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  1. Grilling on a porch with a screen

    What state do you live in?? In some states you can't have open flames within 10 ft. of combustible construction in one or two-family structures. Is your townhouse joined to others? Also, you can't store propane tanks on porches or balconies. These are in the International Fire Code and if the fire department sees you using it they will ask you to move the grill.
  2. Virginia Beach Golf, does anyone know...

    Nansemond River Golf Course - Suffolk, VA. Just west of Va. Beach. Big Course laid out on the Nansemond RIver. Affordable and friendly staff.
  3. I killed Lem

    Love The Shield. How could Dutch totally overlook the Dad's profile as a suspect though? His partner picked up on it. Maybe Claudette did carry him alot!
  4. 20 worst lyrics ever

    Ain't it just like a friend of mine to hit from behind. Oh, I'm going to Carolina in my mind. What THE?? James Taylor
  5. American Idol

    I wore out the TiVO last night rewinding and watching his sister jump and sit back down. She is good enough to keep him around til the final TWO!
  6. What Movie Would You Like to See a Sequal Too?

    How weird is this?? Watching Mike & Mike in the morning and they are interviewing Joe Klecko. They start talking about Cannonball Run during the interview. After my first post. Cannonball Run III with some of today's Comedy stars would be pretty good!
  7. What Movie Would You Like to See a Sequal Too?

    Cannonball Run
  8. Fireplace in your Palace

    Nothing beats real firewood!! The inlaws bought a propane fireplace from Home Depot this Christmas. I was impressed with the heat it gave off and yet you could touch the sides and it was safe to sit stuff on top of it. I think it was like $250 for everything. 20 lb tank included.
  9. How about those pictures of the units together: DB's , OL, DL. Too - Tall Jones looked GINORMOUS compared to everyone else!!
  10. American Idol Debut

    I'm with Puddy...... My favorite part was all the judges saying the same line over and over : "OTHER DOOR!"
  11. Sit T. Bell, not a follower of Shanahannigans. He'll jam you some way!! Use Stallworth instead.
  12. How do you make a living

    Civil Servant. Firefighter for 18 years - 7 of those as a Fire Marshal/Investigator. Went in when I was 19 - Can retire from city at 39 and move on to another city. Didn't know this is what I was going to do. I thought I was getting away from school. I have been schooling ever since I was a rookie. Still love it, even though "things ain't like they used to be!"
  13. Get your Christmas Wish List started - 40% off

    Im Down, Your like my friend, Bob Sacametto!!

    Special mention for a guy who probably shouldn't be named in the same breath as these guys, but I found often funny: Tracy Morgan Tracy made me laugh too!! "I'm BRIAN FELLOWS!" Billy Crystal, Martin Short, Definitely Phil Hartman, Bill Murray and Dana Carvey are top 10's for me.
  15. Pound for Pound in your opinion

    Saw Petty this year with Stevie Nicks Touring with him! Great Show - 13 Tractor Trailers worth of epuipment and he sounded perfect!! Van Halen - 5150......I know, post David Lee Roth, but I really dug that Album.