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  1. Only a Top Notch organazation could understand our..

    10 in a row is my best...so far. My longest has been 65 yds. This is addictive as he[[.
  2. Good mock so far. I was interested to see when the IDP started getting drafted. My thinking was around the middle of rd 4, so I had it pegged about right.
  3. Top 5 movies & t.v. shows

    Top 5 T.V. Shows (Comedy) 1. Seinfeld 2. Cheers 3. Night Court 4. WKRP in Cincinnati 5. Family Guy Top 5 T.V. Shows (Non-Comedy) 1. X-Files 2. Quantum Leap 3. Miami Vice 4. The Twilight Zone 5. Hill Steet Blues Top 5 Movies (Comedy) 1. Major League 2. Used Cars 3. There's Something About Mary 4. The 40 year old Virgin 5. Wise Guys Top 5 Movies (Non-Comedy) 1. Shawshank Redemption 2. Goodfellas 3. Godfather II 4. Godfather 5. Tombstone
  4. jc in sports

    I've got no problem if an athlete wants to thank JC for giving him the ability that allows he/she to perform in their particular field. I do have a problem when the athlete gives thanks for Jesus being "with him/her" and helping them to victory. So I guess if you're a bad boy, Christ will help your opponent on the athletic field.
  5. So, what's your favorite Rush song?

    Great thread. I've been a Rush fan since '75. Their DVD's are simply fabulous. Anyone here read Neil Pearts book, 'Roadshow, Landscape with Drums'? It's a pretty good book. My favorites: YYZ La Villa Strangiato Red Barchetta Tom Sawyer The Big Money
  6. Kelly Clarkson

    Beauty (or lack thereof), is in the eye of the beholder. By the way, the girl has plenty of padding in the backside.
  7. Help a fellow Huddler out...

    Yep. After running the program the favorites/files are put in a random order.
  8. Post pics of stuff you collect...

    Good looking knives. I've collected for about 4 yrs. I mainly have folders (around 125 or so), but I have about 10 or so switchblades. I'll post a picture in the next day or so.
  9. Help a fellow Huddler out...

    When I run CCleaner (I'm sure many of you are familiar with it), it does a very good job of cleaning up the cr*p in my computers system...BUT, it also mixes up the places I have save in favorites. What I mean is the files I have saved in 'favorites', I have in a certain order. After running CCleaner, the order is different. Also, the items I have in each file will also be jumbled up. I know it's not the worst problem in the world but I'd like to be able to fix it. Any ideas?
  10. Is Dayne not playing?

    $500 here. I could have played M. Pittman instead. Not great, but he has 60 yds rushing and 14 yds receiving in the first half...7 fantasy points...damn!
  11. Is Dayne not playing?

    The $$ lost due to this will be big.
  12. Is Dayne not playing?

    He was a late scratch. Tough break for fantasy owners.
  13. Don't Laugh...Is Ron Dayne playing?

    He was a late scratch.
  14. In light of recent developments...

    ...this hit me as somewhat ironic. I decided to watch Beverly Hills Cop II thursday night and within a period of about 20 minutes references were made to both Gerald Ford and James Brown. One of the actors goes into a strip club as Eddie Murphy tries to convince the club matre'd that he is former president Gerald Ford. Just about 10-20 minutes later, as they arrive in Rosewoods apt, Rosewood describes what type of music each of his pets like to listen to in order to relax. When Murphy asks what music Rosewoods turtle (big Al) likes, Rosewood responds, "He digs on James Brown." With both Ford and Brown passing away this week it was somewhat eerie.
  15. Chicago Homers

    This is pretty much the same I've heard the last 2 days. I would NOT feel comfortable starting Jones this week. I just don't think he'll get more than 10 carries...if that.