would have loved for them to draft a WR there last year. They could also trade for one or sign one as a FA. They've missed too many opportunities there for sure. I do like to addition of Dillon in round 2 last year. That was smart with both Jones and Williams pending FAs. More than the WR though, I would think losing Linsley would be the move to really upset Rodgers. I'm sure Rodgers has a lot to be upset about.
  6. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Oh for crying out loud. This is the road your going down now? People really are desperate for arguments today. Do you think the Packers drafted Love if they didn't believe he was bpa?
  7. Rodgers wants out of GB

    I never compared 1st and 5th rounders. What relevance does where Brunell was drafted have when he proved he had the talent to be a starting QB in the league? I'm not sure what argument you are looking for here or what point of yours you think I contradicted. Brunell was merely a side note in my post.
  8. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Exactly why Rodgers shouldn't worry about it. To him, Love should just be another dude sitting on the bench behind him. I honestly don't think Love is really the big issue with Rodgers here though. There needs to be more going on.
  9. Rodgers wants out of GB

    ?? Right. That's how we got here. moving on...
  10. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Do you think the Packers don't have a right to draft the best player the can at any position they see fit? Players get pushed all the time.
  11. Rodgers wants out of GB

    What's your point? They drafted a good young QB when they had the chance to. If he ends up sitting on the bench behind Rodgers for the next 6 years that's a Love and Packers issue. Rodgers just needs to play his game and not worry about it.
  12. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Why not? 2018 and 2019 weren't Rodgers best years. The Packers can't predict how long he'll keep playing. They had an opportunity to grab a good young QB so they took it. It was good value for the spot. Rodgers shouldn't worry about it. If he wants to keep playing, let the Packers figure out what to do with Love. If nothing else, Love becomes a good trade chip down the road the way Brunell was during Favre's time. You have to always be thinking about having the next guy in line ready.
  13. Rodgers wants out of GB

    The Brett Favre situation is the elephant in the room here. No matter what Gut might want to do with Rodgers, nobody in the Packer organization wants a repeat of the ugly Favre drama, and we're halfway down that road already. Rodgers will retire a Packer, will be an ambassador for the Packers, and will have a life long association with the Packers. At least that's what the team hopes. Murphy's job is to play diplomat here and try to smooth things out so people move forward on good terms. In other words, I think this is going to be a long drawn out process with a lot going on behind closed doors. In the end, Rodgers may decide that he simply wants to finish his career somewhere else. The Packers will try to make that process happen as cleanly as possible, which might be difficult with Rodgers. But at least he isn't airing all his dirty laundry in front of the media the way Favre did.