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  1. Who wins the SB MVP?

    Well apparently the entire Huddle knew it would be Manning A lot of the other stats were close.
  2. Congratulations Colts Fans

    He did it! Finally! Now he can get the respect he deserves as one of the top 5 NFL QBs ALL TIME.
  3. My computer is lagging!

    My Dell Laptop was acting up again, it was slow, delays for everything, cleaning it up and defragmenting it didn't do anything all that... So I just did the Dell Restore, and now it is lagging... The mouse laggs when I move it across the screen (both my wireless and the touchpad) and theres a lag when I type as well. What the hell is going on? Thanks
  4. My computer is lagging!

    Sorry, my asian buddy, who is very good with computers who works at the University computer repair store. Didn't mean to sound racist.
  5. My computer is lagging!

    Wasn't the mouse and keyboard, it was all of Windows. I did another system restore, and it did the exact same thing. I had one of my asian buddies look at it, and now it is running better than before...
  6. My computer is lagging!

    You're very helpful, thanks a lot...
  7. Vick to have more freedom under Petrino

    Now there is no excuses for Vick screwing up games. Press conferences after losses should be very interesting...
  8. Who wins the SB MVP?

    I stand corrected.
  9. Love of the game?

    +1 They built the big chair for him and everything...
  10. The Associated Press reports top NFL Draft prospect QB Troy Smith (Ohio State) is pushing hard for this hometown team, the Cleveland Browns, to select him in the 2007 NFL Draft this year. After being named the area's outstanding collegiate athlete at the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards, Smith thanked the city's fans for their support and declared, "Hopefully, I'll get a chance to represent you guys at the next level with the Cleveland Browns," Smith said. Playing for the Browns has been a lifelong dream for the Heisman Trophy winner. "If that were to happen, that would be a dream come true because I could stay in the community and give back." The Browns will have the third or fourth overall draft choice in the first round. I would think he would have to have one hell of a work out to be taken over Quinn. Is this in any way possible for him? Or is he just dreaming? Browns fans, how would you feel about Smith under center?
  11. Qualcomm in San Diego. Still pretty close.
  12. Been seeing a lot of rumors that NYG is interested in the likes of Ahman Green and Thomas Jones... Why the lack of confidence in Jacobs? The guy is a tank. I was under the impression the Giants organization was fully ready to let him take the load next year? I've got him in a dynasty league and could really use the help. Whats the buzz?
  13. Randy Moss

    Be quite the tandom... Driver and Moss. Moss goes deep every play, Driver runs the routes underneath. We all know Favre has the cannon to get it to him... This could tremendously boost Moss' numbers.
  14. Randy Moss

  15. Saints fans show their love

    Very Classy N.O.
  16. Ourlads' Mock Draft

    From Ourlads' Round 1 Pick Team Player Position School 1 OAK Russell, JaMarcus QB LSU 2 DET Quinn, Brady QB Notre Dame 3 CLE Peterson, Adrian RB Oklahoma 4 TB Johnson, Calvin WR Georgia Tech 5 ARZ Thomas, Joe OT Wisconsin 6 WAS Anderson, Jamaal DE Arkansas 7 MIN Jarrett, Dwayne WR USC 8 HOU Branch, Alan DT Michigan 9 MIA Brown, Levi OT Penn St 10 ATL Ginn, Ted WR Ohio State 11 SF Carriker, Adam DE Nebraska 12 BUF Willis, Patrick LB Misissippi 13 STL Adams, Gaines DE Clemson 14 CAR Okoye, Amobi DT Louisville 15 PIT Timmons, Lawrence LB Florida State 16 GB Bush, Michael RB Louisville 17 JAX McDonald, Ray DE Florida 18 CIN Spencer, Anthony DE Purdue 19 TEN Posluszny, Paul LB Penn St 20 NYG Landry, LaRon S LSU 21 DEN Moses, Quentin DE Georgia 22 DAL Hall, Leon CB Michigan 23 KC Meachem, Robert WR Tennessee 24 NE F/SEA Siler, Brandon LB Florida 25 NYJ Woodley, Lamarr DE/LB Michigan 26 PHI Harris, David LB Michigan 27 NO Ross, Aaron CB Texas 28 NE Revis, Darrelle CB Pittsburgh 29 BAL Lynch, Marshawn RB California 30 SD Bowe, Dwayne WWR LSU 31 CHI Blalock, Justin OG/OT Texas 32 IND Brown, Kareem DT Miami Round 2 Pick Team Player Position School 33 OAK Miller, Zach TE Arizona St 34 DET Staley, Joe OT Central Michigan 35 TB Leonard, Brian RB Rutgers 36 CLE Sears, Aaron OT/OG Tennessee 37 NYJ F/WAS Rice, Sidney WR South Carolina 38 ARZ Kalil, Ryan C USC 39 HOU McCauley, Marcus CB Fresno St 40 MIA Moss, Jarvis DE Florida 42 SF Bennett, Fred CB South Carolina 43 BUF Olsen, Greg TE Miami 44 ATL Moore, Jay DE Nebraska 45 CAR Merriweather, Brandon S Miami 46 PIT Pitcock, Quinn DT Ohio State 47 GB Gonzalez, Anthony WR Ohio St 48 JAX Beason, Jon LB Miami 49 CIN Hughes, Daymeion CB California 50 TEN Grubbs, Ben OG Auburn 51 NYG Booker, Lorenzo RB Florida St 52 STL Johnson, Antonio DT Mississippi St 53 DAL Datish, Doug C/OG Ohio St 54 KC Smith, Troy QB Ohio State 55 SEA Griffin, Michael S Texas 56 DEN Abiamiri, Victor DE Notre Dame 57 PHI Bazuin, Daniel DE Central Michigan 58 NO Harris, Clark TE Rutgers 59 NYJ Harris, Ryan OG/OT Notre Dame 60 NE Hill, Jason WR Washington St 61 BAL Beekman, Josh OG Boston College 62 SD Yanda, Marshal OG Iowa 63 CHI Stanton, Drew QB Michigan St 64 TB F/IND Jackson, Tanard CB/S Syracuse As a Cal fan I noticed: Marshawn drops to the end of the 1st, while Hughes drops to the middle of the second. I could see Marshawn falling a bit if no teams are in need, but he is the clear #2 RB and will most definelty be a first round pick. Hughes proved himself his whole senior year, and if he has a nice work out at the Combine, will secure himself a nice spot in the first round. Look at him to be the #2-3 CB taken. As a Raider fan: Zach Miller in the second would be huge depending on how Kiffin decides to utilize the position. If they pass Miller, look for them to go OL or DB/DE As a fan in California: Don't see the 49ers passing on a DB or WR in the first round.
  17. 24

    She's also Ben Stiller's divorced wife in "Night at the Museum"
  18. What player(s) or coach(es) have the most SB rings?

    That was my answer as well. 2 with S.F. 2 with Den
  19. MacBook vs. MacBook Pro

    Looking to get one of the two for school (Currently an English Major at University of California, Irvine) as well as do a LOT of multi-track music recording, and a good amout of video/photo editing. I'll also be doing gaming, and lets not forget fantasy football. Who can help me out here? Thanks.
  20. MacBook vs. MacBook Pro

    Started in the fall. I just read in the Little Miss Sunshine post you just left Newport?
  21. 24

    Don't worry Skip, these episodes are a necessity to the 24 hour plot. Its slow epsodes like these in the beggining of the season that get the plot going a little deeper, which allows Jack to be a bad ass later. There's afew things we have to look forward to: 1. Jack is going to eff up his brother, in front of his "son" and old shag-mate, who happens to be his brother's wife. Not to mention he brings a strike team with him. 2. Another bomb will probably go off. 3. In a typical 24 fashion, the bombs will not be the main threat in 10 hours or so, it will turn into a bigger threat. 4. The CTU girl with muslim background is currently the victim... Leave it to 24-writers to turn it around and make her a threat later in the season. Don't give up just yet, they need 1-2 slow ones in the beggining to get the plot moving. Usually means some Jack action is right around the corner.
  22. Great Blue North mock 1st round

    Al Davis publicly blamed Al Davis for taking Huff over Leinart. He won't make the same mistake again. Kiffin is going to look to rebuild the offense, starting with a QB. Curry/Gabrial are good enough WRs. Knapp also is big on working with QBs. Edit: They also don't have Damien Hughes going in the first round, a huge mistake if you ask me. He will be the second or third CB to go.
  23. 24

    Just transition weeks, always happens in 24. Expect something HUGH in the next week or two.
  24. Bears shopping Thomas Jones?

    Don't understand the lack of faith the Giants have been whispering in Jacobs...