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  1. big ten

    I'd like to see the Lions win out and claim the crown, but this weeks game against the Badgers scares the h.ell outta me. Alvarez has had Penn State's number more times than I care to remember. If JoePa can get past Wisconsin, then things will look brighter as Penn State always seems to do well against the Spartans. Either way, with the way the Big 10 determines the champion tie breaker, if the Nittany Lions are tied after all is said and done, they'll still be awarded the BCS bowl game, since they havent won the Big10 since what......'94?
  2. UT #1 in 2nd BCS Poll

    just so there's no question where my loyalties lie..... I'm a Penn State fan
  3. See if you can see me in the crowd ...

    How will we recognize you??? oooooooo - I know, a sign. With say - 6.3487 on it??
  4. UT #1 in 2nd BCS Poll

    Regardless who you cheeer for in the NC game, that game will not be showcasing the teams that are playing the game. With most teams done the last week of November, then waiting for 5 weeks to determine the champ is ridiculous. These teams got to this game playing weekly, with one week off during the season. To give them 5 weeks to prepare, study, get soft, lose their edge, get healthy, get hurt, whatever is a crying shame. I thought USC would beat the Sooners in last years NC contest. But honestly, after the "regular" season, did anyone really see that blowout coming down the track? Yeah, yeah, BCS vs. playoff - its all wasted words at this point. But having to wait from the end of November to the beginning of January to see "the game" just ruins it at so many levels, its just -- ridiculous.
  5. Owens next year.

    Due to past actions, it sounds like TO has painted himself into the lose-lose corner. Reading these posts, he just cannot "win" with whatever he does. He shows no emotion after dropping a pass and he's disinterested in the eyes of many. Why can't it be that he's trying to maintain his cool? I'm sure if he was jumping around and cussing like a sailor after he dropped a pass, alot of folks would construe his actions as throwing a hissy fit versus being a gamer and upset with himself for missing what he felt should have been a catch. He keeps his mouth shut and people slam him, when not more than 8-9 weeks ago, everyone was telling him to stf.u. Again - lose lose. So because he's geared it down, now everyone needs to finger point about what he wears. It's quite obvious football fans will never forgive TO for his past transgressions, no matter what he says (or doesnt say), how he acts (or doesnt act). Now - if you were in that boat, what type of attitude would take on? Bottom line is this - no matter where he goes, he'll make an impact. More than likely off the field as well as on, but he'll be an offensive weapon that other teams will have to account for. Send to the Rams to replace Bruce. As pass happy as St. Louis is, it would be a perfect fit.
  6. Priest vs Johnson

    Bruce and Quimby nailed this thread. Priest was involved in a few series that were 3 and out. Not a whole lot of chance for carries/yards in short stints like that. In a league where bonus points dont kick in till the 100 yard mark is hit, the RB leader board probably looks something like this: LT - 98 pts SA - 93 pts Edge - 67 pts L. Jordan - 56 pts T. Jones - 53 pts Priest - 48 pts Other than Lamont and T. Jones, thats about what most ff'lers had as their top 4 RB's draftwise. 7 TD's in 7 weeks (with a bye in Week 5). I'd be happy with Holmes as a 1st rounder.
  7. fantasy v. reality

    There's a remedy for this.........root for a college team. Your homer integrity remains intact (being that "your" team played on Saturday) and you can cheer (for or against) any NFL player on any team at any time - and feel good about it
  8. League controversy!

    the planets were truly out of line for this owner in Week 7. However, taking points away seems more than harsh, it seems counter-productive to me. The whole reason to keep owners active is to ensure competitive games, and to avoid non active owners handing wins out to other owners. By wiping out points oif the highest scorer hands wins out like candy on Halloween. In our league, WW transactions cost $$$. If an owner starts a player that is out or on a bye, they are charged $10. I've seen alot of teams win in FF with a guy out or on a bye, but to penalize that owner more points pretty much ensures a loss. Rules are rules, but sometimes rules need to be tweaked. Maybe this is one of those times.
  9. Ties...

    The only league I'm in that ties can occur (and they do) is an ancient scoring system that the owners just refuse to update - sound familiar Loaf!?! Anyways, we handle ties by total yardage of all starters. This tie breaking rule has never failed to determine a winner.
  10. Kevin Jones

    Found this today. Considering he's my only option at the 2RB slot this week, I sure hope this is dead spot on and just not a casual KJ spotting for a quarter or two. Lions HC Steve Mariucci says RB Kevin Jones (shoulder) will start Sunday at Cleveland. "We didn’t bang him [during the week]," Mariucci sad. "He practiced. He is telling me he is going to go." Sporting News Radio is reporting that Jones will start as well.
  11. The Hurrican just messed me up

    Thats exactly what I was thinking
  12. This ticks me off to no end........

    Nobody should have to endure such behavior from adults, but I did find the above a bit funny. Hines hit this one right on the head
  13. Michigan-Penn State

    That doesnt sound right Kid. If the Michigan TD had tied the score - with no time left - you KNOW they would have been given the opportunity to kick the XP. It is a good question tho Todd. I suppose if UM had been forced to go for the conversion, they would have just gone for two and downed the ball to prevent what you described.
  14. Cadillac Williams

    I'd say Auburn having two NFL caliber RB is what kept him from carrying a full load in college. Forgot about the clavicle (thanx for the reminder). Broken bones cant be avoided. If two bone breaks in 4 years of college makes a player injury prone then I stand corrected. But other than missing one week due to a sprained ankle, it appears he played through the nicks and dings. That sounds like a pretty tough/solid RB type to me.
  15. Need suggestions on a rule change.

    Not sure what Bill's deal is - he seems to have quite a few decent players. If I was commish, I would be calling "Bill" to find exactly what's going on and act accordingly. If the owner is done participating, let the commish enter a line-up for the rest of the season, or try to find someone willing to take over the team for the rest of the season. I'm assuming Bill paid the entry fee, so that should not be an issue. I'd rather have an active owner over any other option. Hope this helps