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  1. Sorry for the delay in my reply. I've been on a very extended vacation. The NEW wife demanded that I spend some quality time with her. I'm very impressed with the replies in this forum. Microfracture surgery is basically a last change surgery for active individuals who have worn out cartilage within their knee joint. Cartilage generally can't regenerate on it's own. So once it's gone, it usually stays gone. This procedure requires the drilling of small holes into bone so that marrow seeps out of the holes and hopefully with that marrow and blood clot the necessary materials to build new cartilage. There are no guarentees with this procedure but with all medical procedures doctors are getting better at it and the success rate (success being return to unrestrcited activity) has increased over the last few years. For the record the success rate in basketball players is a lot higher than in football players because obviously football is a more physically demanding sport. Unfortunately most athletes aren't the same following this type of procedure ("lose a step" is a good phrase) and while the surgery is desgined to prolong the career of athletes suffering from degenerative and or arthritic conditions they almost always end up having problems with the same joint at some point down the road with continued activity. Now about Winslow. I plan on releasing my WR/TE injury report sometime over the next couple of weeks. So I would prefer to hold off on the details until then. But let's just say with his injury history he didn't have a single piece of viable cartilage left in his joint. If you recall he was limited in practices all season and he was on the injury report every week. His knee was swollen all the time and he played in pain every week. The Browns are hoping that he bounces back from this surgery, but don't be surprised if we end up talking about this at the same time next year. It wouldn't even surprise me if his career was over in 5 years. But before I, or any of you jump the gun, lets see how his recovery goes. You never know, maybe doctors perfected the procedure on Winslow.
  2. Show some respect for Mr. Cotchery

    Cotchery's catch was amazing, probably one of the top TD receptions I have ever seen. Youtube does have the play, but the site is blocked on my end as well. If you have access to just type "Cotchery" in the search box.
  3. Carnell Williams

    I've heard from several people that ESPN 2's Fantasy Show reported that Cadillac has "multiple herniated discs." What I don't understand is that if this report was true why hasn't jumped all over the report and published it on their site? It isn't adding up. But time will tell.
  4. Westbrook

    Just heard on the radio that Westbrook has been seen on the practice field working with the team, but there was no indication if he was full go or being limited. Listen, like I wrote in my report, Westbrook will probably end up playing this weekend, but as a fantasy owner you just can't plan one week at a time. So yes Westbrook may play in Week 3, but unless he makes a quick recovery his knee will make him a question mark every week for the foreseeable future. Be smart and have a backup plan ready.
  5. Carnell Williams

    I don't see where ESPN is reporting that he is dealing with a herniated disc. And I'm pretty sure that if he was dealing with such an injury he would be listed somewhere on the injury report. Does anybody have a link to any article that even speculates that Cadillac is dealing with a herniation?
  6. Westbrook

    I've been working hard trying to get some concrete, confirmed information on Westbrook. But all I have come up with is bits and pieces and is tough to make a report on an injury when you just don't have all information in front of you. What I can tell you is that based on what I've heard, this looks like it could be a cartilage (meniscus) injury. Again, this is just speculation on my part. Bone on bone would imply that he has a degenrative condition (gradual onset) and this was an acute injury that happened in practice. So while this may be a cartialge problem, this is nothing like what Curtis Martin is dealing with. If you own Westbrook I would advise that you make a move to secure Buckhalter and maybe even trade for another RB to sure up your depth at that position, just in case Westbrook has a to miss a handful of games.
  7. Carnell Williams

    Wait a sec, let's not confuse everyone. Herniated discs is one of a handful of things that can cause back spasms. So when a team refers to an injury as a "back spasm" it definitely doesn't "often" mean that the player has a slightly herniated disc. The Bucs have not released information as to why Cadillac's back was giving problems but it could be just as simple as he didn't stretch or warm-up properly (as he claimed was the reason for his problems in the pre-season). Cadillac appears to be fine as he isn't listed on the team's official injury report. I think his slow start has a lot more to do with how poorly the Bucs have played. I'll make my usual inquiries about this and if I do find something I will report it in my next injury report, but right now I wouldn't be too concerned about it.
  8. Big Ben in mc accident

    ESPN is reporting that Big Ben was still in surgery as of 4:30pm. The official word is that they were repairing his broken jaw and "other" injuries. He must have suffered a number of injuries or a couple of serious ones if surgery is taking this long. Clayton is reporting that the knee injuries aren't severe, but there is no way to know until they get that MRI done. From that interview it was reported that Big Ben is out a minimum of 7 weeks. A lot of speculation and a lot of different stories. There is going to be a ton of this over the next several days. We won't know anything concrete for a while guys.
  9. Big Ben in mc accident

    I got off the phone with a contact of mine in Pittsburgh and there is genuine concern about Big Ben's knees. The Steelers' organization is obviously going to keep the specifics private until they do all of their testing, but the word is that his knee injuries could be serious. Now, if there is swelling in his knees an MRI would be inconclusive so we may not know how long Big Ben is out until the swelling has subsided, and that might take a week or two. Big Ben is going to be OK, and it doesn't appear that his career is in jeaporday. However his injuries could potentially keep him out for a long time. So be prepared for it.
  10. Priest to the PUP list?

    It's nice to be back!!!!! I've been keeping an eye on this situation and according to Priest's dad it doesn't appear that the Chiefs' veteran RB is preparing to play football this season. Even though he hasn't been medically cleared to take the field there are things he could be doing on his own to get ready. But he has apparently done nothing. So either he has no real desire to return or that his injury is more severe than what is being reported. I'm currently working on a very big article for The Huddle's Fantasy Football Handbook due out this summer, and it details pretty much every player who was hurt last season and those coming off surgery and their status for training camp and the 2006 season. We will have it available on the site sometime in early June so keep your eyes peeled for it .
  11. Walker tears ACL

    Well, many NFL teams like to see what the MRI shows before they release injury information like this. However, this news is coming from head coach Mike Sherman. And as a trainer I can tell you it is very easy to detect an ACL tear if you can get to the injury quickly to perform the necessary tests before the joint fills with fluid (Lachman's, Anterior Drawer). Sometimes the injury is detectable with an X-ray (X-rays can't pick up ligament but if bone alignment isn't right it can mean ligament damage). My guess is the medical staff figured out the injury in the locker room and told Sherman and Sherman just decided to get it over and done with and notify the media.
  12. Walker tears ACL

    Yup, this is confirmed. Walker has already undergone an MRI but there is a chance it won't show much if there is swelling in his joint (usually there is this soon after an injury like this). At this point the Packers medical staff are waiting to see how they will proceed in terms of the type of surgery needed to fix the problem. But for OUR purposes Walker is indeed done for the season.
  13. SF Offensive Lineman collapses in lockerroom

    This is a bit tougher for me to stomach. My Niners source found out about his death while we were talking on the phone and he broke down. Absolutely nothing can prepare you for this type of news. Very sad indeed. Based on what I'm hearing heatstroke isn't believed to be the cause of death but we won't hear anything official until after the autopsy.
  14. The Huddle Top Gun Competition

    For the record, I'll take a live draft (like nearly everyone else) over this format anyday. At the same time, I can succeed in this type of format but I prefer to look at the draft once its my pick and make a decision from there. Unfortunately I'm not infront of a PC all the time. I do try and pre-select my choices but I think it defeats the purpose of a draft if you have over 12 players selected and you have no control over what players gets picked if say the flow of the draft changes or if there is a run on a certain position. I'm not trying to hold up the draft, I'm just trying to have the best draft I can (2 hours and 30 mins per pick can't be that big of a deal). That being said, its easier to pre-select now because we are closing out the draft and we are only trying to fill out our rosters so there isn't much strategy left.
  15. The Huddle Top Gun Competition

    Eh, 3 hours to make a pick isn't particularly bad. Besides I'd like to think I have a life outside of fantasy football (although my girlfried would tell me otherwise).