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  1. Dynasty drafts

    Curious mostly where Michael Bush, Anthony Gonzales, Quinn, and Russell are getting drafted. Have the 11th overall in a 12 team league. Have a trade offer of getting Boldin for Colston, and exchanging the 11th to move up to the 7th pick. Although I like the Colston's potential better, if I could get Bush and Gonzales at 11 and 13. I might try to get his 13th overall pick instead of moving up. The deal would also save the other guy $6 for this year and he needs cap relief. Any thoughts on this trade welcomed too. Also have Chambers, Driver, Housh, Marshall at WR with no PPR. Thanks
  2. Biggest Breakout/Biggest Bust

    I would have a hard time taking Gore so early with his injury history. Seems he's due to get hurt again.
  3. Help, Still undecided at RB

    I like Benson this week too
  4. WDIS WR

    THinking of Fitz and Evans.. anybody have any other suggestions and reasons? Also, my wife in a different league has a choice of Rattay or Losman (no her qb didn't lead her to the championship.) Thoughts welcome
  5. need flex

    Any thoughts welcome, need 2..
  6. Who to sit

    Fred Taylor Chester Taylor Fitzgerald Driver Colston Have to sit one. Both Taylors have good matchups but should start from what I can tell, but how many carries? Colston and Driver look to be fine. Thoughts?
  7. I'd go Henderson and Fason, with Bush close 3rd.
  8. Caddy or DeAngelo

    Think DeAngelo will still get near 20 carries, with Foster getting around 15. Expect the them to run a lot with Weinke in. Caddy should have a decent game vs Atl run D, but like DeAngelo's chances to score much better and would go that way.
  9. RB WDIS - Which Williams?

    With the same choice I am going with DeAngelo as well
  10. Who do I sit

    Don't see any big numbers out of the Taylor boys. The Pack should move the ball well.. but mostly on the ground. Usually the 2 RBs is a no brainer, but have bad matchups. Would anybody start Jennings today, and if so, which Taylor to sit?
  11. Warrick Dunn

    Any news, or speculation? An owner is trying to dump him, and he would help my playoff run. But can't see him playing more than another year or so.
  12. 4th RB Start

    benson will get many more touches
  13. I look for Benson to get the most touches. Think the Jags will not pass much cuz they won't have to. Perry's touches, might only be 2. Benson should get a 1/3 and they will be up early and running alot in the 2nd half. I start Benson
  14. do i pull the trigger?

    I wouldn't even consider that deal myself..
  15. WDIS?

    I say Drew. Morris hasn't shown much, and the Raiders D has been better of late.. at least better than the Tenn D. Garrard is starting which likely means more conservative than usual. I think Drew will close to the number of touches Morris gets, but with much more big play possibility.