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  1. 24 Last Night

    Logan probably is clean. Be way too obveous if he weren't... and the 24 writers are better than that.... right...?
  2. 24 Last Night

    Kill zone is 10', so I'm sure outside the kill zone is a "serious injury" zone, and then a little further is a "minimal injury" zone. Wayne lived as far as I could tell, but will the VP will most have to step in? And since Assad called "Bomb" they can't put it on him. However, Tom Linux, the man who has been opposing the president for the past day, and has been missing for the past hour looks to be in a very bad spot.
  3. Heroes

    1. I think the invisible man might be like Peter; able to hold many powers. He sure knew A LOT about it when he decided to train Peter for a bit. If thats true, maybe he had some other powers up his sleeve when he got shot. 2. The Haitian is working for his own people; mutants. He is much like the Invisible Man was 14 years ago; he had no problem working for the agency, but he wasn't going to hurt his own people. That is why the Haitian let Claire keep her memory, and that's why he is helper her escape. Was an awsome episode, but I'm definetly going to have to watch it again just to comprehend all of it some more.
  4. Heroes

    Wow. Watched all 16 episodes this weekend. My friend got me hooked after the first one. I love this show.
  5. From YouTube Definetly hard to watch... Lets hope Russell can run fast.
  6. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    Was waiting for it to come.
  7. LT's father killed in car accident

    LT is an amazing person. No one deserves this, but especially not Ladanian. Prayers are definetly going out for LT and his brother.
  8. The difference is Russell has a cannon for an arm; barely flicks his wrist and the ball is 50 yards down the field. Another difference is that Russell has the ability to run, yet chooses not to, he will sit in the pocket and try to make a play instead. Cullpepper was run happy.
  9. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    No team-changing experience, but the guy can run an offense. And Knapp has a lot of experience as well. Not to mention Kiffin was USC's talent scout, so he'll be able to find some good talent and bring it in; something the Raiders haven't done anytime recently.
  10. Falcons look to trade QB Matt Schaub

    Detroit is in love with Kitna. Sucks for them.
  11. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    Tui is a free agent.
  12. Corey Dillon Done

    Good for him. He left Cinncy, got his ring, made a name for himself. And now Maroney's value skyrockets.
  13. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    Competition. The only veterans I could see going to Oakland to mentor would be Plummer or maybe going back to Collins. I think Schaub, Carr and Russell are the most likely 3 to end up in Oakland.
  14. Raiders release Aaron Brooks

    Wow. Very interesting decision for Kiffin. But Walter does have the talent, (as I'm sure you all remember me preaching) he just needs time to demonstrate it. This is looking more and more like Calvin Johnson with the first pick... and Moss dealt for Schaub.
  15. Took my son's lizard to the vet

    Priceless, thank you very much. Can we pin this? Forever?
  16. Falcons look to trade QB Matt Schaub

    And Calvin Johnson with the first!
  17. Free agent move sheet

    Fox Sports listed a similar joke in their Coach Changes article: NEW YORK GIANTS Tom Coughlin replaces Tiki Barber. We'll give the Giants a score of PUSH.
  18. ATL Looking to Trade Up to #2?

    Porter is staying, he already made it a point to get on good terms with Kiffin so he won't have to move. Changed his number for a new beggining and everything. Trade Moss and Brooks though.
  19. Jets release Barlow

    Ex-Niners end up in Oakland...
  20. ATL Looking to Trade Up to #2?

    There goes Calvin's fantasy value... He'll make a great blocker though.
  21. Porter is staying. Reports in the SacBee a week or so ago saying that he and Kiffin are on the same page, and he's ready to go. I'll agree that Moss, Brooks and Sapp need to get out though.
  22. My favorite is the clip of Tom Walsh franticly looking threw his play sheets. The poster put the video under the "comedy" catagory. The Raiders have definetly seen better days. Thank God the season is over.
  23. Ron Rivera to the Chargers

    Just LB or DC as well?
  24. Norv to the Bolts

    Good luck.