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  1. Looking to get a phone that also includes quality internet strength, with browsers so I can do email as well us updated Fantasy Football... I'm currently on AT&T/Cingular... What should I be looking at? I honestly have no idea where to start... I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, or an mp3 player or anything. Thanks.
  2. Trade a pick for Steve Smith?

    Wrong Forum...
  3. Internet is fairly fast? edit: Just checked, and the Q isn't coming to Cingular/AT&T until August.
  4. Bad news for Marshawn Lynch owners

    Lynch will be staying on my DTS this season by the looks of it...
  5. Superbowl Matchup 2007

    Who is McNabb going to throw to? ... Besides Westbrook?
  6. Opinions on Jerry Porter

    Oakland is going to have a very crowded recieving corps this year... and none of them will be consistent. Porter, Curry, Gabiral, Johnny Morrant, the new rookie Johnny Lee Higgins, and Kiffin's personal project Mike Williams... All of them are known names for Raider fans because if they were on the roster last season, they've started at the #1 or #2 spot... Morrant is the one who has been doing better than the others so far this offseason however, and Curry and Gabrial have always been decent #2s... Porter has a shot at #1 just because he has been there so long, and is decent when he works hard... but Higgins and Williams are Kiffin's guys and he will put them on the field. Bottom line, It's a mess. Stay away from it.
  7. Meanest Offensive Lineman

    Robert Gallery is pretty intimidating. Well... he was... in college...
  8. Chad or Fitz?

    CJ 1 - CJ has more talent 2 - Boldin is much more of a threat to take away catches than Housh 3 - Palmer is better than Lienart
  9. Maybe if She Lost Weight

    On declining an offer of $10 million by Clive Davis to ditch five of her songs for more radio-friendly picks of his choosing: “I am a good singer, so I can’t possible be a good writer. Women can’t possibly be good at two things. I haven’t lost my temper about it. It only drives me more. If your thing is to bring me down, cool. I’ll just work harder."
  10. NFL Ticket

    I moved over the past year... I'm on Comcast now.... No Sunday Ticket for me now.
  11. Star Wars Special

    Saw Seth Green talking about this in an interview last week during all the Star Wars mania, he's a hugh Star Wars fan. Lucas even gave him a personal tour of Skywalker Ranch.
  12. The perfect thread

  13. Knocked Up

    Saw it tonight with my buddies, absolutely hysterical. We didn't go longer than two minutes with out laughing the whole movie. Before hand I didn't really think it would be that great, but critics gave it an average of A- which I thought was an unusually high grade for a comedy like this. So we decided to go and check it out. Great humor, good message, go see it. If you though 40 Year Old Virgin, Old School, Anchorman, etc... were funny, this one comes close to topping them in my book. Two
  14. The Best: Defensive Player

    And younger...
  15. Star Wars

    All of the Jedi Outcast/Kyle Katarn games are pretty awesome. Both Knights of the Old Republic games are amazing too.
  16. Star Wars

    Sad part is... I knew that too as soon as the question was asked...
  17. Star Wars

    Just sat down and watched all 3 of them yesterday. Everyone whines about the casting/acting but all the characters are perfect for the story of Star Wars. Hayden Christensen is the perfect Anakin (Not to mention he looks just like Mark Hamill in Revenge) , and no one else could be Padme except for Natalie Portman. That's all there is to it. You also can't leave out how awesome Ewan McGreggor is at Obi-Wan. Great movies. I would have my kids watch 1-6 in that order, that's how it was meant to be.
  18. Picture of the Joker in "The Dark Knight"

    I hate it when actors bail on movies they know are going to have sequels, it really ruins the integrity and quality of the series... However, I would have LOVED to see Rachel McAdams in this role!
  19. Maxim Top 100

    Agreed. Just because Lohan was #1 doesn't mean there weren't some fine look babes in there though.
  20. Maxim Top 100

    kpholmes' favorites from that list, 77. Hilarie Burton 62. Danneel Harris 28. Carmen Electra 25. Elisha Cuthbert 24. Sophia Bush 12. Angelina Jolie 6. Ali Larter 3. Scarlett Johansson 2. Jessica Alba
  21. Agreed, Parker and Brown are your best backs. Brown was injured last season, but put up #1 numbers until then, and drafting Booker is only going to push him to do better to fight for his job this season. Ridiculous for anyone to doubt someone with Brown's ability after something like his injury in addition to the condition of the Miami Dolphins last season... Go Brown & Parker PD.
  22. 1st pick in rookie draft

    I can understand why jumping all over Fitz is good, but keep in mind you also have Boldin... and owning two receivers on one team sucks. Just something to consider...
  23. ESPN RB Rankings