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  1. Who will be the next LT2?

    yea... hows Fred Taylor doin now by the way?
  2. What position has the least amount of talent?

    Agreed. After those 5 go, If I havn't gotten one of them I have a hard time choosing. Same with kickers as well though. Afew studs, and after them, they're just kickers.
  3. Most UNDERrated player

    I know Vick and Dunn are good, but I just wouldn't want them on my starting rosters because the two of them share carries so much. Along with Duckett. Well, I wouldn't want them unless I had both of them. I think we will see a lot out of Driver this year. He kind of fell behind Walker last season, but Walker has been having a lot of contract troubles this offseason. We'll see though.
  4. T.O for Porter is a NO GO

    ... T.O.
  5. TO to be a Raider?

    Soo... If anyone is still interested in this topic, I found a link on KFFL- Raiders Looking to Aquire Owens
  6. TO to be a Raider?

    Soo. I'm thinking... how does Collins feel about this?? If it is true. A. Possibly the two best recievers in the game to throw to... B. Getting his head chewed off after every play/series by the two loudest mouths in the game... Yea, TO is good. I don't think Al could control both of them though. Comming from an Oakland fan, in all honesty I would rather take my chances with the Moss/Porter/Curry combo than the Moss/TO/lady dog and whine about everything combo... *Sigh*
  7. Commited by mssaint

    hehe My mother got the book for me for christmas. Was awsome. I started comming and reading stuff on the huddle in December/January just because of Mark's endorsment in Commited. Good stuff.
  8. Fox Sports unveils new free fantasy football

    Yea... CBS Sportsline just announced they will be going free as well too be able to compete. CBS Sportsline Fantasy
  9. Keeper RB

    Need to keep 1 RB... Who will have the better season this year, and also later down the line. Domanick Davis or Deuce McAllister? Davis is comming off that injury, and used to be pretty hot stuff, how will he fair this year? I know there are a lot of Deuce haters on this forum, just wondering what everyone thinks about him in comparison to Davis though. Really, I'm more concerned about who will do better this season than down the line. Any opinions helpfull. Thanks! kyle.
  10. Keeper RB

    Awsome guys thank! Decided to go with Deuce.
  11. The NFL Network

    True. Very True. And don't forget "In their own words" But you're right though, is agrivating when you are in a football mood, go to sit down to watch the game of the week, or the 2004 Seahawks highlights, and all you get is crying cheerleaders for not making the team... Good call Bill.
  12. Oh man... I'm in a pickle here. I usually do some free fantasy leauges through Yahoo! and buy one or two teams on CBS Sportsline. Well now, a group of me and 10 buddies have decided to set up a leauge, and we can't decide on where. Here are the three im stuck with, CBS Sportsline - popular, reliable and... $130 - total customization..... $75 - aparently everything (including live stats) is free.... Anyways, opinions on them, pros/cons for me to consider, let me know. Thanks! kyle.
  13. The NFL Network

    Ok... Ok... but you're still getting 22 hours of football a day. And a break for about 2 hours of cheerleaders... Still pretty nice if ya ask me. lol
  14. Mr. Clutch

    Unless it has anything to do with New England...
  15. The NFL Network

    LoL, I'll admit I enjoy watching the Game of the Week (which usually are 3-4 different games in a given week) But... You can't beat the Reality of a Miami Dolphins' Cheerleader... Its a genius idea. And only football junkies get exposed to it. hehe. Hard Knocks is fun to watch too. Todd Heap as a rookie learning from Sharpe. Very entertaining. And last year they had that one with the Jaguars?
  16. Mr. Clutch

    I'm not much of a basketball junkie, but I agree Vinatieri does make many clutch plays. We know he isn't the best kicker in the league, but when the Pats need a last minute 3, they will pass the ball and pressure to him.
  17. Looking for a keeper league

    I'm also lookin for a keeper league, played FF for quite afew years now, drop a PM, or send an email- thanks!