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  1. Mac users.

    Maddox has been doing some funny stuff for as long as I can remember...
  2. used car

    Don't want to steal the thread or anything like that but I am also looking to buy a used car; I currently drive a 2004 mustang, but it's way to small for me (I'm 6'4") and all of my music gear I drive around. I'd also like to have something I can take to the snow with me. I'm hoping to sell the mustang around $11-13,000 as it's in great shape and I've just had a lot of work put into it. I'm looking at something like the Isuzu Rodeo. I really like the rodeo's size, and its look and stuff. Afew of my buddies have Rodeo's I've driven before and I love the feel. However after reading reviews, theres a handful of complaints about them; the value is dramatically dropping (making reselling it impossible one day), theres complaints about the interior and the car's reliability. So if anyone knows anything about Rodeo's, or other midsize SUV's in the same price range, I would love the imput. Thanks.
  3. ESPN Radio - Dan Patrick SHow

    Either way, the Raiders are trying to make something happen rather than just sit around like the past two offseasons. So that's a plus I guess...
  4. ESPN Radio - Dan Patrick SHow

    I hope the Raiders try and get a 3rd or something out of this as well, then take the offer... I still think Aaron Rodgers has talent, and even if he doesn't he and Walter can both compete for the starting job AND there won't be any hesitation to taking CJ2 after getting Rodgers.
  5. Heroes

    And that is how the Haitian knows Claire's Grandmother. I rest my case.
  6. 50 states in 10 minutes?

    Forgot Minnesota and Wyomming...
  7. Randy Moss

    (Rotoworld) The Raiders continue to talk to the Packers about a possible trade involving Randy Moss, according to Impact: Discussions were on hold while Oakland was speaking with Jeff Garcia but now have picked back up. The Raiders are believed to have already offered 2005 first-rounder Aaron Rodgers in exchange for the Mossman. Also reported that Travis Henry is stopping in Oakland tomorrow.. whoopy.
  8. Randy Moss

    No news from the Raiders today period. Apparently Al Davis takes weekends off, even if it's the first weekend of free agent signing... Can't wait for draft day at this rate...
  9. Garcia to Tampa?

    ESPN News Reports an agreement between Tampa and Garcia have been made.
  10. Technical Question

    I recently had to reformat my 500GB External Hard Drive to FAT32 so I could read it on both Windows and Mac. I was reading this artcle however and it said Windows can support all sizes of FAT32 Hard Drives, however OSX can only support up to 137 GB, so I would have to partition my hard drive. However I am able to open and move files around on the external in OSX right now. Do I really have to partition it? Or Does it mean once I have 137 GB of data on the hard drive I won't be able to manage it? Thanks for the help.
  11. Technical Question

    Well talk to me if ya need to know how to reformat to FAT32
  12. Technical Question

    Just more convenient for me to be able to access it from both OS, as I am the only one in my family/friend group that has a MAC.
  13. Technical Question

    It depends on what format you're running on the hard drive. Can you connect it to both PC and Mac? My 500 GB hard drive was formatted in NTFS, which is a windows format, but read-only for Mac, so I couldn't add files or change anything on it in OSX. The only format that allows both OSX and Windows to access it is FAT32. So I reformatted to FAT32.
  14. Randy Moss Trade Talk

    Rodgers had an awesome career at Cal. Great vision, great field presence and a good attitude. He makes good reads and plays really smart football. I loved watching this kid. He is still worth a first round pick IMO. And if Moss is worth a third round pick, and we can trade Moss for Rodgers, I'm all for it. Unfortunetly, Rumors are that Oakland is going to be paying a lot of attention to Garcia this offseason... Kiffin already like Walter a lot, and I just can't see Rodgers, Garcia and Walter being on the same roster.
  15. Steelers' Cut Joey Porter

    From Foxsports Get rid of this moron.
  16. Steelers' Cut Joey Porter

    And I didn't see the other thread...
  17. Joe Horn released

    Definetly a surprising move for the Saints, but he has been a let down the past two seasons... Really hope this doesn't effect the Moss/Packers trade...
  18. Get some Dave Matthews on there Loaf?
  19. Heroes

    I'm sure ONE of the Petrellis' parents must have a power, especially if both their sons as well as their grand-daughter has powers. Another thing that was brought up on NBC's forms is the new Hero that is introduced, rumors are that she is a shapeshifter. Lots of people have speculated that she shapeshifted as Simone to go and talk to/persuade/seduce Issac, and thats when she got shot. They would show all the appropriate backround scenes. A far stretch if you ask me, I still think Simone is either dead or has powers. I thought I'd throw it out there anyways.
  20. Matt Schaub:

    Al Davis... look the other way... Please... Look the other way Al...
  21. 24 Last Night

  22. Heroes

    Simone does have a power. I first noticed it in Peter's dream about blowing up, where the Invisible Man was introduced. Peter was standing in the street by himself, and all around him were empty cars. Then it started showing the other characters in this order Parkman puts his hand up to stop peter from going forward. DL, Nikkie/Jessica, and Micah are struggling in the backround, all of them start running away. Then Claire comes running down the street. Nathan then walks out of a building with his signs all over it. Simone then starts running at Peter, but Issac runs up and stops her. Then it shows Hiro, and the Invisible Man walking behind him. I was like wait... all of the people in that dream have a power except Simone... I mean it could just be a coincidence, but that's when I first speculated that she wasn't normal. Lets also not rule out Suresh either, as his sister had powers.
  23. Huard signs extension

    Two old quarterbacks at the top of the depth chart...