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  1. Heroes

    That hearing power gave him a run for his money though, so I'm sure he learned to control it. I don't understand why Mohinder didn't just slit Sylar's throat on his way out the door...
  2. Heroes

    My room mates and I were talking about being in bed with the shapeshifter and that was the exact name that came up.
  3. Heroes

  4. Heroes

    You're looking too far into that one. It's pretty simple, whenever something impales Claire of Peter, they can't fully heal until it is removed. Like when Claire was almost raped, and her head was impaled by that spike? She didn't come back to life until the stake was removed from her head during the autopsy. Only then was she able to heal herself. So when Peter got hit in the back of the head with a piece of glass, and was sitting there dead on his mom's couch, my friend and I are just sitting going "Oh come on, find the stupid piece of glass and pull it out man!" Maybe it only applies to head wounds, I'm not really sure. That's my take though.
  5. Heroes

    Yea, that's what I got from it as well. Especially since they talked earlier about Mr. Petrelli working with Linderman. I'm assuming future Hiro. One of the things I noticed was when Sylar used Isaac's power, he painted the same picture of Nathan in the White House from what it looked like. However unlike Isaac, his picture was a crazy and off the wall version of it. Could that have something to do with Sylar using a power that isn't his?
  6. Lions Homers!

    Last year with Kevin Jones looking more and more fragile every day, Lions snagged Brian Calhoun in the draft. In dynasty leagues, this kid was a must grab, as he could take the starting job as soon as Jones slipped. Then Calhoun didn't perform well, and if memory serves he got injured? Now he's stuck in a VERY crowded backfield, and isn't looking like he's going to be climbing the depth chart very soon... What's the word there in Detroit? This kid done? Thanks guys.
  7. Raiders WILL draft Russell...

    (Rotoworld) ESPN's John Clayton reports the Raiders intend to draft Calvin Johnson with the No. 1 pick if the Dolphins acquire Trent Green from Kansas City. Impact: Clayton's theory is that the whole top part of the draft depends on the future of Trent Green. If Green goes to Miami, Daunte Culpepper will be cut and Oakland would then sign him. Clayton says if a Green trade can't be worked out, the Raiders will be forced to draft JaMarcus Russell. Al Davis loves John Elway -> Al Davis loves Russell However, just as much as Al Davis would love to have another shot at Elway, he loves athletic freaks, specifically fast WRs and DBs. He also made attempts to get Cullpepper last season, which makes this situation more believable.. So, Al Davis has his two greatest wishes on the table in front of him, a second chance at Elway and one of the most talented athletic super-freaks to ever enter the draft. But, we'll never know who he would have chosen, because Clayton is right, the deciding factor of the Raider's entire future lies in the hands of.... Trent Green
  8. 2007 Mock Fantasy Draft

    Rudi over Westbrook? Bush and McAllister in the second?
  9. Raiders WILL draft Russell...

    It's very well known that Schefter and Al Davis hate each other.... hence the cynical writing. I would have loved to have been there to watch this interview.
  10. Michael Vick

  11. 2007 Mystery Huddler #9

    Macbook Pro, actually.
  12. 2007 Mystery Huddler #9

    No... not stoned... Anyways, thanks guys, was.... fun... to see what you had to say about my hair, and eyebrows... and general appearance...
  13. 2007 Mystery Huddler #9

    So, I decided to do MH this year. I sent in a handful of pictures to ABWF, sent him some clues, and didn't really think anything of it until this morning... When I looked over the pictures again, and realized if you searched for anything in the pictures, my name would come up... (Dorm Rooms, Guitars and Music, Cal Football, etc...) So I scrambled to find some other pictures and gave them to ABWF. That was also hard to do, seeing as how most pictures of me, I was wearing a UCI sweatshirt, or a Cal Sweatshirt or hat... The first picture is me and some friends driving around... in a small town... and we were fairly bored to say the least. Second picture is of me in my dorm room, which I since moved out of. The sweatshirt actually says "Sunriver" which is a small ski town in Oregon. Third picture is me on top of Mt. Bachelor in Oregon. Fourth picture is me at a hat shop at Pier 39 in San Fran, right before going to a Cal game... Don't worry I didn't buy the hat... I learned a very important lesson today; that I have told complete strangers far too much about my life...
  14. 2007 Mystery Huddler #9

    Nope... theres a snowboard shop here in LA... It's one of the only ones in SoCal, and it's the biggest here too... Been here for 40 years. Only a two hour drive to Big Bear...
  15. 2007 Mystery Huddler #9

    Monster had me pegged about 2 hours ago and he hasn't said anything since, so hats off to him.
  16. 2007 Mystery Huddler #9

    Been waiting awhile to guess haven't ya BJ??
  17. Lions Homers!

  18. +1 Same boat as Razor.
  19. Lions Homers!

    When he was all that was standing behind KJ, in a dynasty rookie draft, he was definitely high on the board.
  20. Marshawn Lynch passes physical

    I've been saying it for months here at the Huddle, this kid is a can't miss stud. He can do it all. Run, Catch and Block. Peterson is smaller and faster, and has more of a burst, and will be the better back out the gates, but this kid will be in the NFL for a long time.
  21. Yo Chief Dick

    Chiefs just realize that there's some teams out there that desperately need running backs, seeing if they can sell high. Smart move to at least test the water. (And I'd love to see LJ out of the AFC West)
  22. (Rotoworld) Oakland has reportedly begun contract negotiations with both Georgia Tech wideout Calvin Johnson and LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Impact: Standard operating procedure (Houston did the same with Reggie Bush and Mario Williams a year ago), but any hitch in talks could impact which way the Raiders lean if they're on the fence like most believe they are. Well here we go... Was waiting for them to get started with this... I guess if either one of them didn't want to play for Oakland (and who could blame them) they would just raise the price too high... We should know in about 5-7 days who it will be.
  23. *** NFL Draft Contest ***

    1 WR, Johnson, Georgia Tech 2 DE, Adams, Clemson 3 QB, Russell, LSU 4 OT, Thomas, Wisconsin 5 RB, Peterson, Oklahoma 6 S, Landry, LSU 7 CB, Revis, Pitsburgh 8 DT, Okoye, Louisville 9 QB, Quinn, Notre Dame 10 OT, Brown, Penn State 11 LB, Willis, Mississippi 12 CB, Hall, Michigan 13 DE, Carrikerpos, Nebraska 14 TE, Olsen, Miami 15 LB, Timmons, FSU
  24. Michael Vick

    Agreed. Vick is no where close to being everyone's favorite person, but I can't see any reason why anyone should be criticizing this. How much money did all of you donate to VT??