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  1. I traded him in my extreme dynasty league for Casey Rabach (OC WAS) and 3 million in cash...and was really regretting it...this makes me feel a little better...thanks for the news!!
  2. WDIS - Warner or Palmer

    I'm starting Warner over Carson...this week only.
  3. Tiki vs. Edge

    Caveat Emptor -- I'm not exactly know as the best prognosticator of RB performance...but here is how I rate the backs on my board...the numbers indicate projected fantasy points in a standard scoring format with 6 points for TDs, rushing and receiving yards rewarded at 0.1 pt per yard, no ppr. For full disclosure I start with the Football Guys projections and alter them based on my read of other projections out there including stuff I get from guys on this board and from the Huddle more formally... 1 Larry Johnson KC/3 342 2 Shaun Alexander Sea/5 320 3 Ladanian Tomlinson SD/ 308 4 Tiki Barber NYG/4 280 5 Clinton Portis Was/8 262 6 Steven Jackson StL/7 248 7 LaMont Jordan Oak/3 230 8 Rudi Johnson Cin/5 220 9 Ronnie Brown Mia/8 218 10 Edgerrin James Ari/9 196 With ppr...Westbrook pushes up and Edge pushes up some....maybe displacing Ronnie or Rudi from the list, I have not run the numbers...
  4. RB/RB vs RB/WR

    Good articles... ...I've got the 10-11 swing...and I think I'll opt for these scenarios...(written in sand of course)... 1) grab a solid back at 10 (Rudi) and Steve Smith (over TO (too risky) or Chad (will Carson be ready?)). or, if some bone head drafts P.Manning and or one of the WRs ahead of my picks -- (2) I'll grab which ever RBs are falling -- hopefully get a pair like Ronnie and Rudi... or Lamont and Rudi... Sounds pretty standard...for the 10 slot from what I can pick up on the board...the 3-4 turn will go RB/WR under scenario 1, or WR/WR under scenario 2 (unless Gates fall for some unrealistic reason)...
  5. Are some FFers really that stupid?

    Gotta say, I enjoy my ten team league...but I still drink Coca Cola and all that...anyway for a ten team league...compared to what is produced on Ants and Central...this team is quite good...the backs are great and the WRs with Fitz, Wayne and Williams...come one...that is stacked...there must have been like 9 14 year olds drafting w/ you. I have stopped using ESPN, the site is too unstable, you have to try and "time it" to get the draft slot you want to pick from (which is not easy) and your mock mates are more miss than two drafts yesterday...they were grabbing kickers as early as the 4 th round...
  6. Tiki vs. Edge

    Edge is running back 10 on my list (for what its worth)...I feel there is no way he cracks the top 5...not in Arizona, with that line and that history of running the ball...granted Denny is the not so new Sheriff in town...but the Cards have not had a 1000 yard back since...well...sometime before electricity!
  7. Quicker Mock Drafts

    On the ESPN drafts can you pick your position?
  8. I would take Alexander or Johnson over LT this year... and I don't think Westbrook lasts till the 2.9 spot...unless a really serious WR run happens...
  9. I would go Rudi (very steady) and then Caddy for upside... If you did have receptions I would draft Westbrook over D.Davis... I have the 10 spot and will likely draft a WR in the 2nd round...if not you really do chase all the runs...and I think you will likely see more from C.Taylor than most are thinking. That said, if someone drafts Manning and a Receiver...ahead of my, I might take the two running backs...because someone like S.Jackson has fallen and I would pick him up in addition to Rudi...I want Rudi because you can trust him. My problem is I'm really tempted by Manning (we give equal points to all TDs) and I cannot afford to have Manning drop to someone in the early to mid positions and if I don't grab he just might fall to one of the guys with the top 3 picks who can then have best RB, best QB and a solid 2nd Tier runner...ouch.
  10. I've always found it easy to grab value in the second level WRs...there is usually a sleeper to be had...I am thinking RB in 1 and WR in 2, take a 2nd RB at the 3 spot and then, if a valuable player has dropped take a Gonzalez/Shockey or Brady at the 4 spot...then you have difference maker at 2 positions (WR and QB/TE) and can maybe grab some under-rated, high upside WRs in the 5-6 turn... Is the 3-4 turn too early for Brady and/or the TEs? I am assuming Gates is gone...but he has fallen to this turn in some mocks I've seen... So from the 10 assuming Manning does not fall to tempt me at the 1-2 turn RB (Rudi or Westbrook), WR (Johnson or Smith or Owens), RB (Droughns or C.Taylor), Diff.Maker (Brady, Gonzalez or Shockey)...
  11. Draft Software

    The DraftDominator on Football Guys is quite good...its updated weekly during the pre-season and you can use it run your own mock drafts...setting the opponents to draft based on value or ADP...which is alot of fun when you are testing strategies out. It comes along with a subscription to their site.
  12. Ghengis...I also draft in the 10 slot in a 10 man...and I'm toying w/ drafting P.Manning (my league awards 6 for rushing and passing there is now QB discount on passing TDs)...are you tempted by Manning at the 2.01??? Have you tried it?
  13. OK...just for conversation sake: I ran three strategies in mock drafts (ADP based mock program)...and yes...I ran with the strategies straight... for better or for worse to see how they ended up... w/ RB RB WR WR QB TE 1:10: Rudi Johnson 2.01: Caddy 3.10: Hines Ward 4.01: DJax 5.10: Hasselbeck 6.01: Tony Gonzalez I do like Rudi and Caddy...not thrilled w/ my two starting wide outs (especially Hines), was surprised to see Tony G at the 6.01...but he has not been that productive of late...and stock may be falling... The RB WR RB TE WR QB strategy played out... 1:10: Rudi 2.01: Chad Johnson 3.10: R.Droughns 4.01: Shockey 5.10: Housh 6.01: McNabb (could have been Eli, but I can't do that, should I???) Tough call here...slight dowgrade on RBs??, wash on WR?? Upgrade at tight end, and a drop off at QB??? Then just for S&G I ran a mock based only on best value (VBD method): (ended up QB RB RB RB RB TE!) 1:10: P.Manning 2.01: R.Johnson 3.10: R.Droughns (could have been Hines here for 1-2-3, but computer said no...) 4.01: T.Bell 5.10: D.Foster 6.01: T.Gonzalez Well...guess the computer loves the running backs...maybe Gonzo is GOOD value in the 6th... Not sure this teaches anything...but thought it would be fun...
  14. Before anyone jumps on me with the obvious -- "draft strategies have to be flexible" (especially drafting in the last slot) We all like to "visualze" the perfect strategy and how it could playout on draft day (what else is there to do all day at work, right?)'ve been trying to come up w/ my preferred strategy... The most appealing strategy seems to me to be "start runs" not "follow runs" from these later slots but its hard to do... You almost have to take the best available RB at 1:10 (Brown, Caddy or Johnson based on ADP) and a top flight receiver at 2:01 (to start a run)...hope that TE (gates) falls to 3.10 (where you could start that mini-run)...but he probably won't fall that grab another solid reciever at 3.10 and the best available 2nd/3rd tier RB at the 4.01 (or you are screwed, right?) as you come back around at the 5.10 and the 6.01 you could try to start the 2nd run on QBs (Eli, Donovan, Bulger)...but this run seems to be happenning early in the you start to fall behind the runs, rather than starting them...based on the Mocks I've been playing w/ anyway... So I guess if a draft "fell our way" the "start run" strategy from the 10 spot would be RB,WR*,TE*,RB,QB*,WR (where the * indicates "starting" a 1st or 2nd run on the position) Any other thoughts from the 10x10s out there?
  15. Back of the Draft

    I have the 10th slot in a ten team league this year...first time ever...I'm usually between 3 and 6 year in and year out (we redraw from a hat every year). Its funny I always thought the 10th spot would be fine...each year I like the draft of the guy sitting there...but now that I have it I'm not so sure...IMO the key is to start the runs, not chase them and its way to easy to chase them from this I think you have to take the best available RB (CANNOT miss out on a RB) then grab one of the top three WRs...I like S.Smith, CJ and Tory this year...and would avoid Fitz and Boldin (let them drop to mid round)...grab a tier 3 RB or tow on the next pass...although I will grab a TE if one of the top three is falling...My plan now is RB,WR,RB,TE...I will target a QB at the 5/6 turn and hopefully start the second run on them at that point. Just some early thoughts...I just did a 12 man mock and had the 8 slot and used this strategy but went w/ WR in the 2nd and 3rd round as it was a PPR league...good luck