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  1. Path to the Draft to debut tonight on NFLN

    I play in a BOTH league as well. Someone asked for a rundown. Sorry for being a good Huddler.
  2. 24

  3. nasti nate ilaoa

    Very impressive.
  4. Path to the Draft to debut tonight on NFLN

    Basically Mayock had to say this: Russel is a physical beast that makes amazing throws, is really smart, and is hands down the best QB going into this draft. He showed a lot of really awesome clips of Russel making really hard throws and commented on a lot of his "NFL-Ready" passes that will keep him far ahead of Quinn, simply because of his intelligence and "nfl arm." Said basically Russel can throw all of them; perfect over the shoulder-basket catches, the long deep bomb, sideline passes, all of them. He can tough it out with DL and in the trenches and use his mobility to get the first as well. Mayock said over and over again that Russel is THE can't miss QB this year, and is ready for the NFL. He was very critical of two things in regards to Russel however; he needs to predict windows rather than wait for them, and because he is so physical he sometimes stays in the pocket more than necessary leading to fumbles. The big thing was the windows however. He said Russel sometimes waits for the receivers to appear in the windows, rather than predicting they are going to be there simply from their routes and reading the coverage, and that this can lead to throws getting off too late, and the window closing fast around the ball. I didn't watch as much on Quinn, but what I did get was this. When talking about Quinn, he said that Quinn also has a lot of talent, but it doesn't really measure up to Russel. He made a lot of Tom Brady comparison's to Quinn, and said he does have a lot of potential to be great. He also didn't have the talent around him that Russel had. He also said the exact same thing about Quinn that he said about Russel; He needs to predict windows and not wait for them. He showed a handful of clips of Quinn waiting, seeing it, and missing it, and having to go to another receiver. The other thing Mayock was very critical of Quinn about was that he is terrible at leading receivers. Said Quinn's receivers would be dead even with a defender running downfield and ready to pull away, and Quinn wouldn't make the throw. Talked about the "If you're even, you're leaving" rule in the NFL, that if WR are even with DBs, they'll pull ahead when the ball is thrown, and until Quinn can get this down he will have a hard time in the NFL. Showed a lot of clips to back this up too. Said the next two QBs were Michigan State's and Stanfords. I forget both names. This is all I could remember, if anyone has any to add, or corrections to what I said, throw it out there! Overall, Mayock says Russel the man. And Mayock knows his stuff. I hope the Raiders don't screw this up.
  5. Soon you will feel safer.

    I thought this was enforced years ago?
  6. schotty fired

    What ya think? New coach in a week?
  7. 24

    AWSOME EPISODE! If you were one of the 24 doubters the past few weeks, I hope you were watching tonight, if you missed it they'll put it on PeekVid in a day or two. Very impressed with how they pulled out of this hole, nice work.
  8. schotty fired

    So where does Marty go? Anywhere? Could he turn into a Dan Reeves/Tom Coughlin advisor for a year, then work his way up somewhere?? Personally, I wouldn't mid seeing him on the Raiders' staff... We need all the help we can get.
  9. Path to the Draft to debut tonight on NFLN

    He had some awesome analysis on both these QBs, I was very impressed. Mayock said he's spent over 25 hours on Russel's game film. Really hope the Raiders go after Russel after listening to what Mayock had to say.
  10. Jax RBBC may be growing next year?

    There will only be 2 RBs in Jax backfield, don't worry. Fred Taylor gets injured every year and never lets us down!
  11. Players you'll avoid in '07

    Depending on what Kiffin can do this offseason with QB/WR/OL I would add Lamont to the "caution" list...
  12. Currently all I've been able to find is that the Mac's iChat can do video with the new version of AOL Messenger, however after trying this the video quality is terrible! Are there any other free programs out there (IMs or simply video chatting programs) with better video quality that offer Video Chatting/Confrencing between the two systems? Thanks.
  13. Video Chatting between PCs and Macs

    Awsome, thanks Randall
  14. Marvin needs a nickname

    "Marvin" is all he will ever need.
  15. Video Chatting between PCs and Macs

    MSN does have a Mac Version, but it doesn't have as many features as the Windows Version. One feature it is missing, naturally, is the webcam service. Darin, we just ended up going to a buddy's appartment. Didn't want to deal with the crowds. Thanks for the help though.
  16. Peter King is an idiot

    But he has the ring. And he's the one that whill be in the HOF, and come amazingly close to breaking, if not breaking Rice's records. So hopefully the label doesn't mean much to Marvin. Because like said above, he's still an all time top 5 WR. Hands down.
  17. Peter King is an idiot

    But because of this, Harrison's career will last much longer and be much more productive. Which is why he will be a shoe-in when it comes time to vote for the HOF, and WRs like Hines Ward might be on the ballot for awhile. Marvin has put up tremendous numbers by not exposing his body to the punishment of football. You can call it softness if you want, but in Marvin's 2 year edge over Hines, he has 374 more catches, 5692 more yards and 64 more TDs. Granted Marvin had Peyton Manning throwing to him which adds a bit, but a lot of it is skill and intelligence. And my last point is that we can't overlook Hines has had much more of an issue with injury than Marvin. There are some WRs that are just not made to get hit.
  18. Just saw the Disney ad...

    Well I understand what you're saying, but no matter how great the person is, I still think it would be really hard for anyone to call up other players after being handed a Superbowl win and the MVP award. Manning said it himself that the entire team stepped up to win that game, Addai and Rhodes did a lot for the win, but so did the entire Oline, the entire defense, Wayne and Harrison, etc... Can't give credit to everyone. Whether Manning deserved the MVP award for that game or not, he is and has been the team's MVP for years now. With out Manning, they wouldn't have come close this year or any year. He deserves to have that trophy more than anyone on that roster.
  19. 24

    Agreed. I didn't really feel it was too predictable with Morris. I honestly thought his brother died; its happened to other CTU agents in previous seasons.
  20. Just saw the Disney ad...

    And the Manning bashing never ends... Give the guy a break. He's worked his entire life to get to that point, and I guarentee you, the Colts would not have won that game with out him. He kept the offense together. 10 passes to Addai, that Grossman proved he couldn't throw, a TD to Wayne, some beautiful throws to Marvin; yea the guy didn't have his best game but any other QB in those conditions would have had a much harder time keeping it together.
  21. So, then...

    And thats just how Edge likes it.
  22. NFL Network

    Been noticing the same thing... He's quality though, he'll be around for awhile. He knows his stuff well.
  23. Who wins the SB MVP?

    Don't forget, the team needs to win for the player to get MVP.