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  1. Another deck question

    True, but the old boards have weatherd over the years and are slightly different, not much mind you but I have replaced old boards on a couple of decks and they're never exact.....No biggie though.
  2. Another deck question

    As I mentioned in H8's thread, use a deck wash and pressure wash it off (1100 or less psi and be careful), wait till it dries and stain it. If it's pressure treated and it's so bad it needs to be sanded, I'd probably just replace the decking boards (expensive I know)....If they're twisting or cupping you have to replace them, and the replaced boards will not be exactly the same size and look.
  3. trek decking

    There are other options out there one that I've installed before is Weatherbest decking, it's also composite decking and is just as expensive as Trex. I haven't installed Trex before because we didin't like the look as much...the fake grain was less realistic looking than the Weatherbest. I couldn't tell you how much it would cost because it would depend on a lot of factors. But one nice way to cut the cost down is if your doing railings use pressure treated lumber for the posts and rails and get the black hollow spindles made of aluminum(I think)....very easy to install and will save hundreds over composite railing systems. Someone on here used the railing system I'm talkin about and posted some pictures....Oh yeah one more thing, if you do go composite decking look into the hidden fastener system, also easy to install and no screws to look at on the top.
  4. Another deck question

    And since it's the upper, make sure the lower one is covered so it isn't spotted from drippage while staining.
  5. Treated lumber

    Before you stain/seal (which you must do) you need to use a deck wash on it to remove the mill glaze that is on the wood. I would use a garden sprayer to apply the deck wash, let it work for whatever time the directions say and use a SMALL powerwasher to take it off.......let it dry for a day or two (or how ever long it takes) then stain/seal it. I like the cedar tone stains as well. Remember never use a high powered pressure washer on wood, it WILL damage it. I've used 1100 psi or less and even then watch what you're doing. You will need to restain the decking boards every couple years...just repeat the steps above....the rails probably will last a lot longer.
  6. Let's just say this isn't the first time Puddy has gone overboard on purchases Washer & dryer Telescope AKA cannonball shooter Pogo stick Power washer Kid's bikes And I'm sure other's I'm not thinking of right now........Of course when it comes to vehicles....he goes out and buys a Honda, why does Puddy hate America
  7. So, I just googled "wiegie"

    Neither is your chrome dome but I laugh every time someone makes fun of it.
  8. So, I just googled "wiegie"

    Funny thing is Puddy has a very good friend named Julio
  9. The Nintendo Wii

    Actually so far I haven't needed the classic controller as the Wii remote functions the same turned sideways.......Of course I've ovly downloaded Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong, I don't know if it would be needed for any others.
  10. We are all Africans.

    Yeah, the African Boombata
  11. Woot Off!

  12. Woot Off!

    No prob. Might want to pick up one of those scientific weather station things....I hear they're gonna be huge this Christmas
  13. Woot Off!

    It's that time again! WOOT OFF!
  14. The Nintendo Wii

    I picked mine up at a Super Kmart in Jan/Feb, they only had one left (I got lucky) I bought an extra controller and a "classic" controller which So far I have not needed because the regular controller functions the same turned sideways. I later picked up Wii Play because it was only $10 more than a remote by itself, and it included one with it, as Dr. Love already pointed out. Extra remotes are key and an extra nunchuck if you wish to box with more than one person (other games use the nunchuck too) I have Tiger Woods which I like, but the Wii sports that comes with it will be most of your entertainment.
  15. Prayers Needed

    Timmy I am very sorry for your loss, Sounds like Tom was a heck of a guy and brother. My prayers are with you and your family.