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  1. Heroes

    It's actually the girl that Parkman saves from being trapped in the basement towards the beginning of the season when he first starts hearing voices. Her name is Molly Walker, and she is a locater. Similar to Professor Xavier's machine in X-Men that could find other mutants, Molly's power is used to find other heroes. The cooperation that Bennett and the Haitian worked for located people with powers by using the "Walker System" i.e. Molly Walker. She is the only one that can find Sylar. And no, I'm not making this up. I just put all the pieces together after watching this week's spoiler clips.
  2. Top 25 Prospects for the 2008 Draft

    DeSean Jackson!! This kid is amazing, he averaged a KR/PR TD a game last season. A handful of games he had one of each. He will be a stud in the NFL.
  3. I've been to quite a few home games and sat in a lot of different places, behind the end zones, the lower deck at the 40, the second deck at the 10, the 3rd deck at the 50, really enjoyed all of them. Looking into getting some season tickets, wanted to see where everyone else loved to sit to cheer for their team?
  4. Agreed, the view is much better from your couch, but theres no feeling like being with your home crowd when your team scores a touchdown; the cheers, high-fiving people you don't even know, the intensity. You can't feel that anywhere else. Of the three home games I went to last season though, I saw 0 touchdowns...
  5. Hehe, I suppose that is another topic... "Where is the cleanest bathroom at your stadium?"
  6. Tom Brady is such a nice guy

    Agreed. At least give us something semi-intelligent before you run your mouth.
  7. Dynasty Trade

    Agreed with what is said. It's easy to want to build for the future, but don't cost yourself the next few seasons' worth of wins for the potential to do well later.
  8. A women's league

  9. 24...

    Chloe and Morris are beyond lame. VP Daniels and his affair with Lisa blondie is predictable. Jack and Audrey story wasted far too much time. I've been a firm 24 fan every season thus far... and this season simply disgraces the amazing show that once was. To those who just tuned in this year... I'm very sorry; go rent the first few seasons. Try to forget all of this.
  10. 24...

    24's saddest moment yet.
  11. Which NE player benefits most from Moss...

    I'd say Stallworth will see a lot of single coverage with Moss lined up across from him. Great news for a guy whose proved he can be a #1.
  12. Colt's Pick

    Hughes is a quality pick. He'll be great in the Cover 2. Check my thread here.
  13. quinn ...what is going on ?

    Very embarassing for him however though, I feel bad for the guy.
  14. Detroit to draft Johnson

    Oh Matt Millen...
  15. Trying to showcase the draft's talent. They just finished the ND/Mich State game where Quinn lit it up. Now it's Calvin Johnson against NC State. After that it's Marshawn and Cal in the bowl game. Just thought everyone might like to tune in if ya haven't had a chance to watch these guys play yet.
  16. Too bad it won't matter come Saturday...
  17. Nicholas Cotsonika, of the Detroit Free Press, reports the Denver Broncos have made two offers to the Detroit Lions involving the the second overall pick, according to the Denver Post. The first offer included LB Al Wilson and the Broncos' first-round pick. The second offer involved the Broncos' first-, second- and third-round picks in the 2007 NFL Draft, as well as their first-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. They must really want Calvin Johnson to be willing to give all of that up. And the state the Lions are in, they would be morons not to take this. So this is the Denver organization calling Al Davis' bluff on taking CJ. But if Al knows the super-freak athlete will land in the hands of his arch-rivals... would that motivate him to take CJ for himself?
  18. Packers After LJ?

    Obveously no RBs run exactly the same, I'm simply saying they have the same body type, and I have seen similarities in the ways they run.
  19. Jamarcus Russell: Boom or Bust?

    Walter is qualified, and the prototype long-bomb "Al-Davis Quarterback." Give him time after he says "Hike" and some WR that care about playing, and you'll see.
  20. Packers After LJ?

    Does Marshawn drop out of the first? Or does KC still take him at 1.16? He's the same size as LJ and runs the same style.
  21. Broncos make offer for Detroit's #2

    Andrew Walter is going into his 3rd year, and if he plays, he will outplay those stats. Walter was not the problem. The line and the 7-step drop was.
  22. Broncos make offer for Detroit's #2

    Agreed. He is always willing to add talent to that backfield and has no problem going RBBC.
  23. Broncos make offer for Detroit's #2

    Oh but if only Al Davis weren't senile...
  24. Raiders hope to get it right at No. 1 By Adam Schefter Special to PHOENIX (March 27, 2007) -- No one knows for sure what the Oakland Raiders will do with the first overall pick. But Raiders coach Lane Kiffin and owner Al Davis provided two hints Tuesday, one more revealing than the other. Over breakfast, after stating how honest he was, Kiffin was asked to honestly assess whether he expected the Raiders to use the No. 1 pick or trade it. Kiffin said the Raiders would do whatever was best for their team -- how's that for an honest and clich├ęd answer? -- and then, sarcastically, added this gem: "If we do pick there, we'll pick a guy on offense or defense." So that eliminates Colorado kicker Mason Crosby. Davis, on the other hand, was more far revealing. When discussing LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell, whom many expect to be the No. 1 overall pick, Davis compared him to Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway. Davis said Russell's arm strength is like Elway's, and so is his side-to-side movement. And to this day, Davis still is miffed that he failed to land Elway when he thought he had struck a deal with the Baltimore Colts. Davis recalled Tuesday to a small group of reporters that, back in 1983, the deal to acquire Elway was just about done. The Raiders were going to send quarterback Marc Wilson and two No. 1 picks to the Colts for Elway. The Raiders were going to have their quarterback for the next decade. Davis said he thought the deal was agreed to. And then according to Davis, the NFL -- which was annoyed at him for getting ready to move his franchise back to Los Angeles -- stepped in and somehow blocked the trade. Davis struggled to recall the exact details Tuesday, but he did remember, rather clearly, that he didn't get the quarterback he wanted. This year, he has a chance to remedy that. By no means does this assure that the Raiders are going to draft Russell at No. 1. But for anyone looking for the strongest hint to date as to what the Raiders would do with the top pick got it Tuesday. It's going to be hard for Davis to pass up a quarterback that reminds him of Elway. Schefter hit this one on the head I think. Al Davis has regretted not getting Elway since the day it happened. Every Raider fan knows it. To make matters worse, Al had to play Elway twice a year. If he's comparing Russell To Elway, consider Detroit on the board.