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  1. trade advice

    I get gabriel for reggie brown
  2. trade advice

    trade offer - gabriel for brown. starting wr are TO,Jennings,D Mason,Reggie Williams and r brown thanks
  3. WDIS

    Current lineup: Frye, LT, Caddy, Harrison, Bruce,Miller, Pit,Scobee need flex pos. Parker or Bettis?
  4. Cadillac

    trying to plan ahead for play-offs, Caddy faces tough def weeks 14-16(Carolina, NE,Atlanta) If i package him with Pittman what do you think he is worth?
  5. Calling All Huddler's

    I like the staley trade, if you were to do the other i would pick davis
  6. LT trade

    Yes I remember last year.... thanks for reminding me! this is a pretty tough decision
  7. LT trade

    thanks for the advice, I've been considering making the offer but wanted some outside opinions first.
  8. Reggie Brown or K Curtis

    I like brown, anyway you can get both?
  9. LT trade

    LT for Edge& Steve Smith
  10. Steve smith trade

    Smith for Westbrook and D Mason I shot it down, but would like your opinion....
  11. Fred Taylor

    Jones or pearman???I have taylor latest news is he might not play, pearman and jones are both on wire..... who should I pick up?
  12. benson

    anyone else?
  13. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 5

    i have been strugling with C Martin all year, Benson has just hit waiver wire. I am considering dropping martin for benson. what do you think HUGH?
  14. benson

    my team in signature; Benson is on waiver wire, was thinking about dropping C Martin and picking up benson, any thoughts/ opinions?
  15. Cadillac

    what's the status on cadillac? should I start both caddy and pitman?