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  1. Warning: according to Gibbs in a directly attributed statement, it's "highly unlikely" that either DT Cornelius Griffin or FS Sean Taylor will play on Sunday.
  2. Panther Cheerleaders Getting it On

    If you watch the video, you can see that the brunette's pants bottoms are REALLY dirty, and she's trying to cover them up as she runs away from the camera! Discuss.
  3. Panther Cheerleaders Getting it On

    McGuire: "Let me tell you somethin'. Angela got really low on that play! That's what made it happen!"
  5. what's ridiculous is that the write-up by the NFL said that he had 10 tackles, when's official stats indicated he had 2 tackles and 5 assists. 2005 New England Patriots 1 7 2.0 5 0 0 0 0.0 0 0 0
  6. Chris Cooley? Any updates

    sprained knee, bruised hip. He practiced yesterday and will play.
  7. no wonder my team blows

    You needed 'til week 9 to figure this out?
  8. Chris Cooley

    He'll play, but he looked poor when he came back into the game vs. the Giants. Watch for any sign that the injuries are still bothering him or preventing him from cutting, etc.
  9. Chad has a new "list"

    Did he polish his gold teef?
  10. Week 8 Gregg Williams came out again this week to compliment Lavar Arrington's great practices. Last week that preceded the most playing time he got all year. I think this is code, at least for the time being, for "he will play". He may well be fired up again given that this is a very important early, intra-division road game versus the Giants that's basically a pick-em. I can see Lavar wanting to be a difference maker.
  11. Is this the most brutal year ever for FF?

    Considering I'm 0-7 for the first time in 9 years in my redraft league, nope, I can't think of a more difficult year. And to think I came out of my draft largely happy with my team!
  12. Take Lemar Marshall and don't look back. The 'Skins starting MLB is money. I can't believe he's still available, or Thomas or Crowder for that matter. How big is your league?
  13. Skinny on Channing Crowder (MIA)

    Good thread. I've been waiting for him to break out because I figured it was only a matter of time. I need him to what with Arrington's strange situation and June's recent injury problems.
  14. Continue to monitor Lavar Arrington's situation right now. It looks to be a week-to-week decision on him.