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  1. New to Fantasy Football

    Agreed, that's why I said, "a little higher". The difference in value between the 1st and 10th QB is 9 TDs or 18 points in my league. That still says take 2 RBs early on. Just not sure I would wait until the 4th round to take a QB under this scoring system, the WR dropff at the top is pretty flat this year.
  2. New to Fantasy Football

    All of the above are valid reasons for taking a RB first, but also, many leagues give less points for TD passes compared to the player that actually scores them. If your league awards 6 points for all scores whether thrown or scored, then QBs will be valued a little higher in your league. Not that it would convince me to bypass a stud RB, but they will carry a little more weight in your league.
  3. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    By all means, print out the cheat sheet, projections, and player lists on the Reports menu as backups. About every other year in Baseball, I have at least one user that fries his hard drive before the draft and can't use his computer. It happens, so have the back up sheeets handy. I should be posting updates EVERY week, not every other week as the user mentions above. WW indicated I should get them every Friday, and I'll post them as I get them. If I get any files in mid-week, I'll be sure to post them as well. -Merv DraftLab
  4. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    I'd like to be able turn off everything that has to do with auctions, but there are some hybrid leagues that set salaries according to the draft round and also some have a Salary cap. So I have to keep a few things visible, like the Money grid, but most of the auction stuff is not visible abd doesn't come into play if you are working with a Draft-based league. Also, this being the first year of the football program, it is not nearly as mature as my baseball draft software, RotoLab. I'm sure I'll get lots of feedback and will be implementing quite a few of those ideas next spring or possibly over the next week or so. The current version (5.9), for example, adds positional color-coding to the Picks screen so it is much easier to see a run on a position. Finally on the player list, you can change the monikers if you want to something else like "Great Camp". Just keep in mind that the list for UPPER and lower case are opposites as well as the red and blue font. Those list can't be shown at the same time, for obvious reasons, so make sure that you use opposite attributes for them. -Merv DraftLab
  5. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    Yes, that is what the Editor is for, tweak away until your heart's content. About half of the fields are locked in the demo, but you can edit them all in the full version. After you get the league setup and import the Huddle projections, get a fresh ranking then start tweaking the rankings as well. Most user's like to move players up or down a few slots because of personal preference, injury risk, job security, etc.... -Merv
  6. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    This is the first year of the football program so there will be a lot of new features that will be added next year and in the future. Feel free to e-mail them to me. My baseball program, RotoLab, has been around a while and my long-term users know I listen to my users and add a lot of new features each year. -Merv DraftLab
  7. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    Currently my contract with the Huddle only allows their projections to be imported into the program. I really haven't discussed this in depth with WW, so I don't know the Huddle's stance on this issue. My data partner for my baseball program has objected to this in the past when I have brought it up, but not sure with DraftLab. I'm pretty new to this forum so I'll have to check out the Rhino sheet when it comes out, maybe something can be done there in the future. But for this year, the agreement I signed with the Huddle overides anything I could do with other projections. -Merv
  8. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    Traffic, no problem with doing this. You just send a request to and Stephanie will generate a second key for the laptop. Many of my baseball users do this, prep all exhibition season on a desktop computer and move over to the laptop a couple of days before the draft. There are Backup and Restore functions to move the data over easily as well. On the Huddle projections we know which computer is downloading the projection files, so we can monitor which license is in use and who is using it. -Merv DraftLab
  9. I won't express an opinion, you probably already know what I would have to say, but feel free to download the demo and play around with it. There is a Sample league already setup, so you can jump right in. Some of the fields can't be edited and you can't import the Huddle projections in the demo. But you can certainly get a feel for the program and how the Editor, Draft, and Roster screens work, which are used the most used screens. Feel free to e-mail any questions to -Merv DraftLab
  10. Anyone eval this DraftLab Software?

    Hi Big Dogs, <<<<<< Don't mind the discount, as it definitely makes it more appealing, but the downloadable demo is very tough to use, which worries me. >>>>>> I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about using the program. I'm not sure where you are having trouble, but there are some new features in Football that are not in baseball that might need tweaking. The crowd over here is a bit rowdier than the BaseballHQ crowd, but I'll try to hang with you guys. -Merv DraftLab